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  1. Ya i had some buddies in town and we went to one of my regular bars i was outside smoking while they closed their tabs at bar close. Apparently one of them straight up asked to see the bartenders tits and she just pulled them out for them. Like i have been drinking at this bar for years and aint ever seen a bartenders tits there. So yup def fake didn't happen i refuse to believe that they got to see those titties.

  2. Yeah, no way she’s flirting and telling him what he wants to hear for higher tips like every pretty female bartender to ever exist. Nevermind that its a hooters where they’re also trained to do it too. Nope. All real, for this is the internet and no one lies here.

  3. I mean I've been to a restaurant and there are definitely waiters and waitresses there. I'm not sure about some restaurants though.

  4. Let Pray to the Goddess of Women for bestowing a mere token of goodness upon our hapless Brother.....

  5. Has to be fake. Every time I have flirted with a bar tender I got nothing. They hire them hot on purpose to keep you there and keep you ordering drinks.

  6. People in here bragging 'bout hooking up with strippers, like, there's a reason you're hanging out at a strip club dude and we know it.

  7. I tried with my crush and her dad beat the hell out of me and called the police saying i have child porn of his daughter . Life is so unfair

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