Home accessories taking an excessively long time going back online

  1. First step should be to power cycle your router. If that doesn’t work, power cycle your home hubs. If that doesn’t work, power cycle HomeKit devices.

  2. Thanks, unplugging the HomePods worked a charm! If this ever happened again, I'd like to have a power reserve. Is there anything I can buy that it's not too bulky in size?

  3. im not sure how well this could work. A really cheap option is to get a smart plug that connects to your wifi and through its official app. You can create a schedule to run on a regular basis or you can connect to it after a power outage and hopefully its connected back to wifi.... then you can just turn it on and off through the app yourself.

  4. Next step for next time out router and Jon hubs on a UPS battery back up for small outages. Keeps all your network gear online and powered up. Eliminating a lot of little Headaches.

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