Sounds like our Hilli Vanilli

  1. It frightens me how all the ones of my generation who just wanted the wedding and not a marriage now want the babies but refuse to grasp how hard it can actually get.

  2. Babies are the easy part, cute cuddly undemanding, then you get real people to raise with needs and different ideas to you, that’s parenthood.

  3. It's always interesting to see how everyone has their own perspective, for me baby stage is hell, 2+ is great and getting better as time passes and you can do more and more things together and follow their astonishing development day by day.

  4. All true except in this case, Hillary doesn't even like babies. She just likes the media attention she gets from being "pregnant" and having a baby. The baby itself is not her thing.

  5. She doesn’t even like babies though? Otherwise she’d be at home with her newborn and not use a doll as a prop

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