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  1. Love this sub, but my least favorite thing is this MM focus lately. It's gross that Hillary thinks she and Meghan Markle are alike, and it feeds Hillary's ego that people here are making the same comparison. MM is an actual woman of color who was actually mistreated by the British press. She had difficulty bowing to the demands and restrictions of the Royal family, and I think the majority of American women would too. She actually earned a college degree and established her own career before marrying Prince Harry. None of these things are true of Hillary, and I don't see the comparison. I may be uninformed about MM, but if I wish to know more, I'll visit the sub dedicated to her.

  2. For all the people calling Meghan’s critics racists, please enjoy this girl’s perspective and then come back here and tell me she’s a racist too 🤣

  3. Hate how just bc sadly these two were in the same room for one evening and prob never in life again it’s somehow given permission to Saint Snarkle trolls to come over here and taint the waters with the not even subtle racism and misogynoir you have an entire thriving sub, why come here? We don’t taint your well so leave us to our own brand of snark here.

  4. I know I'm so tired of this BS. At the end of the day even if MM were a narcissist she does not expose her life or her family's life in anywhere near the same way. She did not lie about her ethnicity/heritage. I'm sure there are a bunch of public figures with less than acceptable private lives who don't showcase it and nobody brings them up in conversation. Like Jesus stop equating these two.

  5. Lol all the comments. People, they’re both grifters. Stop using racism as an excuse to feel self righteous about your hate for Hilaria over Meghan.

  6. This is lame I have no words, they aren’t even comparable. I am really shocked at some people in here they’ve shown themselves to not be what I thought

  7. I know Meg has a huge snark base and has some pretty sus stuff, but I bet she’s embarrassed that big Larry is lumping herself together with her lol

  8. The fact that's she's smarter than Hillary and a better actress does not however make Meghan either smart or talented. Hillary is the lowest of bars to clear.

  9. MM was actually bullied, and is still being bullied by her husband's family because she's American and mixed race. She has won TWO libel court actions against the largest newspapers in Europe. In Meg's spare time, she hosts a podcast with ACTUAL REAL celebrities, supports her Trustafarian husband's philanthropy, and has published JUST TWO pictures of her children for public consumption EVER.

  10. Thank you I’m so sick of them being equated!! It’s just so forced and boring, take it to MM sub! Do people constantly post over there trying to gin up hate for Hillary?

  11. Totally! Also, Meghan had a very successful career long before she met Harry. As for Larry though, er..

  12. Oh please. SHE IS THE BULLY. They are the same person. One got a Nazi living prince and one got a fading angry actor.

  13. I highly encourage anyone who thinks MM is clean to just poke around the MM snark site. They've got as many receipts there as we do here.

  14. Two friendless malignant narcissists with holier than thou attitudes pulling scams using their husband's money and fame. This is not a plan for long term success.

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