Just do it, or that old lady will be your stepsister

  1. Fucking a dolphin while donating 27 sets of lungs to my local hospital right after I stuffed dynamite inside of 36 orphanages and superglued my asshole shut so the priest can’t molest me anymore.

  2. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma you may to be entitled to financial compensation.

  3. invade the Congo and racially segregate the citizens into two classes based on which tribe they are descendants of. favoring one and oppressing the other, for 42 years, until i withdraw from the country and wait about 39 years until the once oppresses people genocide the formerly favored group while the U.N. soldiers stand around and watch.

  4. when all of the sudden this huge creature, this giant crustacean from the Paleolithic Era, comes out of the water.

  5. Finds out that Rudolph was the head of operations on the terrorist attack that saw 50 thousand gingerbread men killed

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