Has she dropped Siete already?

  1. I think most women who plan on breast feeding at an event would choose a more practical ensemble, one that doesn’t require getting totally undressed to nurse, such as a top and skirt. I mean who does this?!

  2. Again with the fake breastfeeding. What about all the milk she doesn't pump? Not enough to fill a bottle for the nanny to feed the bibby?

  3. Her breast isn’t pushed up so that the nipple would be in the baby’s mouth. This is disturbing that she can’t look at the pic and see it’s not good enough to fool anyone. Why is she standing so much when she breastfeeds?

  4. I did occasionally. You're stuck nursing a LOT. Sometimes you gotta multitask and nurse while standing and making dinner. Or putting on one handed make up cuz you needed to leave the 5 mins ago, but baby has decided to nurse for 20 🤷 there's lots to snark on here, but not the standing part.

  5. Well if she was really nursing this baby she wouldn’t see it as a derailment but rather the priority of feeding a baby who needs to be fed regularly. What a concept.

  6. Why is she always interrupted to fake breast feed? At least pretend you’re doing it right and act like you have some sort schedule for your children. These poor kids

  7. And to breastfeed at that. I don’t think I could have ever done that. First of all, babies are heavy AF. Combine that with trying to make sure they can adequately latch - gtfo with that whole fake ass photo.

  8. I wonder if AB, the gunslinger, thinks these posted selfies are a good idea? She acts like she had never had any kids! She is clueless with her children. Her cell phone is her whole life! My cat has more maternal sense than this woman!

  9. The nannies can take care of her baby while she gets ready. They can give her her bottle. There is no need for her to hold her while she’s getting ready. But she using her infant as an excuse to pose half naked. That is seriously disturbing on every level. Hillary is obviously mentally ill. My opinion is that she is a psychopath because she has all the traits of one. Manipulative, scheming, lying, deceptive and twisted. Why she is getting any airtime is disgusting. I pray she is cancelled because what she is spewing is dangerous and disgusting.

  10. I can't stand the way she holds an infant, like it's SO difficult to barely hang onto her and if she were to slip right out of her arms, oh well!

  11. I don't see how letting the baby hang off her breast with minimal support doesn't shred her nipples. You know the latch is crappy as hell

  12. She sucks at everything, including fake nursing. Including holding her baby in a supportive way while fake nursing. She’s such trash and I feel SO badly for all these children.

  13. Baby's head right where her boob would be. And the death grip on the poor babes leg. This is a very intentional position. How maternal of her.

  14. What’s the thought process here? Oh yes I just happen to be lounging in my underwear with a fully made up face and now I will breastfeed. Also I must photograph this and post it on the internet.

  15. That is not a good breast feeding position!!! Ugh!! I breast fed my three children till 2 years old. Never ever have I thought of placing my child in such an uncomfortable way.

  16. Let's not forget her plopping her tit in Big Eds mouth while she leaned over his stroller. He had to look up and strain his neck like a goddamn bird. Anything not to actually hold them close, cuddle them, while she nurses.

  17. That’s exactly what I am thinking! I’m breastfeeding my 2 year old still and also breastfed my daughter. All I could think was, Nope. No way!

  18. Why is she nursing her baby standing up in front of a mirror? in the bathroom? in a lacy black bra? Doesn’t she have a sofa or a comfortable chair? With a nice Boppy pillow?

  19. I am 100% all for breastfeeding and being proud of it, but damn this woman… does she post a picture every damn time this babe is on her teet????

  20. Yes! I can’t do selfies, especially bathroom selfies. I feel weird doing that stuff because I don’t like attention!

  21. I’d be surprised if I had more than 10 in my whole life TBH. Evn just messing around I feel weird taking them I’d rather someone take my regular photo. Guess it’s person preference 🤷‍♀️

  22. This is what a fry cook who breast feeds the customers would look like. “Hurry up and finish - I got 10 kids in line waiting for this tit!”

  23. Not breastfeeding. this woman is crazier than one could imagine. reminds me of a woman I knew years ago. wack job 100%. Anyone who has breastfeed, can see this isn’t it.

  24. I just can’t with her anymore. Another bald baby that blends in with all the others that I couldn’t give a shit about… more lingerie breast feeding pics. I truly feel sorry for her. She has no quality of life at all and she’s BORING. I think her fake pregnancies were the most interesting thing about her.

  25. This photo is the most eerie textbook depiction of a narcissistic mother- made up, half naked, gazing at her reflection lovingly in her phone, whilst holding her purchased prop for an infant haphazardly with no more care than an accessory or grocery bag.

  26. So eerie!! And then I think: wait she’s even worse than the original Narcissus himself. Narcissus looks at reflected image of his own real face and falls in love. She has to pass her reflection from the mirror to her phone and then through some computer coded filter and she stares at the results when they appear on the screen.

  27. Snack??? WTF??? She can’t go an hour without pulling out her jugs and sexualizing breast feeding. It’s so obvious that she has mental health issues.

  28. Pathetic Hilarious. Always pathetic. Everyone know you are not nursing. And I sincerely hope that is your doll and not the baby.

  29. There you are! Finally the preening, reflection-obsessed, shield-baby, half-naked Hillary emerges, radiant and smirking, from her cocoon. The constant, childless nights out and daily wine and mashed potatoes have led you to this moment. Fly, mariposa! Fly! Fly!

  30. JFC Hillary can you please just use the doll for your breastfeeding p0rn?! Please?! We beg of you! Take all the pedo picks you like and post them everywhere I personally will fully co-sign it just stop 👏🏼holding 👏🏼that 👏🏼baby👏🏼 like this please!!

  31. Wow you rilly letting your hair down tonight huh? “I’m GoNna gO pOsT a whAck aSS coMmEnT on reDDit!” 🤪🤪 F#ck outta here weirdo. Sounds like you need to take a break from your basement dwelling.

  32. Why not sit down in a comfy chair and relax with your baby safely in your arms??? Who breastfeeds standing up? (I know, “this mami does”)

  33. Surprised she hasn’t done a photo in one of her yoga “handstands” with the leggingos on while breastfeeding. Since she’s always gotta up the ante with her bullshit. 🙄🙄

  34. When you eat mashed potatoes and Prosecco as your main staples that milk is like water without any proper fats and nutrition and the baby is hungry ALL THE TIME. No way you can produce sufficient quality supply with how she eats.

  35. She's so fucking repulsive, never misses a chance to be naked or in underwear in front of a mirror holding a baby like a case of Natty Light.

  36. “I don’t wear makeup”. Matte foundation (that doesn’t match her skin tone) 4mm thick.

  37. Then the next slide she put the snack became a meal. I'm sorry but babies at that age can nurse near constantly. They do not "snack" like older babies/toddlers do. The older they get the more efficient they are. She knows NOTHING about breastfeeding.

  38. Shes just being an idiot. Trying to be cute. Aren't babies fed every 2 hours ... So either that is a SNACK every 2 hours or a MEAL. can't be both, Larry you fuckwit

  39. I don’t have children and have not held an infant in decades. Even I know that you support a child’s head and neck no matter what. Anyone I’ve ever seen breastfeed always is sitting down. She’s just trolling at this point. She can securely hold a fucking phone but not her “namesake” CHILD.

  40. I mean, people like Caroline Rhea and Michelle Who and Peaceful Barb see this garbage and are like, "Yeah, I'm going to show my support"?! Not that they're not a sad bunch. But how anyone could see how these children are treated, and not be horrified... it's disturbing.

  41. The baby is always open handed meaning she’s already been fed. If she was hungry and nursing her fist would be closed. It’s just what babies do, she’s just smushing the poor baby against her implant.

  42. That's a good point. Plus she never has the baby looking at her. She is always doing something else and breastfeeding. She never sits in a chair and looks at the baby and the baby never has a chance to look at her. I hope I'm making sense.

  43. This was the most egregious to me. We’ve seen the veiny balls and Maleficent face - just another rehash.

  44. My makeup only looked like that when I was high. Which makes this all the more dangerous! But evn my high ass knew better than to do this ish right here. She’s infuriating 😡 😡

  45. Did she hold any of the other children like this? I do remember the photos of Marilu “feeding” but not almost being dropped.

  46. I've never been able to nurse my babies dangling off my body. I have to sit and support their body.... But I'm not SUPER MAMI.

  47. Why is she making that face? Why did she take a picture of her with the baby just flapping against her torso like a fish out of water with her face mashed against those bolt ons? This woman is such a garbage human being. Literal trash.

  48. I knew she wouldn’t stay home, she gives zero fucks about those sick babies. I hope something humiliating happens.

  49. I can’t wait to see her fuming at how much more Markle gets photographed. We’re probably going to pay for it bc she’ll take to the ‘gram to make it up. But still….🍿🍿

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