Hilaria Baldwin uses Meghan's story to promote idea of her victimhood

  1. Hillary. Sis. You faked being Spanish for over ten years. Making $. Fooling everyone. You pretend to be perfect while preggo. Not even an ounce of water weight. Except with Carmen. A handful of babies. You pretend to care for. Yet you have live in help. The post partum grift and lies. You made a lot of $ pretending to be perfect. Girl you are in dire need of help. You aren't like Meghan. Meghan is her own story.

  2. Poor grifter. No one understands her. Having to compare herself with another attention whore when all she wants is to “just be human.” Maybe she should have all the plastic removed if that’s her goal. Oh, to be human and no longer fake the Spaniard, lord have mercy!

  3. Great job as always Martha! I love that she always directs traffic to this sub in her articles! 🥒👏🥒👏🥒👏🥒👏🥒👏🥒👏🥒👏🥒👏

  4. Martha’s back with a vengeance and I’m here for every single fact she’s laid out and reminded us about in this article! Perfect timing!! I think a lot of us really needed this today.

  5. Hilz is probably lucky I don't write articles because I would have included the video of her comparing her skin tone to Carmen on MLK Day.

  6. Is that why Kerry looked so strained? Her smile was a grimace, and H couldn't keep her hand off Kerry's shoulder when they were being set up for their pose. Interesting.

  7. yes. thank you. okay why was her comparing her skin color to her daughter’s not front page news? they are both 100% white caucasian. she’s such an ignorant racist.

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