I bought an Aqara hub just to use their temp & humidity sensor, what can I use this "Security System" in the hub for?

  1. Aqara alarm systems can be setup and triggered by other aqara sensors (eg door sensor) and if your hub has a speaker/light it can use those as indicators - else it can forward notifications to your mobile device. It can also be enabled to work in homekit however it still must/can only be triggered by aqara sensors (unless you do a workaround this homekit limitation)

  2. You add a door or window sensor, then in the Aquara app you can configure “night mode is triggered by door but not window” and “away mode is triggered by door and window” etc. Arm the system and you’ll get an alarm sound and urgent notification if something goes off.

  3. Basically the security function is useless to you if you only have Temp sensors. The modes work with their entry sensors, motion sensors and cameras.

  4. Shouldn’t the mode work with any entry sensors and cameras not just Aqara? It’s actually of interest to me as I have a bunch of sensors as well (not Aqara)- was doing to do Homebridge but I’d much rather keep to native HomeKit.

  5. I use mine as an unmonitored alarm system. When a door or window sensor opens, it triggers the alarm.

  6. I use my M1 hub as a night light and a status light when a door is unlocked or garage door open

  7. I have a aqara g2h cam with a hub. Is it for you working to automatically set the security system to away when leaving the house/flat?

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