Under the weather? Wow shocker, concrete hall floor with no socks, putting them on dirty feet etc.

  1. Kissing one child on the lips, "breastfeeling" one and having one kids head between your legs. It is quite a picture. It is a picture she staged like this.

  2. I’ve breastfed in that position before but tbh it doesn’t look like baby is attached. That doesn’t look right to me at all

  3. When we are fighting illness, we are best to conserve our energy to fight the virus rather than waste energy trying to maintain our core body temperature due to inadequate clothing.

  4. Kissing one child with another between her legs and another on her breast- nah, that’s not for her paying customers 🤬

  5. I thought that was Malibu’s dolly High Hilary was holding in this pic, but it’s Content Baby Seven.

  6. I've been wondering if she was going to come up with an excuse to not attend tonight- maybe this will be her reason. She's gotta be anxious after the last one didn't get the reception she thought it would.

  7. I thought so too, but she posted herself an hour ago in a cab, dressed in red and looking Spanishish in a tight bun, en route to the extravaganza.

  8. Hillary's idea of 'cuddling' is having her legs spread and one of the kids lying on her crotch, kissing another one on the mouth (when Hillary's been out on the town every night and is the one bringing illness home and making them sick), and an infant pressed against her lingerie, with her boobjob out, and her t-shirt suggestively lifted to pretend she's doing some sort of 'sexy breastfeeding'.

  9. That poor boy in the high chair earlier. He should have thrown his cup of water at her. He is WAAAAYYYYY too big to be in that stupid chair. His dad should BURN 🔥 it!

  10. How is this a CUDDLE. She just wants to show BF boob again. Ifntheyre all sick how come only Eddie goes to the doctor? Keep them the fuck inside. Feed them properly. Dress them properly. And look after them PROPERLY.

  11. Her bra is still on and you can see it. Plus the baby's head/face is held up where her t-shirt is. This woman is batshit.

  12. Wonder why? You go out every night. Just did a yoga class. Basically exposing yourself to all of the various diseases floating around this time of year. Then you bring those germs home to your small children. I just can't imagine how the children got exposed to whatever it is they are "under the weather" with.

  13. I have no idea why she never wears anything else except shiny leggings. I had a baby the same tome as her and I'm back to wearing jeans again. Why wouldn't she branch out her wardrobe a little?

  14. The beige apartment is a petri dish of animal hair, legging stank and no fresh air or ventilation. "Mama B" should not be putting her lips on a sick kid either, especially after last night's outing.

  15. I have no idea who this is or whats up here but she is kissing the forhead of the child, not the lips. over all this looks like a mother trying to give attention to 3 kids at once.

  16. One between her legs, one on her nib, and another slobbering her lips. I don’t know, maybe it’s me? It’s just weird. She holds that baby like it’s a hot brick…could she be any more detached?

  17. It’s totally not normal and it’s not you….this is stuff for pedophiles. Why is her top lifted if she’s not breastfeeding. She is truly sick. And who is taking these creepy pedo pictures?

  18. It’s almost like she’s having a contest with herself to see how many f#cked up things she can get into one photo.

  19. WTF I didn’t evn realize she was doing her breastfeeding p0rn until I read comments!! 😳😳 She’s just lifting her shirt up and holding a baby somewhere in front of her at this point. Pretty sure that’s the doll bc of it’s size and the darker hair in comparison too the other two’s blonde.

  20. She's looking very "monkey in the zoo" with this photo... quite primitive. That's a compliment, really... as I prefer chimps and all animals over people. Lol. She's showing that all that she does is organic and there's soooo much love present in her family because she's a fucking baby machine! I'm not buying it. Or, rather... I'm not impressed. You know what impresses me? A person who has worked and struggled... persevered against all odds. Yes, you have a beautiful family, Hillary... You're a yogi and kudos for teaching a class yesterday. That actually was impressive. But, you're still NOT a Spaniard. Being bilingual doesn't make one... from Spain. How many ancestors of yours are from Spain? Oh, zero. I have thousands of them. My husband has roots from España, as well as Italy. I know a bit of Italian and French... have been to Italy and France... do I go around saying that I'm from Venice or Rome or Florence, bc I've visited those countries? Nooooo! Tu es stupida... totally obtuse. Hillary Lynn Baldwin... an entitled spoiled rich kid from Boston, who thinks the world revolves around her...

  21. Is this bitch making my brain nasty or is the positioning of Malibu a lil weird? Her hand? With Edu between her legs and her tit out? Where is her nipple? Are they not on the couch bc they couldn't position like this as well as on the floor? Is it me?

  22. Exactly. RSV is hitting HARD right now. Very dangerous to her smallest. Flu and covid around too. The baby is so vulnerable, and Hilaria goes out constantly! She also had no business teaching a packed class yesterday. Do it in the late Spring, outdoors or something. Wait for the little one to be stronger. Unbelievably selfish and stupid. We already knew that from other behavior, but it really makes me mad.

  23. Never this often because typically moms of literal newborns STAY WITH THE BABY INSIDE most of the time, ESPECIALLY during a PANDEMIc, flu season, and a new RSV epidemic!!

  24. The minor Baldwin’s express signs of existential dread long before they turn 3. That’s one developmental milestone every single one of them has reached early.

  25. Well if you must know: After breastfeeding 7 children and pumping obsessively (none of this happened) the milk starts to come from the pores of her skin; at times droplets even form in the air. This is truly magical and unique to Hilary. So you see, all you need to do is hold the baby or place them (as we’ve seen in the bedtime buddy pix) within 18 inches from Mamis exposed nipple (for the baby to admire while absorbing the milk) and nourishment takes place.

  26. Yes that’s what I’m thinking. The baby doesn’t look right in size. Also, there’s no way she is truly breastfeeding at that angle and how her boob is looking.

  27. First of all, how is this cuddling? You're on the floor right next to a couch and they're semi near you. Cuddling with my two littles is a full on snugglefest in our recliner.

  28. Ok, so since this person just kissed a sick child on the lips, she will surely be staying in and not spreading those germs. Going out and socializing after this is putting other kids and families in danger. RSV and the Flu this year are no joke, to say nothing of Covid. Other people have family too, that they don’t want to get sick from people who needlessly go out in public with their sick snotty children’s saliva germs all over them when they could just be staying home. Sorry to all those people who attended her maskless yoga class …time to get covid tested

  29. So is the “8 week” old baby STILL sick from a month ago, or is this a new illness? Either way, she’s a shit mom for allowing this to happen to a baby.

  30. Never had kids, but even I know that's not the position neither mother nor baby need to be in to breast feed. And insisting you're photographed like this? Then thinking it's good to put it on Instagram?

  31. I don’t have kids either nor have I been around a ton of babies and it doesn’t take much to clearly see that she is nvr actually breastfeeding any of these children. She doesn’t evn put forth a huge effort to make it look believable she just shows her tits. Which is so strange given the amount of time she regularly puts into staging her photos.

  32. And to think we were all just saying, "maybe Mami shouldn't have an infant out in public during RSV and flu outbreaks," and now they're sick.

  33. Remember when she left the hair salon with her infant at night and didn’t even throw a blanket on her. She took her out with no jacket or blanket and it was cold out!

  34. OK Hillz, but the real Reason for this Picture is to show us your Tetas...🙄 Btw...THE BEBÉ IS NOT PROPERLY LATCHED! IF YOU WOULD ACTUALLY BREASTFEED, I'D BE SUCKING ON THE HEM OF YOUR SHIRT!!!

  35. This is obviously another performative post. So, she may be building her excuse for missing the ball tonight. I suspect that AB is afraid take her tonight after her embarrassing spectacle at the museum fundraiser and her deranged desperation for attention.

  36. What does Hilaria have on Alec Baldwin that lets her run the show? She’s getting yet another big PR push, runs roughshod over the kids, continues her Esthpañol cosplay that has been resoundingly proven false, has no boundaries, and yet continues on.

  37. Bare breast check spread legs check doll check sad kids looking for their real mama check kitchen shot with pots and pans on the stove like she actually cooks check bottle of Xanax on the way check

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