This kid is ready for a 16oz ribeye and a side of potatoes au gratin. Let him outta that dungeon high chair and take him to Ruth Chris.

  1. Tries to keep them babies as long as possible. Edu and Lu seem behind. The baby stage is all she cares about, then she's bored. Doesn't care to help them develop

  2. Why do none of them look even the slightest like her? The girls look just like Alex's mother. Why is there zero interaction with any cousins or the grandparents!

  3. Wow. Wow. Wow. At 2 years old - my son sat at the table for all family meals (well I started doing that at 6 months - albeit in his high chair)… he’s too old to be in a high chair and too old to be eating awful scraps. Give him a fucking meal Larry. Damn.

  4. What in the world is wrong with her? Those chairs are amazing because the strap part comes off and they’re just regular chairs to feed children at the table. We took the top off our kids’ at like 15 months so they could learn to sit with the family at the table. She’s the worst because she fails constantly despite having so many resources.

  5. Also the whole point of the foot rest down below is so their feet DON’T hang like that. It’s even fully adjustable. Those chairs are expensive and they aren’t even being used right 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. If any of her kids have special needs, they’ll either be ignored or exploited. No way would they get appropriate, competent treatment in that house.

  7. My son is autistic. He is an amazing young man and I love him to pieces. I'm not sure what you meant by your comment--you were probably just concerned for this boy's welfare.

  8. These children never seem to have any light in their eyes. Excitement or happiness or childlike wonder…where is it? To me they often look angry or detached. I am not criticizing the children they are innocent and blameless. The kids just seem a bit off. Most people post cute snippets from their lives to share a funny moment or an adorable expression to save and remember. Hilary’s shares just fall flat.

  9. I’m sorry but this child looks like mine at that age and the 50 kids I met in our early intervention therapies for autism. It’s hard to watch him in the high chair but please don’t assume when you see a kid in this spot that it is because he’s bratty or rude. He has thyroid stuff, hair loss, sensory issues and major delays. Yes. He needs It worked with an engaged with ALL DAY with a therapist and his MOTHER. That is the part that makes me sad. They caught this water video because it was some kind of highlight of excitement. When someone works with this kid he will work his way up to Ruth Chris and order this own steak medium! (Like my kid does now).

  10. Ohh I can see this now. I can’t imagine putting this on the internet like this. At first I just saw a kid needing sensory play but if this is regular behavior among others you speak of I am so sad.

  11. Help him!!! For God’s sakes! Get him out of that baby chair!! Give him slices of watermelon, some yogurt, peanut butter on crackers, fresh pineapple….cheese sticks?? At the TABLE!! I was a nanny for many years! And a Mom! Give that boy some adult food like Op said, not cheerios in a fuckin cup!!

  12. Seriously. My little one is only 16 months old and has basically eaten whatever we do since 6 months, just cut into appropriate pieces. Kids at this age (at least both of mine) will try anything so it’s really fun. Now that my oldest is 3 he won’t eat anything except carbs and straight butter. So take advantage of when they’re young to get some new foods in them besides Cheerios.

  13. There is no fixed age when children should be out of a High Chair and transition to a Booster Seat. On average, this happens between 16 months and 2 years of age. Your child will indicate when it is ready to make the transition. It's important that the child doesn't exceed the High Chair weight limit.Jan 16, 2021

  14. can we maybe refrain from calling a 2 year old an asshole? its not these kids fault they were born in this awful family. bloody hell. there is a lot people really crossing the line in here lately.

  15. Why does she let him throw liquids? Put his whole hand in a cup and swirl it around? Isn't he like 2 1/2 now?? He looks massive in that chair.

  16. Ugh this is my 3 year old with (suspected) ADHD. Kid stands on a chair the whole time or runs laps between bites. It’s not for lack of trying here, I swear! 😭😭

  17. So much for "twinnish." He looks 12 and ML looks 12 months. Because I'm familiar with "certain health issues" and children. Have the Baldwin's considered a thyroid test for Eddie? ; )

  18. What’s a thyroid test for? What are your concerns? The kids do seem delayed…..or extremely, abusively babied.

  19. It’s interesting that we never see them all sitting and eating together. And yes he seems angry and the only way to express himself is flicking water, which is not ok while you are indoors eating at the table.

  20. It looks so uncomfortable with his legs dangling. She has a nice enough high chair that she can adjust the foot rest….she sees something totally different when she looks at these videos.

  21. Thank you!! Was just about to ask this. She needs to move the plate like one notch up (I have the same high chair) — this has been bothering me 😂

  22. I get her whole shtick is trying to be this relatable, tired, bendy mami of 7 kids but how tone deaf and unaware does one have to be to not notice how dysfunctional that household looks instead. I came from a semi dysfunctional home and alls my parent did was try to make it look sane. 🤦‍♀️

  23. She loves having babies so much that she's keeping these children stunted. She wants only babies, getting out of the highchair and #8 must be discussed.

  24. It looks to me like he’s pissed off at having a damn camera on him all the time and is pushing her away by throwing water at her..Stop already and give him the proper attention he needs..

  25. Do they ever eat at the dinner table as a family? The little ones always seem to eat alone with eyes stuck to a video on..So sad to me..When my kids were at that age they sat at the table with everyone on a booster seat on a regular chair and their own table mat they got to pick out..They used utensils unless it was finger foods..

  26. He definitely should be sitting in a chair at the table at this point. Possibly a booster seat but this is so ridiculous.

  27. I’m sorry but this child is gigantic. If they’re able to drink out of a mug, they no longer need a “no spill” snack container. Get them out of the high chair and start working on table manners.

  28. Handsome young man is not in the way hills views him I mean he looks way too grown up in that dam chair let the kid have toddler cutlery, proper plates even organic bamboo plates better than sippy cups and baby stuff of course, I see he is still throwing things but he is imprisoned he is going to be a giant lad this kid if he gets proper nutrition I feel sorry for him being babied so much what is 2 and a half nearly 3 geezers still be in this chair dau he marries lol

  29. I remember when this little guy was so smiley and happy all the time, he was such a gorgeous tempered baby. It's so sad to see him change into a sad, angry lost boy in front of our eyes. I can't imagine how he'll feel when he's older and he realises Marilu isn't his real twin and was ordered when his mom was 'pregnant' with him and disappointed he wasn't a girl. Hopefully he will get the help he will need in the future, along with his poor siblings.

  30. don't understand gender disappointment I mean everyone prob wants a girl or boy but most are happy with a healthy child I would be if I had kids but not hills oh no another boy better order a girl what happens if her girls turn out to be trans or gay idk i really feel sad for those kids 2022 -2023 nrly hils still thinks she Spanish lol trapped kids no friends no days out I mean its wrong so wrong i know that I think there was mention of a rottweiler pup I really hope thats not ever happening hills is lying because she declawed the cats imagine a huge rottweiler and wild kids urgh on subject of chair prisoner if he isn't let out to explore he will rampage forever his anger is off the scale

  31. Yeh exactly, the poor thing. there are way too many people in this forum insulting these kids, theres someone on here that just called him 'another Baldwin asshole'. i wish we had rules about it. THEY ARE KIDS!!! its not right.

  32. All this time and no one has figured out how to properly use the foot shelf?? Bunch of losers … every adult in that household.

  33. Don’t hate me….but I just pictured this developing into a full fledged adult fetish. The adult size crib, pacifier, diapers and baby clothes! Remember reading about that somewhere! Future psychologists are going to make a fortune off these kids…..”tell me where it all began…”.

  34. I tell you, rich people raise their kids differently because I would not allow my kid to make a mess flinging water everywhere. And he would get right down and help clean up that mess. But I guess when you have 50 nanny’s you don’t have to worry about cleaning up or disciplining your kids either. SMH

  35. Training film for new parents, need a day off? 1.) have child dip unwashed hands in water and drink. 2.) wait for the Gastrointestinal illness ! 3.) call in sick (while Nannie’s clean up the diarrhea and vomit. 4.) post to Instagram for proof.

  36. Why would you post a picture of your angry, miserable child flicking water on everyone, knowing full well that the nannies have to clean it up because you’re such a lazy hoe bag you can’t teach your children to do the simplest things?!?

  37. Omg those little snack cups are for babies. He's a grown ass child. My 15 month old won't even use those anymore. She wants her snacks in regular bowls or on a plate like her older siblings. 😳

  38. We’ve had those chairs before, a drunk adult can fit and not tip them over easily. They’re actually incredibly well made and designed

  39. Poor kid should not be confined to that high chair. He also shouldn’t be allowed to throw water on the floor. 😂 16 oz ribeye and a side of potatoes au gratin🙌

  40. Of course this bad ass kid is throwing his water. He throws food and doesn't have any manners and she thinks it's cute. So glad I'm not eating by these animals at a restaurant.

  41. This!! This child is a brat & she thinks it’s adorable. How hard is it to tell him not to play in his food/drinks. It’s never too early to teach table manners.

  42. blessed the water? he looks pissed she won’t feed him real food that he probably only sees on commercials on his shared ipad.

  43. Well she doesn’t take them out bc they beg for food and go into a survival mode instinct to eat everything. Just like the ice cream truck stories she tells. They can’t pass one without a melt down from her hungry kids.

  44. I’m not even going to mention that this kid is putting his undoubtably filthy hands into the water that he then drinks… oh wait I guess I am going to mention it

  45. I immediately went dark and thought about how many times that hand has probably rubbed snot off his nose before he shoved it in the water he drank. Especially after that snot picture of ML from the other day.

  46. Ancient. He’s been in breastfeeding porn videos with his mom since birth. The Baby Dentist 🍊🍊🦷 is one.

  47. Children need to be encouraged to use words to express their feelings. It seems like scratching swear words on a car, giving the camera the finger, flicking water at others,etc, is the way these kids express frustration and anger. They should be asked what is making them feel mad and then taught to use their words and not their actions when they feel that way.

  48. Totally agree with you..I taught my 3 children manners very early on in their toddler years and they are very respectful and polite adults now ( I’m so proud of them😊) It’s never too early to teach them..When my kids would go to friend’s houses their parents would say it’s so nice how polite my children were…It’s so nice to know you kids are well behaved when you aren’t there with them..

  49. My 22 month old still sits in a high chair at home, but it's larger and meant to grow with the child. These kids' chairs seem so uncomfortable. My son won't sit in restaurant high chairs, which sort of remind me of these uncomfortable contraptions.

  50. This reminds me of people alleging Hilary pinched ML in family photos to make sure she has an expression on her face. It’s sadism.

  51. I haven’t become intimate with the kids… just too many and too sad. So is this kid autistic? Seriously… worked with autistic kids and if I were his mom I’d be getting him a diagnosis

  52. Take your CHILD out of the high chair and give him a meal with a plate, fork, bowl, spoon, knife, you unhinged freak! He is WAY too big for a high chair and is obviously unhappy!!!

  53. Watched with no sound and the kid looks drugged to me. He legit looks like I do when I am waking up from heavy prescription sleeping pills. This little guy looks super pissed though like he’s waiting for the day he can fight back.

  54. This kid always looks so angry, his behavior is ridiculously aggressive, and that look he always has in his eyes is like he's waiting to go at something/someone. I know it's their fault, but I would sleep with one eye open if I lived there.

  55. As a nanny that works for a family that refuses to feed and treat their children age appropriate, this drives me fucking insane. This shows that the kids don’t have boundaries and need to be restrained. Sad. With all of the nannies they have these kids should have self control.

  56. Take the tray off and sit the kids at a proper table woman! All this money and you can’t afford a table for 6 kids to sit down at mealtime?? Pathetic

  57. Have you seen the house? The only furniture lately are cat climbers, the kids white armchairs with their names on them and highchairs. There is no furniture otherwise.

  58. Well she’s trying to keep Edu a baby as long as she can, so that he always has to rely on her “love”, as he will have little to no life skills.

  59. Have the kids ever been seen at church? Blessing water is a Catholic not aware of they have any religion? Just curious if he would even know what blessing water is

  60. Hell if I had these ppl as my relatives, I’d go all folk wisdom superstitious & stake a chain of Garlic at my front door & throw holy water on my porch, so Hillary couldn’t set foot into my house.

  61. He's coping. All the Children show how stressful it is in that chaotic house where they have to do tricks for food. God knows what happened bf this was filmed. Poor kid.

  62. Our kids had that high chair and when they became toddlers they sat with us at the table what the hell is wrong with this family?

  63. Brat brat brat. If you dont teach manners in the high chair at home, they will act the same way in a public place. She's so lazy raising children. This is not cute or funny.

  64. Truly. I know kids do stuff especially in big groups but the flipping the bird at 6 and rome is all of what 4 or 5 and saying fuck? My 10 year old knows what all that is of course and he's no angel but he doesn't do that stuff in front of me. 🤡

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