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  1. "Don't film me" strut strut strut/supposed sexy look back "nooo haha stawp it haha no I mean it stawp filming me" strut strut look back strut claw hand in hopes to show my phenominal manicure and jewels (Thanks for the genius content for my 28th post of my busy af day. Gotta go back to my brownstone now and take my bebes away from their nannies and whip my tits out and film again)

  2. Mmmmhmm. Another maladaptive daydream/wish. With her own phone too. She was like, here record me from behind then proceeds to post it like she didn’t thought and plan out this post. What a 🤡

  3. You love being on the camera and you know it :-) also, I noticed you're mentioning your overcoat brand, there still getting a bit of influencer money I guess...

  4. My daughter lives in NY- getting materials and employees to do repairs is next to impossible so construction is ongoing all over town.

  5. So Hilaria knows about what’s on Alec’s “delete my archive” 📲and no paparazzi following her, so this time instead of telling him to do push-ups on the floor, she told Alec to film her. 🥱

  6. Imagine spending millions on various apartments in the Devonshire and then spending the rest of your sad and sorry life under this scaffolding. It's been there FOREVER!

  7. She’s so dumb I don’t know why I bother BUT if you have someone film something and you say ok stop and they keep filming that’s actually annoying not “extra credit”

  8. I know Alec isn't exactly a great mind himself... but I do not understand how he spends time with this woman. She is so boring, troubled, childish, dimwitted, narcissistic, obnoxious... the list goes on. I wouldn't be able to tolerate her for five minutes.

  9. I personally have about a 30 second limit before I have to stop listening to her. Honestly, she rarely says anything that makes sense or isn’t just common knowledge. She is so inarticulate. What could she possibly talk about with any depth. She had poor general background knowledge, limited life experience, and is completely self absorbed.

  10. While the rest of the world slowly realizes that Alec is only a self proclaimed intellectual, he knows he will always be smarter than her.

  11. I think a blow hard like him can’t be with someone who challenges him - he needs to be the great intellectual and if he’s with a smart woman she’d call him on his BS and he couldn’t have THAT

  12. H: it's been 5 minutes since I posted for all my fans on IG, I know, film me walking down the street and I'll act annoyed!

  13. I just sent them a love note about it. 🤬Hope every pepino that sees your post considers doing the same. At least they only posted it in their stories so it will be gone soon.

  14. She was having withdrawal from not holding her phone. 10 seconds and had to get it back from the nanny!

  15. Stomp, stomp, stomp those boots must too big for her because she walks without bending her knees, so heavy-footed.

  16. Yet the media said "'on a rare night out without their brood" when speaking about the Gala. These clowns go out every night! Why does the media protect their image so hard?

  17. Aahhh, a video of the fake Spanish wandering in some dark dank restaurant corner. 😆 They are so pathetic.

  18. NYC has some of the best food in the world and the Fraudwins venture out to the same 2 Italian restaurants in the Village. Lmao

  19. Out every single night and getting ready to go out every single day... yet still collected seven children only to neglect them immediately. It's so disordered, disgusting, and abusive. Hired rotating help is not enough love or connection for child after child after child. Alec enabled this whole vile situation and sick woman.

  20. As if she would EVER want anyone - man, woman or beast - to stop filming her. Whether indoors or out, naked or clothed, sleeping or awake, in compromising or uncompromising positions, she wants to be exposed, chronicled and seen. Tell us another one, Big Larry.

  21. Don’t be fooled by their annoying antics, this is an attempt for her to get a sponsorship (see tagged coat brand) who just so happened to repost this waste of a story onto their own page. Please remind them of who she is

  22. I thought he was telling everyone to quit Instagram and social media yesterday… on social media. Lol these clowns… 💃🤡🥒🥃🖕🖕

  23. Nah. He only wants them to quit Twitter, Reddit, tiktok. Maybe facebook too. He doesn't mention IG because it's Baldwin friendly and they can block, limit, delete and report what they don't like.

  24. This idiot lives in New York City and has no invites, friends, or cool places to go to so she fills her time with iPhone walk home videos. Wow. Maybe she could stop by a local Applebees next and check it out. Vanilla karen.

  25. Everything looks so beautiful now too, with the Christmas decorations even if you’re not a store person Macys and Bloomingdales look amazing - but then she’d actually have to leave her 2 block radius Ok we know she reads this sub I’m calling the ferals on 5th Ave and Rockafeller center next week)

  26. She has access to all that money and all that New York has to offer and she lives like a 75-year-old shut in at the nursing home, who is allowed out every so often.

  27. Her repeated choice of mashed potatoes is such a tell. The food of choice when the drugs are suppressing your appetite but you know you need to put something in your stomach.

  28. When my husband is being an Instagram husband and my husband didn’t stop recording when I asked my husband to.

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