I will Venmo any NYC pepino the class fee. Please take one for the team! 🙏🏽

  1. I see its fully booked now. Theres a waiting list open now. Anyone whos intending on booking or going use a fake name & disposable email to sign up, and a disposable virtual card to pay. I would not provide my email and home address to this page. We already know this bish is crazy.

  2. as if she has a friend, she slays me with her absurdity. this is probably going to be filmed for something they are up to.

  3. “Where yoga meets punk”. I assumed they would be doing a Yoga to the People sort of thing but it looks like the “punk” part is just that isn’t on St. Mark’s? Which is no longer punk at all? Everything about this situation looks awful.

  4. Jill, you are loved!! We want a full report!!😂😂. Is there any way u can figure out if a woman is breast feeding just by looking at her!?! 😂😂

  5. What mother of seven schedules a class at 5:30pm? That’s the, pardon the term, witching hour for dinner? baths and nighttime routine!! Most mothers would schedule during the day when kids are at school.

  6. FFS, as a working mom I could never make that time! Even if the yoga studio was in my building! I have to bust my ass to work out in the early AM so I can make it to work on time and appease my AH boss by working as much as possible. 🙄🙄🙄

  7. I thought the same thing when I saws this earlier. I mean I'm not a mom, but my mom could have never done that at 5:30 pm. She was home from a full day of work and in the kitchen cooking for five people.

  8. Just another attention seeking PR move. Her "class" will be fully booked for all the wrong reasons and they will use it to show how marketable she is. They've been on a PR tour de force for the past 2 weeks, like wandering turds, making onlookers shudder and turn away. The dress with flabby gut view was not a turn on, neither did the pics of the toddler fighting club incl. a beat up 18 month old with crusty snot do them any favors.

  9. I think she has displayed signs of sociopathy many times. It's never a good idea to mess with a sociopath in real life. I think it's a risk to interact with her personally.

  10. THE THING ABOUT HILLARY -- starring Renee Zellweger. I can see it now. (Have you watched The Thing About Pam? Hilary and Pam Hupp are the saaaaaaaaaame.)

  11. wouldn't her breasts be leaking milk? just seems strange that someone is teaching yoga so soon after allegedly giving birth. plus the fact the someone is always pretending that she's pumping milk...

  12. I’m an overseas pepino and really want to be involved. Wonder if I could arrange a delivery of a bag of cucumbers through a delivery app to the studio addressed to her at the time of the class.

  13. You honestly actually could. Either order on instacart from the whole foods nearby or find a restaurant that does a cucumber salad nearby and order that.

  14. Unpopular opinion on this thread.. but I’ve said before.. if she dropped the Spanish accent.. admitted to not being Spanish.. admitted to the lies ..apologized.. and actually taught yoga and got rid of her Instagram.. I would have some ounce of respect for her. I neverrrrr thought she would ever actually go back to teaching yoga and I’m ok with it because she’s at the very least doing a service in a way by working. A step in the right direction??? If she’s not parenting her kids at least she’s.. working? I dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️ pls don’t downvote me 😆

  15. i don't believe she wants to give service to anyone. it is self serving and she is trying to validate herself, gain some sort of local status/clout. she cannot actually eat any humble pie, admit to the lies, apologize, own up to her frauds, or raise her kids. that is NOT status enough for her -- do you think the proceeds of her class will go to Halyna Hutchins Memorial Scholarship Fund! she a neglectful parent. why have kids!? what could anyone possibly learn from her?

  16. Too bad we can’t round up a bunch of pepinos to unzip hoodies with fake blood stained tops to lay in savasana for the full hour chanting “justice for Halyna.” That interview where she so glibly claims they’re not ok is beyond vile.

  17. I know…that’s like the charity price for the community class where I live, California….normal price is $20/class.

  18. For those of you really going, please record at least audio. Hide your phone and hit record. We need some comedy.

  19. It’s in their website. They have schedule up with teacher names for each time slot. Hers is there! Still space available

  20. This will be interesting, I was wondering what had happened to her yoga and why she never posts anymore pics of herself doing it anymore.

  21. Good god I wish I could go. I honestly wouldn’t give AF and put her dusty ass on blast. She doesn’t deserve any sort of comeback without coming clean. She’s trying so hard to go back to what made her big.

  22. Interesting that this building used to be a shooting club. Sad that Halyna can’t continue her actual career that she actually worked for and earned. Disgraceful that anyone would give this con artist a platform.

  23. Los leggingos inexplicably pulled over her heels are basically guaranteed. I would die of lols if we got a glimpse of the slippers as she walked into the studio.

  24. Was thinking about posting this! Omg, I feel like I'm going straight to hell, but it's really just her karma coming back around on her skanky ass.

  25. Tell us more dear pepino sis!So you took a class with her? What was she like? Was she using her faux Spaniard accent or?.. Spill that tea!

  26. There is no way I would be able to be in the same room as this woman and not completely lose it laughing bc of this sub 😂

  27. She's gonna have a hard time with a room full of this subreddit members being the only sign ups, solely to watch the comedy unfold.

  28. Instagram, sponsorship, podacts all dried up. She actually has to go to work now that Alec's career has ended. Someone has to pay for new tampon jacket & shiny leggings!

  29. If any of us go we should have a signal to flash so we know if any other fellow Pepinos are in attendance 😆🥒🧘🏻‍♀️

  30. Will she be wearing the usual legginos… I’m tempted to take the damn class just to witness the legginos in person.

  31. I read yesterday here that one pepino said Hilary cannot call herself a yoga teacher since she doesn’t teach anymore. So…who was it! Lol! This is what happens when Hilary reads the sub.

  32. ".....Teaching a Yoga Class To Tomorrow" Still trying to pretend English is a struggle for her. Hurting the Immigrants trying to assimilate but struggle bc English really is their 2nd language.

  33. I think it should be boycotted. She's teaching yoga after 2 months of giving birth - the body does not recover quickly like that. I really can't stand a bare-faced liar like Hilli Vanilli

  34. I don’t know what the maximum occupancy of this event will be, but, sadly, I predict that it will be packed with people, partly because the fee is fairly cheap, and she’s known ( even though rather infamous), so people likely will show up out of curiosity.

  35. Her YV classes were too crowded —v.dangerous. Prolly how & why that guy Spencer Wolffe ended up putting his leg thru a window 😳

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