How many Pepinos were here when you joined?

  1. At around 1K! I thought hitting the 3K mark was quite an achievement. Then the 10K mark! Look at us now!

  2. About 4K I think. I was here at Griftmas (around Dec 28, 2020). I can’t believe how much it has grown since!

  3. I was searching YouTube for hilariasgrift and I believe it brought me here. When you need your fix... and at the time I was into her as well as the killer... not just her. And it was mostly for the accent not the 100 kids

  4. I joined last year around this time and I remember the sub hitting 20k and we were all talking about how we could fill up a stadium. Look at us now ❤️

  5. Not sure exactly when Griftmas happened but I remember coming here on November 14, 2020. There were very few & I didn’t know anything about Reddit or how to navigate it. What a wild ride! I almost didn’t get my Christmas shopping finished because I was glued to this sub. I never could have guessed how insane she was/is!

  6. i was glued to every. &$:@;%% page of the dcum group until they killed it right around the time the story broke. when that went away i found this promptly enough, goodness, lol. can’t recall the numbers- but nowhere near this number!

  7. Started lurking under 1k. This place was a bright spot during some dark times. Of course, I didn't know about the child abuse back then.🙄 Super mami was just an unapologetic appropriator and unqualified "wellness expert". She was initially offline for an entire month, I had no idea it would turn into all this.

  8. I was somewhere in that time frame too. What a wild time that was. It would have died down long ago too if it weren't for those crazy Baldwins themselves.

  9. I joined in December 2020 when led here from dcum. It was the day of a huge blizzard in nyc and I had nothing to do while waiting for my mom to have surgery. Inwasnt allowed into the hospital due to covid, so I just sat in my car and read through all of dcum.

  10. I commented once or twice after Spaingate, did not join til about 6,000. (March 1, 2021, when Malibu's arrival was announced and shocked us all.)

  11. Under 1,000. I wanna say 600-something. As soon as that shit hit the news I was ALL IN and I cannot believe the pepinos are so plentiful now 🥒💫😪🎄🌈

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