1. If there wasn’t a fat joke to be had, you’d be making fun of Americans for not knowing the weight since it’s listed in kg.

  2. I mean as a fat dude(102kg) I appreciate they set the estimate high....but it doesn't need to be that fucking high. 250kg is like boogie2988 at his fattest, good luck fitting even two people that size in an elevator.

  3. If this is a hotel they probably are factoring in luggage for each person and want to error on the side of caution.

  4. 250 kg is more than obese. It's 550 pounds. For a 5'10" person, being 209 pounds is considered obese. There's no elevator anywhere that this is the norm.

  5. A real horse, yes. Most of the horses you have ever seen are in reality Ponies. Ponies are divided into 2 categories, normal and dwarf ponies. The normal is the "common" horses you see over everywhere, they have almost the height of a human with around 400 to 500kg, a REAL horse have more the 2m in height and about 1ton.

  6. This has nothing to do with being American. They just mixed up lb and kg…hmm. Okay so it has a little to do with being American.

  7. Pretty sure the hol' up is the last line... However, the fact that the last line is photoshopped just makes this cringe.

  8. honestly don't get the hate against feminists, a feminist just believes in equal womens rights, the extremist toxic incels that hate men and call themselves feminists aren't the same

  9. True Scotsman's fallacy at his finest. The reality is there are different kinds of feminists, just like there are different kinds of socialists, liberals, conservatives, republicans, etc.

  10. It's simple... when a group gets in the way... their enemies find the worse person with that label, elevate them and say "this is what all X's want".

  11. It might vary by country I guess, here self identified feminists are often man haters to some degree I'd say, it's an infected term here. I guess it's somewhat skewed by these type of women getting the most media presence on the issue. Some of my best friends fall into this category and it can turn into such a heated debate. Like no joke comments like "all men are like X, but you're an exception" have been heard more than a few times.

  12. The problem is that people who hate feminists believe women wanting equal rights is an attack on men. “I just want bodily autonomy” “Ugh you toxic feminists disgust me”

  13. There is a small number of very passionate women who get a lot of negative attention online for fervently speaking out against relatively unimportant things like "manspreading" or using female-specific terms like "actress". These women often self-identify as feminists and unfortunately this results in the movement as a whole being associated with this stuff.

  14. I mean a quick google search for average horse weight it sounds roughly right on the high end. Draft horses get pretty close to 1000kg, and generally speaking you'd want to ballpark for the heaviest. (Which is why it's not unreasonable to ballpark people as 550 lbs each, not because most people are 550, but because it's not totally unimaginable for 5 people of that weight category to be in the same place at the same time (and you should make your estimates on the worse case scenerios).

  15. Well, I was using my English shire horse to haul my wagon full of world record haddock and my 6000 pterodactyl eggs, guess they'll need to make multiple trips.

  16. I like a good drag as much as the next guy, but this is actually pretty shitty. It's a real incel kind of joke and I'm not into it.

  17. There are so many people in America that are obese that they need a special elevator designed to take 1000 kg.

  18. Nah one feminist would be enough because not even an elevator rope would last the straining of them talking for a couple seconds. (I know this might get removed, free speech go brrr-- I mean, Tweeeeeeet)

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