Serious question - is this something that Mom’s do with their 2+ year old child? Front packs existed when I had kids, although they didn’t fit bigger babies/children. I just carried my kids on my hip!

  1. Personally I no longer carry my little one this way, but depending on the height and weight limits it might be ok. I have an extremely tall baby.

  2. You can still carry in the front well into toddler good. There are preschooler carriers for kids with disabilities. I carried my 3.5 yo front once or twice because she really insisted to (was tired, needed a nap) 🤷‍♀️

  3. I regularly put my 2yo in the carrier but always on my back. It would be so awkward and uncomfortable to have a 2yo on the front, imagine wearing a huge heavy backpack on the front instead of the back. Makes no sense.

  4. Can you imagine the cluster it must have been to get a sick, crying 2 year old in that baby carrier??? Just for the ‘gram…

  5. I wore my kids as toddlers 🤷🏻‍♀️ strollers aren’t convenient imo, they either walked or I carried them in a sling because it was easier on my arms.

  6. She isnt a New Yorker, no matter how much she pushes that narrative, like her being from Spain. She cant stop with the delusions.

  7. She is a Psycho!!! that carrier only for infants up to 16 pds & she had to put him in carseat in car waiting out front. The restraint & his ability to properly breathe was hinder & why he was crying. You are correct ANOTHER STORY!

  8. They do make toddler sized but that doesn’t look like one. The back is super low. But it’s just crass to post crying and sick pic.

  9. That poor boy is absolutely miserable. Probably too tight on his little legs. His face is bright red so crying for a bit. Put that boy in a stroller and put down the freaking camera!

  10. He's sad because he's so big for that carrier now that his head is constantly yanked back at a painfully sharp angle and he's too big to breathe in it properly, not because he can't go five minutes without the company of his fake twin that you almost borderline incestuously fetishise him with you weird creep.

  11. I used a carrier for my 2 year old but on my back for hiking. Front carrying would strain your back in my opinion but like others pointed out it’s the selfie with a screaming toddler that’s not normal.

  12. She's got him in an infant carrier and they definitely make toddler ones. I have a toddler one and it's a million times more comfortable for both of us

  13. he is crying because he is probably uncomfortable in that damn carrier, this just proves she is not really involved with her children 👎🏾

  14. Yes this is what narcs do, they actually like seeing their kids suffer. It’s so depraved, most of us can’t even wrap our minds around it

  15. It’s not that he’s in the pack. That’s fine. It’s that he’s sick and distressed and we are stopping for a photo op.

  16. all the nyc moms i know have their nanny take the kids to appointments, and we just walk, even in the rain. raincoats with hoods and umbrellas are shockingly water-resistant

  17. This is a clear snapshot. He shouldn’t be, at his age, locked into a high chair or strapped into an infant carrier. He should be learning to eat with plates and utensils at a table. He should be walking or in an age appropriate stroller if he’s under the weather. This shows you in one or two quick pictures that she doesn’t understand early childhood development. When she’s around then she straps them down because they’re contained and it’s easier.

  18. Mom of three. The first thing that strikes me about this is a kid who is feeling unwell and in distress and she’s prioritizing a picture in the hallway mirror. As opposed to focusing on comforting him and just getting him to a doctor. That and this pic is all you need to understand where her priorities lie.

  19. You “bolted” there yet stopped to document it and wrote a paragraph? That is about as believable as them being twins you kook. Attend to your crying, sick child and get off the internet!!!

  20. I did this with my son a few times, mainly when he was sick or when I had to be really quick grabbing something from the store and didn't want a two year old making a ten minute dash turn into half an hour. But my son has always been on the small side for his age. Poor Edu, he looks so unhappy! Weird pic to post

  21. "Look at how big he is" translates in her mind to "Look at how big my two year old is!! He's HALF my size, which mecks me vrry, vrry, tiny! See how tiny I am? Vrrry smol and tiny. Yep, I am smol. Oh, and yeh, he sick."

  22. She’s awful! Absolutely awful! Who does that?! No sane mom would make her child uncomfortable enough to bawl his eyes out then take a picture of it.

  23. Checked out for what why half post shit i don't get it either tells us a reason or don't post cryptic shit also why is an nr preschooler in a baby sling thing I've never seen a two yr old plus in a swing seat back pack I've seen dads or mums or both carry them atop there shoulders holding their hands I've seen them walking yes a bit slow but besides an adult holding a pram or parents hand but never this but again been a long time since I've been round small kids maybe things are done very differently now

  24. Well, if you don't take a selfie while eye-fucking yourself on the way to the pediatrician, was the child actually sick????

  25. Kiddo doesn't want mirror-picture time and is probably not comfortable in the baby sling. Get that child some medicine and put him to bed. Wow

  26. There are ergonomic baby carriers suited for toddlers and pre schoolers, so too carry two year olds are thing. There are so much better brands then “baby björn” that isn’t so heavy to carry in.

  27. She’s full of shit. He’s not ‘thinking’ anything. He’s not missing his ‘twin’ and this supposed ‘inseparable-ness-is the result of their mother refusing to see each of her children as separate human beings. This kid and the one she bought to go with him have been part of a weird pathology-a fantastical universe their mother has concocted in her mind.

  28. It’s so weird how she tries to use the fact that he’s miserable at being in that thing or maybe sick and needing attention, as fodder for how ‘inseparable’ the siblings are. I expect it at this point, but still.

  29. WTF?! No. It is not. (It’s not common for any mom to shove a child of this size into what is an infant/too small baby wearing device. Poor kid is smushed.)

  30. Why is everything NYC style but for her concern re: Spanish style? NYErs are hearty & act as such not like these pampered folks.

  31. This is also a the woman who swore he was blessing his holy water in the high chair when really he was flipping the fuck out because he was in super restraints eating yogurt melts in a spill free cup. For Christ’s sake.

  32. My daughter is 4 and I front carry her every now and then, especially living in Chicago. So much easier than dragging the stupid stroller everywhere when going somewhere crowded. There are definitely carriers made for older toddlers and preschoolers.

  33. He's so sick, it's NYC, it's raining, so you just have him there in the open while you "bolt" to the doctor. I'm more than positive they have nice cars and people to drive them.

  34. I have a hip (side) carrier for my 2.5 year old. He’s heavy and I still use it when I’m going to be carrying him for awhile like across a big parking lot or something … but I’ve used it with him since he was small so he doesn’t freak out or get scared about it. It holds him on my hip just like I do when I pick him up anyways . Poor Eddie!!

  35. She’s a momster! She doesn’t even care that he’s upset and is not comfortable. It’s all about the picture and feeding her ego.

  36. Mum of three and it’s a massive NO from me. My youngest was a big boy and I think I did well to still carry him in the pack when he got to 10 months! She’s so fucking weird! Big Ed looks so upset. WHY upset him like this?

  37. I mean he smokes cigars, has a favorite whisky, and frequents gentlemen's clubs, but the whole one foot in front of the other thing can be a challenge to all of us sometimes 😔

  38. I have a big toddler so I’d definitely have to get a toddler carrier to be able to do that and she is not about that life, she barely tolerated it as a 1yo.

  39. Same… nope… but wouldn’t you just call an Uber…wait until they are there and then go down in their elevator…take another Xanax Hilary

  40. My kid still loves the backpack at nearly 4. But it’s a HBC toddler carrier designed for bigger kid. And it’s her choice to ride in it. This kid looks miserable and I HATE when parents take pics of crying kids.

  41. & she takes a pic of a totally bawling, distraught kid???????? Again wtf? & how is this any “moment” worth capturing? Most tone deaf moron mon ever!

  42. Yeah the baby carrying isn’t weird- whatever works- but I feel so horrible looking at this pic if such a upset little boy

  43. Why tf is she putting him in a “front pack” at his age & size? Just carry him, dummy! U know it’s just in your bldg & into an office w ur drivers and car seats in between. What a moron! Like u need a “carrier” down an elevator????!!!!!!! Carry m-walk combo works w a kid this big. Carriers are for babies!!!!!!!!!!

  44. This kid has such extreme behavior problems, that they constantly (and lazily) keep him in his high chair or completely constrained.

  45. It’s not odd to do this, in general. Though I don’t think they do this often enough for the kid to be comfortable. I would back carry the kid in carrier with more structure.

  46. I would never post a pic of my kid on social having a meltdown. It’s online forever! Do you think he wants it there when he sees it as a teen? Get over yourself, you stupid woman.

  47. No, my kids NEVER liked being in the carrier after they were a year old. I know every kid is different, but I would have never attempted this.

  48. Are they even verbal? I’ve never heard them say actual words in videos. I’m sure Edu was like “mother, may we perhaps invite my sister to join us on this fine excursion?”.

  49. Sorry, no, NYC moms don’t do this. It’s either you walk or you get pushed in a stroller if you’re 2. Also “they’re inseparable”….sure. Glad ML got a break from getting beat down by her brother who is NOT her twin.

  50. Exactly. I use a baby carrier a lot but that's because I'm a chair user and it's the best option for our family. Baby is always in the carrier and will be until he's 18mnth maybe 2 as he's small The two and half yr old rides on my lap but is encouraged to walk and uses child safety reigns when with me. A push chair/buggy when with his parents or grandparents. (My nephew's but I have them a few sessions a week and any days they can't be in nursery at their hooked time) the only carriers I've seen used for toddlers this age are for hiking

  51. There's better carriers for an older toddler. He should be on a side bump or proper back carrier now for his own comfort and health and the parents spinal health

  52. This woman is psychotic, delusional and a compulsive liar. That child obviously doesn’t like being in that thing and I highly doubt he began to like it. She seems to enjoy keeping him specifically contained / restrained and distressed. And I don’t believe Edu and ML are inseparable. Just more lies from this lunatic fraud.

  53. As soon as my then-baby could control her neck and head well, she got turned around so that she could look outward, or sometimes put in a hip carrier.

  54. i HATE this photo bc poor baby edu looks so sad but it’s actually totally normal to babywear an older child! most slings and carriers are safe for up to 40lbs (including the specific brand/style of the one she’s wearing). it’s kind of like extended breastfeeding - some moms/toddlers love it and do it, some moms/toddlers hate it and don’t. either is okay!!! it is also great for neurodivergent and anxious children ☺️

  55. She's doing it lately because ILARIA'S name looks like LLARIA (Ilaria) if it's in lower case. So she will forevermore have to write every single thing in caps, especially Ilaria's name.

  56. Baby wearing is a huge thing and yes people do it with older toddlers, however I would say that they mainly use wraps and back carry them. Not at all what she is using now.

  57. I never took my phone out when my toddlers were upset, let alone post their pictures for the world to see. And she uses the word "like" as if a teenager.

  58. I don't know what enjoyment she gets from displaying her child in distress and PROUD OF IT on SM and what kind of people out there enjoying seeing a crying/distressed toddler.

  59. I’ve honestly never seen anything so pathetic in my life as her posts. Why does she continue to humiliate her children posting pics of them in distress? This will embarrass them someday. I hate her.

  60. No, but if you were to do something attention seeking like this, you would face them out. Inward facing is only for infants with no head control. Also…I would never take a picture, and if I felt the need to, I would never be the asshole to post my kid in distress like this.

  61. That toddler is puce from screaming. I’ll never not be uncomfortable at seeing mothers take photos of their crying children. It just seems so heartless, especially when she’s there with her stony Botox face and devoid of any emotion other than pure smugness.

  62. Baby wearing is a thing until kids are even older than 2. However this carrier doesn’t really look like the kind that fits properly.

  63. I don't think it's that odd to do. I did wear my son until he was 18m and I only stopped then because I was 4-5 months pregnant. And I am a similar size to Hillz, and my son was huge. But at that point I wore him outward facing. And he was not screaming and visibly unhappy like Ed. In fact, the main reason I continued to wear him into toddlerhood is because he loved it. I wouldn't force that on a child. Clearly Ed is not used to her.

  64. Oh Jesus NO. My grandbaby is 2 days younger than Big Ed, and she’s 37lbs. I honestly just sit down to lift her anymore because my shoulder and tennis elbow give me the finger. Plus she’s about 37” tall (I call her The Square One because of her dimensions), so just her legs would be a pain in the ass - not to mention it being uncomfortable for HER. Absolutely not.

  65. Yeah no. To each their own of course, but I did not strap my over 2 year old child to the front of my body like that if we went out for a walk anywhere.

  66. The whole « NYC mom » thing is so dumb. We know she’s the kind that has a driver and someone to hold the umbrella. After the picture she put him down and the nanny took him to his appointment. She went back to her BFF Vicodin.

  67. Generally you stick them on your back. I used to carry mine until they were about 3 on my back when we were doing long walks and their little legs couldn’t keep up.

  68. Yeah I carried on my back from about a year to 3yrs. By then they're so heavy that you can't front carry anymore. This picture is insane. She's destroying her lumbar region for weird fetish clout.

  69. There is no way this toddler cares that his fake twin isn’t with him. At this age their primary attachment is to their caregivers, not a baby who isn’t even at the same developmental stage as he is. Imposing this contrived bond on them will only make them co-dependent later on.

  70. I have real twins, and they didn’t care about their twin being there until they were about 4 or 5 maybe (because they became very adventurous together).

  71. I can’t imagine taking a dead-eyed selfie while there’s a child in distress strapped to my chest. Especially one who is way too big for a carrier. That’s like…sociopath shit.

  72. I carried my 4yo in a Tula this weekend at a very very crowded event. I had my almost 2yo in a carrier doing errands today bc I didn’t want her touching everything. I think it’s normal 🤷🏻‍♀️

  73. She's pushing the "twins to their core" narrative rilly hard. He's crying because A) he's actually sick or B) he's uncomfortable in that front pack or C) He doesn't want to be literal face to face with this psycho woman!

  74. NYC Mom Style. Puh-lease, right after you got your Pic, lost Boy Edu got handed straight back to his Nanny! He doesn't cry because you didn't took his non-Twin Sister, he's crying because he doesn't want to be infantalized! First the high Chair and now this! Stop it!!!!!! Always posting your Toddlers crying, bawling, screaming...STOP!!!!!!!!!!

  75. No they don't. Its super weird. They do a combination of walking+stroller. She sems to enjoy infantalizing them. At the very least he should be strapped to her back.

  76. Nooooo Hillary…he’s just getting the updraft from those stanky black leggings you’ve been wearing for over a month. Who can blame the poor little dude? 🤢

  77. He’s probably getting pinched & squeezed in places that hurt you stupid moron! That might be why he’s crying! The first thing you do as a mom, as a (human!!!) if your child is crying is to figure out why they’re crying, are they hurt, what is wrong? That face says more than I miss my not-twin.

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