Xandy clownin on twitter again

  1. Fuck off Alec Baldwin u murdering racist piece of dog shit. No one likes you, you are done socially get the fuck outta here old man

  2. Multiple Americans are currently in Russian prisons for similar offenses. Secondly, she knew full well what she was doing was illegal. Whether you think it's a crime or not doesn't matter. She willingly and knowingly broke the laws of a country that paid her to visit. An average American wouldn't have even made the news much be traded for a terrorist.

  3. Alec Baldwin is a misogynist, racist, and homophobic pig. BG checks all the boxes for his targeted hate. I am convinced that one of the things Hilaria has on him is a recording capturing his hate speech. He probably also mixes in anti-Semitic remarks. He is a total waste of space in humanity.

  4. The honorable soldier that should have been released. 👉 "After a court-martial conviction in January 2008 on multiple counts "related to larceny", he was sentenced to 60 days restriction, reduction to pay grade E-4, and a bad conduct discharge.[9][10] The specific charges against him included "attempted larceny, three specifications of dereliction of duty, making a false official statement, wrongfully using another’s social security number, and ten specifications of making and uttering checks without having sufficient funds in his account for payment."

  5. God, I didn’t even know these people were going with “guy who shoulda got released” narrative. JFC. Glad she’s out!

  6. Honestly, I just wish they had included in the swap the 60 year old professor who had medicinal cannabis with him. The man got 14 years, it’s disgusting.

  7. Alex is stupid. Viktor Bout was going to be out of prison in a few years anyway. I'm grateful Brittney Griner is returning home. The US was hopeful for a more lucrative exchange but that was in the hands of Russia. I feel terrible for the American citizens locked up there but that has nothing to do with Brittney. Viktor was going to go home eventually anyway he didn't have a life sentence. Any American having a hateful opinion on the exchange (a la Alex!) needs to check themselves. Racist, classist, patriarchal bullshit. Fuck right off. Women's rights are human rights. Gay rights are human rights. Black rights are human rights. Don't put a price tag on humans, especially women of color. I'm happy Brittney is coming home but sad that her homecoming will be tarnished by political bullshit. Comparing her to other people held in Russia is not fair, Russia didn't want to bargain for the other prisoners.

  8. What race has anything to do with it? She was caught on drug charges regardless of race or gender. Thing empty or not, you do not go to another country with drugs or Paraphernalia. If he was indeed a US spy, he should have priority over her.

  9. Man, they should have given all the Americans back for the brutal motherfucker who’s about to be released back to Russia. Once again, Alec sounds like a man who should take his own advice and stop posting on SM. Did he not just say that last week?

  10. They were not held on the same charges. Paul Whelan was found w 4 passports, $80k in cash and a hard drive w Russian military secrets. He was charged w espionage. Brittney Griner was arrested for a single vape cartridge. Paul Whelan was discharged from the military twice, both times for bad conduct. He stole someone’s identity and wrote bad checks. He stole from the military. He’s not a hero. Also, he is a citizen of 4 different countries. No one from Britain, Canada or Ireland has been able to get him out. As Whelan’s own family said, Biden took the deal he could get instead of waiting for a deal that will never happen.

  11. Yea it was a terrible deal. Cue all the comments assuming I’m homophobic, sexist, racist and classist for calling a spade a spade.

  12. Viktor didn't have a life sentence. He was going to go back eventually. I'm happy Brittney was able to come home.

  13. Not the same charges at all. Whelan is being help on espionage charges. He’s also holds 4 passports. Not just the US. The other 3 countries can also try and get him released. Call Justin Trudeau and ask who he wants to swap.. also, Ireland and the UK.

  14. It means exactly what it sounds like. He is a fucking piece of shit. MY household cried and celebrated the news. We don't know her. She is a valuable human. Excuse me as I repeat myself for his selfish, murdering ears and eyes: AleX Baldwin is a fucking piece of shit.

  15. Typical old miserable pee paw. He killed someone so he should probably refrain from commentating on any current events. He just doesn’t know how to shut the fuck up.

  16. I don’t even get what he’s trying to say here. Either way he’s an irrelevant old bigot with anger issues and delusions of an acerbic intellect. He should save his bloviating for the circle of creeps he calls his friends.

  17. I just went to his Twitter, and the Tweets are now protected. I assume he faced a lot of backlash for this tasteless remark?

  18. How bout send HIM to the Russian prison. Who the hell is he to talk. By the way, his BFF James Toback is going down. There's a lawsuit.

  19. If there is a better word for these two than insufferable, I need to know what it is. He constantly rants about how hateful people on twitter are (and they are), but he's sworn off Twitter a millions times. Who does he think wants to hear his comment about ANYTHING?!

  20. Heyyyy here’s an idea: maybe your wife could cover BG having to supplement her income w work in Russia due to the inequality of pay between men and women in professional sports?

  21. Gawd. He’s in his 60’s. He’s not going to learn at this point to avoid controversy. He’s beyond learning when to STFU. That’s really all he needed to figure out. Given your circumstance AB, STFU about any and all judgement of all humans and all human processes. Stop talking. Go dark for a bit. You’d be living a different life right now had you mastered this.

  22. What is this supposed to even mean?! Is he suggesting that her life would have more value if she did something else for work or had more than one job??! He is such a piece of shit that it just pours out of him, even online.

  23. She did have more than one job - hence why she was in Russia. Her 'regular' job doesn't pay a pittance compared to what NBA players make.

  24. I swear he posts this shit while under the influence. It’s the type of weird nonsensical rambling my brother does when he’s baked out of his mind and is always certain that it’s profound.

  25. For a dude who took a life he sure has a lot to say when no one asked to hear him speak. He should take a chip clip and attach it to his flapping gums and shut up.

  26. Nobody in the world needs any of his NON-sense garbage & known liar ways EVER again STFU....please move to Vermont & go away

  27. What the fuck???? This makes my blood boil. Like he should have ANY say in what someone’s life is worth.

  28. His arrogance and his alcoholism took over. He doesn’t have a clear point and thought this somehow made him sound intelligent. He’s a dumb drunk - as dumb as the dimwitted grifter he’s married to.

  29. Can somebody explain to me what he is saying here? I don't doubt it's something nasty, but I've read it three times and don't get it

  30. US and Russia traded prisoners. We got Griner out of Russian detainment (prisoner) by exchanging a Russian arms dealer who we had here. He’s saying that Griner wasn’t valuable enough to trade back a dangerous Russian prisoner/ threat. He’s saying she must have had a “second job” to make her valuable enough to exchange with Whelan.

  31. I mean, it was an unfair trade. Russia got an arms dealer back. I think in the end they were using Britney as a bargaining chip anyway. Their intentions were to keep her then release her when a negotiation for something of equal or greater value was complete.

  32. Yes but this isn’t a political sub. My understanding is that this sub is to focus on Hilz and AB. Not Hailey Bieber or Griner, no? He needs to STFU and stop inserting himself in controversy. He should be more focused on the person he shot to death and the impending investigation and continued reparations to her surviving family. Maybe be focused on the SEVEN kids he’s created in under a decade. If you’re a parent of seven kids, I’m here to tell you, you don’t have time to ponder on Twitter. Nobody needs him waxing poetic about current political issues while he’s an absolute mess of a human being who is avoiding his own real life issues

  33. And if this murdering peepaw had even one shrivel of self awareness or a sense of the value of human life, he wouldn’t even so much as THINK of saying something disrespectful like this. I continue to be stunned at just how unendingly narcissistic this piece of shit is.

  34. Alec with his eight kids, faux “exotic” wife and his privileged old white man aesthetic needs to stfu.

  35. So lemme get this straight. He killed a woman and he thinks she should be imprisoned in Russia for possession of cannabis oil. Ok boomer.

  36. It was having to have a second job that got her in trouble in the first place, you twatwaffle! If the WNBA actually paid their athletes what they're worth, she wouldn't have gone to Russia.

  37. The more of his comments I see here the more I think he’s primed for the hop over to the conservative political arena. That’s the foundation of the party, angry and delusional old white dudes who are in their twilight years desperately making all the noise they can to remain relevant.

  38. As far as I know, he’s always been centrist/libertarian-esque. Never thought of him as a liberal.

  39. This BG swap is so interesting bc a lot of liberal folks are gonna show their conservative side. Showing contempt for a woman who had no control of the situation. Even Biden had to follow what Putin was willing to do. This is also a strategic move on the part of Putin to provoke tensions over here. Alec is such a dunce he can’t see around the next corner

  40. I’m extremely angry with the BG swap. There’s a US veteran named Paul Whalen who was framed while he was there for a wedding. He’s been there four years now and is in increasingly ill health. He’s been hospitalized several times recently. Why was she more important to be swapped then Paul? Edit for typo

  41. A lot of liberal folks ARE conservative or hold conservative beliefs, they just don’t realize it. This is from my experience. I used to be a liberal, but as I moved further left, this was a difficult lesson to learn and self reflection to confront but I made it out on the other side 💪

  42. Plus, there are always secret aspects to these deals. We have no idea the ins and outs. I’m not sure I buy it was just Britney for the arms dealer, but even if that’s the trade, I’m ok with it. Alec is disgusting. Basically mocking her for being a wnba player. I’d love to hear an episode on this from Hilary and Michelle who. We already know Alec has zero respect for women- the way he spoke to Ireland on that voicemail… He just makes me so angry. But he’s miserable and always will be.

  43. He needs attention again - on that platform he claims to despise, always insulting it and the people that use it - but there he is - it's cyclical - you could set a timer on when he will be around to spread his poison for responses - and he will probably sit there and shoot some people for responding in ways he doesn't like, just so he can shoot someone.

  44. Also, let’s get this very loud & clear: this is a white man publicly commenting on the price of a black woman’s freedom by quantifying her value.

  45. Scratch almost any rich, privileged, egocentric white man born before 1970 and you’ll find a raging, entitled bigot underneath. We see you, Alec - we see you.

  46. This is rich coming from a murderer. Hey Alex whatever small amount of cbd/ weed she did was not comparable to the jail time you should be facing for murder. What’s the conversion rate for arrogant pricks going to jail for crimes they commit?

  47. Griner is the best WNBA player of all time. She’s a legend. What would a woman do, what would she have to be—to have enough value for you, Alec? How do you quantify a woman’s life??

  48. What does this even mean? What point is he trying to make? I have thoughts on this trade but whatever he is trying to say is unclear.

  49. Damn, he is so vulgar and stupid. He's incapable of keeping his ignorant thoughts to himself. What a PR nightmare both he and his imbecile wife are. No wonder Yoel is the only one they can find to do the job.

  50. Alex you killed a Wonder Woman/ mother and you still are free. Please go away. We the people are canceling you / wife and everyone who still support you. You done . I liked you in the last. Now I despise you.

  51. What an ass. He thinks he's such a political intellectual but it's kind of hard to run for office after you kill someone. Think of what a Foghorn Leghorn blow-hard he would have been as a politician.

  52. I took it as meaning- they traded her for a Russian arms dealer we had imprisoned. Originally the government had been trying to trade the arms dealer for Britney and a guy named Paul who has been imprisoned in Russia for 3+ years for espionage. After months of communications, Russia made it clear that they'd only trade Britney by herself.

  53. It seems like he’s implying once she’s back in the US, she’ll have to work a second job due to possibly being booted from the WNBA, and/or he’s perpetuating racist ideology and clichés, such as a person of color would presumably have a second job or gig, or making a dig at her “worth”.

  54. What a condescending pompous ass! Given Alec’s current situation he really ought not be making comments regarding who should and shouldn’t be in prison. Pot, I’d like you to met Kettle.

  55. Seriously. She fucked up with weed and found out. HE KILLED A WOMAN. I don’t understand his lack of self awareness. He’s a cunt.

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