This guy right here wants us all to go fuck ourselves hard.

  1. Beetlejuice-era Alec Baldwin was chef’s kiss. Now he’s just an old fart in stank loafers with a rage complex. Oh, how the mighty have fallen (or something like that).

  2. His eye bags want to get the fuck away from his face. He is literally melting. I bet those eyebags will be his gullet soon🤣🤣🦃🤡🤡

  3. This is rich coming from one of the world’s most self-defeating people I can think of. Despite all his privilege, he’s managed to turn his life into an absolute train wreck

  4. How did this piece of shit survive the #metoo movement ? Most likely the same reason he hasn't been charged for killing that young girl

  5. This guy right here was born and bred in Hollyweird. He is a scab of a human who called his daughter Ireland a "pig".....He murdered a woman and walks free. Who among us would walk free after shooting someone dead?

  6. He thinks that because he is famous he has the right to tell everyone what to do, i.e. get off social media while he and his idiot wife stay on and inundate everyone with their shit content. Just because you're famous, and now infamous, Alec, does not make you a better person than anyone else and does not mean that your opinion on anything holds any weight. I know a lot of intellectual men and if they are married their wives are usually as intelligent as them. Your intelligence can be measured by the woman you chose as your wife - her intelligence is sub-par and therefore that makes you an idiot too. She can't even spell or speak properly in her native tongue, which is NOT Spanish. Take your own advice and get off social media, as well as your wife who abuses it more than anyone I have ever witnessed. That's like telling someone to stop drinking as you quaff a case of beer in front of them. I'm sure Meghan and Harry must be appalled that you are presenting them with whatever you are presenting them with. I hope someone tells her about the derogatory comments you made about a person of colour.

  7. Geeeez he has turned into one ugly looking old man! .He once was good looking but ugly on the inside, now his karma is doing him HARD and the outside now matches the inside. Karma will be doing him even HARDER very soon… Sayōnara a-hole ..

  8. It’s doubtful that this narcissistic, sweating, weight-crushing Quick Draw McGraw has ever moved any partner to ecstasy. This is why he has repeatedly rolled out this particular insult. He knows he can’t properly do the job himself because he’s probably out and panting in < 3 seconds.

  9. His face goes with his heart. Mean motherfucker. Used to be arrogant but he can't be that anymore bc he so gross looking. Pretentious and the scholar elite , yes. He's just a douchebag from the word go. Go yell at one of your fans or hit a reporter trying to make a buck. You picked this life dickhead. You didn't make the best of it tho did ya? So now your old and sleeping in the bed you made!! love it when dickheads have the ability to make things right and good in their world but their such a prick they can't even do that. Karma baby!! Go mentally abuse ( or physically) you do both, to whoever's left in your fucked up world. You don't have very many left! You're such an ass your extended family can't even stand you or that skank of a lazy fuck you live with.

  10. “His face goes with his heart. Mean motherfucker. Used to be arrogant but he can't be that anymore bc he so gross looking.” 🎯🎯🎯

  11. Coming from a man who has literally fucked himself as hard as humanly possible. Good looking out shooter. A half an ounce of humility could have prevented most of your woes. Fkn idiot grandpa.

  12. Can they not find a plastic surgeon to fix his under eyes? My god…Hillary is so full of fillers and pulled so tight and he’s over here looking like hell.

  13. This guys bitterness shows on his face. Meanwhile, the clueless one is taking whimsical videos of her fake finger nails clawing at the Bengals while side-eyeing herself in a Queen tank-top.

  14. Given the choice of fucking him or his wife, I’m definitely going with fucking myself. Just need a palette cleanser to scrub my eyeballs if this image

  15. I heard SAG told Alec the only way he would be on a movie set from now on is if he is the garage can for Craft services.

  16. He’s so gross. Imagine having all those little kids, facing possible murder charges, Hilaria BUT being worried about us pepinos 🥒

  17. I was never a huge fan. I didn't mind him though. I always thought he was semi entertaining. I would always give him the benefit of the doubt. But the way he has handled himself this past year.. or post griftmus ...

  18. Thank you for saying this I was afraid to say this out loud on this sub! I so want to give him the benefit of the doubt! Her? No! She's a fucking shit show!

  19. Yeah, same here. I also sleep very well knowing that my husband is authentically who he says he is, didn’t catfish me, nor lie about who he was for 10 years, and, most importantly, I’m not SADDLED with 7 children under the age of 10!!!

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