Meghan gave her strength

  1. Yep I agree and it’s a touchy PI to talk about It just seems like she was saying she was white bf Harry and now she’s being discriminated for being black. Which is it? Or both?

  2. “Mama, newborn mama, work and advocacy?” Can we get a breakdown per day of how much time she devotes to each of those four things, please. We’re waiting…

  3. I want to know the difference between a mama and a newborn mama…I have a hard time understanding sometimes because I don’t speak Spanish

  4. Nothing to say about the other award winner, Zelensky? I mean, he's a hero with extraordinary courage and vision, but let's talk about what really matters.

  5. oh, he's just some dude leading a country through a war against a lunatic with nuclear missiles. It is so much harder being told to stop posting pictures of your naked kids on the internet. Go Hilly!

  6. Both of these women need to be studied. If the hate you receive outweighs the love by like, a lot, I would be wondering what’s wrong with me and not everyone else. Why is this so hard for them?

  7. These two complain about their positions in society more than I’ve ever seen a person complain. Do they possess and ounce of gratitude?

  8. This BS makes me so incredibly mad, I don’t believe for a minute that either of those ladies suffered anything in the slightest form, they have everything, money, fame, help, no work commitments, access to the best treatment money can buy and a shit load of free time for holidays and shopping with no set budget. The reason it makes me so mad is because I was suicidal for many, many months all because some a-hole decided to break into my home and was present when my daughter and I came home, he had a knife and I feared that I would die that night all the while trying get away from him and protect my daughter at the same time. I lost my job, my freedom, my confidence, my mind and my life as I once knew it. If it wasn’t for my two beautiful daughters I would simply not be here today and everyday is still a battle to stay alive. Shillary and Meagain wouldn’t know what life in the real world was if it smacked them in the face. I think they were just sad, sad that they didn’t get their way, sad that hills grift was discovered, sad she lost sponsorships, sad that megs wouldn’t become number one in the BRF and sad she wouldn’t get her way.

  9. She centers herself in another person's story, and then moves the conversation to her dress. and her last line, wow. She knows the reporters are just doing their jobs, or does she.

  10. They are the same sort of people. Both despicable narcissists, totally infatuated with themselves. Both married men to raise their public profile and use any means necessary to get attention. One has used a surrogate and likely the other has as well. Both grifters that don't want to out in any hard work they just want accolades for being superior women without doing superior things. 🤮🤮

  11. Thank you!!! Every work you said is 100% true. Can’t stand either one of them. Throw Amber Heard in that group as well!

  12. Lol, I think there’s a reason I follow this sub and the saintmeghan sub. Birds of a feather…or in this case, narcissistic frauds of a feather!

  13. I didn’t mind MM because I felt bad for all the bad press and racism in her early duchess days but now I don’t care for her

  14. I’d choose Hillary over MM anytime and I find them both empty vapid shells of humans… but MM is on another level of evil

  15. She just got that title through marriage, it’s not like she earnt it.. That’s not to say Hilary doesn’t relish imagining herself the equal of Meghan.

  16. Simple: If you are an adult feeling bullied online shut your computer off and get another hobby. Or Not so simple: actually be a better human… not just talk the talk.

  17. What it is?- is hoping she gets the hint that she lost all rights to public respect. She can hang on the arm of has-been bang bang when he fellow grifters invite him out but other than that her celebrity ship has sailed.

  18. Brit here. The royals are very much protected nowadays from the paps. They have the odd press moments like one of the kids first days at school and the rest of the time they are left alone. Meghan was tipping off the press in the early days. Diana also used to plant stories and tip off the press. This harassment by the press stuff is largely bs.

  19. Thank you for saying all of this… Im American, and utterly shocked, reading all of the MM hate in this sub. I do know that she is utterly despised in the UK, but never for a second did I think Americans felt the same? Am I missing something?

  20. American in Australia here. Don’t forget that Meghan threw tea on Australian aides when H&M visited us. She was a nightmare to deal with on their Australian tour.

  21. Here’s my issue. After only one year they decided they want out of the Royal family and anonymity abroad. They went to Canada thinking the Cdn tax payers would fund their security forever. Denied! When that plan fell through they moved to the states and are doing everything but staying out of the limelight. They are insufferable. The only way they are making money is by bashing the royal family. Classless.

  22. The latter. She's convinced that people were just misrepresenting her when there's receipts galore online proving her lies and dishonesty. She even went as far as throwing lawsuits at DCUM to remove the receipts in order to cover up her lies. There's no low she won't go.

  23. Wow! Now you know and admire not one, not two, but three bullies. Meghan Markle, Henry Windsor, and, of course the matón supremo, Alec Baldwin. Such an achievement for an oppressed súper mamás! I wonder if Hilary from Boston would have ever been invited to such a lofty event. Maybe as a server🤔

  24. “Advocacy and giving”…the PR’s buzz words to them both for their comeback and it seems to be working. I felt when Matt collaborated with them, their bounce back propelled. After that announcement, they seemed so less nervous and concerned. Matt allowed them to thrive. Heck- he became a business partner with his wife’s murderer!! This exonerated Alec completely.

  25. While the Baldwins seemed less nervous after Matt struck a deal with Bang Bang, he certainly hasn't been "exonerated completely". There may still be a criminal trial. 🤞

  26. A narcissist taking hope from a narcissist by making it all about herself. LOLZ These two will never help others unless it provides an opportunity to talk about themselves or benefit themselves in some way. What the world needs less of is the “me me me” phony altruistic actors like Meghan and Hillary.

  27. What the fuck is wrong with this country? A mob of nobodies stirring the pot and receiving fucking awards. These people make everything and everybody worse. Private jets, blood diamonds, full-time nannies and podcasts. I wish they would all go away.

  28. All I want, and I’m not asking for much, is for her to own her shit. Something I know that she’ll never do. Her continual grift and numerous lies have done more damage than this supposed “bullying” she receives.

  29. I short, like most sociopaths she wants praise as she hurts others. From the kids to her nannies, no one is safe from her nastiness and she wants others to look the other way, then turn around and tell her how wonderful she is. Classic sociopath.

  30. I think someone here predicted this connection. Maybe these witches can join forces and wear bad outfits and talk about how women don’t like them and how victimized they are…. So much in common!!

  31. My goodness we've been wrong all along about Meghan. The fabulous Hilaria is defending her . I cannot roll my eyes far enough to the back of my head. Jfc.🙄🤮

  32. haha. we could already have authored the post for her. same, same, same, shiz, diff day. all about boolying and how she and Megan got it bad.

  33. I have to fire four people this Saturday (my day off). I’m so pissed about this as I have a holiday dinner planned with family and wanted the day to get ready and be in a happy frame of mind.

  34. I need to read all the comments before commenting but oh my lord.. many, many hats.. I'd like to see her advocacy hat and giving hat. She can't even give her guests, or co-host, time to speak on her stupid podcast.

  35. Um…..did she just distinguish between mom/newborn mom because she has no reason to be bee-zy? LMAO.

  36. It’s come to my realization a lot of people don’t know what the word narcissist means and they will apply it to anything or anyone they don’t like.

  37. Lol no idea why this dub is on my wall ‘to join’, but you all put a lot of energy into hating on this phony. I get it, it’s fun to shit on someone, but she’s really a nobody. Only known for being married to a actor. Every other attention she has received is because of that.

  38. she is insane to harry is still the mst privileged person ever he grew up rich his brother also lost his mum that day don't see him acting like a prat also what racism she was welcomed with open arms no one said anything wrong the queen said no to a tiara thats all she told megan not to abuse her staff megan had frog moor cottage given by the queen megan said it wasnt grand enough she wanted to be in the palace she was told she could decorate the cottage to her own taste she had it decorated 4 times to public knowledge each costing the tax payer money as did the wedding itself the babys colour quote was from princess ann and wasnt racist she was curious if the baby would have harrys hair colour him being ginger nothing was said on his skin colour but too hills she isnt getting bullied for her so called race you arnt spanish you cretin your american your children are american your husband is American you lie constantly

  39. I doubt Hillary even had the opportunity to speak with Meghan. Meghan is a narcissist herself, her self-promotion is a full-time job, and she's usually clinging to Harry. This event was all about her. She has bigger fish in the room to fry and names to rub elbows with. Plus, if she even knows who Hillary is... she wants nothing to do with her. But if they did speak, it was Meghan being polite, terse, and giving the obligatory photo op. Hillary is below D-list, despite her delusions about herself.

  40. I was trying to think earlier, what's lower than Z-list? She's so self important. In the grand scheme of things, no one really even knows who she is.

  41. U grifting bitch. I’m so sick of ur “woe is me” platform. Stop buying babies, plastic, pets & horrific expensive clothing. Do something honorable that has nothing to do with U. Stop whining, u did this all to ur self with the help of Aleek. How proud u must b! U shud b depressed & disgusted with ur self. U R AN EMBARRASSMENT!

  42. I'm pretty sure MM's PR has accounts in here, furiously trying to sever any similarities and strike her out of Hilaria's narrative, this is fucking hilarious 🤣

  43. Oh yes, you can tell by the furious down voting and vehement supporters of MM's narrative. MM is as much a victim of "bullying" as Larry - she's a toxic liar and manipulative narcissist.

  44. What a fucking asshole. She had to get her plug in for her nonsense podcast while commiserating with a toxic narcissist like MM.

  45. Let's say, for sake of argument, she has had suicidal thoughts. Instead of allll of this, why not acknowledge what h and m have done in terms of mental health and then list the suicide prevention number. There's actually a template to use "if you or someone you know..."

  46. She is very irresponsible for floating the suicidal ideation talk when she has 7 children who will undoubtedly read this someday and be extremely traumatized. She should be receiving psychiatric and psychological help if this is the case. And why? Because she and her husband lied shamelessly to monetize her Instagram and create some wacked out persona of a Spanish woman who miraculously bounces back from decade long back to back pregnancies. She is a chronic pathological liar who has behavior that is an indication of having a disordered personality. I refuse to use my energy to list the specific reasons why.

  47. Two peas in a pod though I think MeAgain is smarter than Hilarious. She bagged a prince which is giving hher infinite access to that attention she desperately needs.

  48. What about the bullying that Ireland has suffered from her father, would they be OK if she wanted to tell her story.

  49. You're correct, but they love the attention they get when they say such things. "Pity me, I'm so tortured and boolied I just can't go on. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?"

  50. All while wanting to be human… What she means is while wanting to be something I’m not, lying and being able to just get away with her grift. Thank god the media last night didn’t bring up the grift, it’s what I’ve wanted all along.

  51. Both of these women want the world to see them as wise humanitarians and natural beauties with great taste in fashion.

  52. “Never Diana” syndrome! They wish they were the Princess Diana of their generation but lack everything.

  53. Does anyone else hear Charlie Browns teacher speaking?? Waaaa, waaaa..maybe if she stayed home for one night, she wouldn’t be so “tired and overwhelmed”. Maybe her mental health issues would be taken seriously if she wasn’t such a horrible parent. The statement about not caring about pedos looking at her kids was enough for me not have an iota of sympathy for her. Ever.

  54. She is a self important entitled child with magical thinking. She is angry because she thinks she can be and say whatever she wants and nobody can deny her because she wants it her way. Sorry, but that is fine if you are three years old. She is delusional and sees herself as some victim / authority figure. With all the pain and struggles that people go through she’s mad because people make negative comments about her eyebrows and that she is neither Spanish nor has been pregnant aside from her first child. The jig is up. Deal with it. Stop your futile nonsense.

  55. She's not tired and overwhelmed, she just loves to claim she is, bc it gives the impression that she DOES IT ALL as super mom. We all know she doesn't do fuck-all. She has to claim she does. If she doesn't, the whole fairy tale falls apart. She fucking LOVES these events bc this is all she does apart from going out with her gays and that stupid podcast that won't last but a few more months.

  56. Im wondering if this comment is so nuanced I have to do research to understand it. Edit for hitting send before finished lol

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