1. The veins happen when you're nursing. One of many reasons I believe she birthed her kids (except ML) and breastfeeds them at least sometimes. And I feel like all of the claims against her that are frankly insane just embolden her.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone come CLOSE to taking as many pictures of themselves as her. It’s absolutely mind boggling how into herself she is.

  3. Really, so what? We all have veins. Tbh it really pisses me off when posts or comments occur and I feel like I have to defend her because they are way out of line.

  4. You have veiny boobs and that’s okay. HiLIARia has them as a result of one of her many procedures that she “didn’t have” because she didn’t have prominent veins before.

  5. Im always a little sad when I see people shaming on the veins, I have naturally big boobs and am super pale, I also have a lot of veins showing

  6. I’m only confused about the veins because they’re new, right? This is a new thing for her. I thought she was editing them onto her boobs. Who knows. What a weirdo. I have one prominent chest vein that’s been there my whole life. My mom even said once, when I was 10 and trying on a smocked sundress, “well not everyone can pull off a low neckline.” Ten years old. Smdh.

  7. Those Devonshire mammary glands are vomit inducing. Big Boston Lari, please, put your tits away. Your an unsightly exhibitionist from hell. You demean yourself and every woman. You’re a fake kindness warrior that perpetuates misogyny in its worst form.

  8. What other person going to this event was like….”first let me show Instagram followers in my bra and panties, then with my makeup done, then getting dressed. Then in my bra again…then my G string”

  9. Why would she cover up breast veins? Soooo many women have visible veins, come on. Let’s not push for another ridiculous beauty standard.

  10. It’s not about big boobs it’s about having them shoved in your face 24/7. As someone with giant boobs, they don’t have to be the focus every goddamn day.

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