What is your coin per level? (NW/SB level)

  1. Around 20b, level 274 i think, might be a decent chunk more because I have towers of chests with "valuable" junk (funny gamemode, can't auction so i dump things on my island) and a fairly full museum

  2. 126 I think or 128? 870~ mil networth on though. But that excludes the stuff in my island chests. Not that much tbh

  3. 135 with 500m. i focus a lot on skills and slayers, far more than i do money. also the only rngs ive ever dropped are a wild strawberry dye and a snake rune

  4. It's probably better to have a lower nw and higher lvl becuase that mean you've more focused on things like skills and collections and other things, so when you get better items and your nw goes up you will do even better with them.

  5. 1.4 b nw in a lvl 110 or smth close but seriously got very lucky with an alloy else I would be like 600m which i think it’s pretty decent if u aren’t a really hardcore miner

  6. SB 188 with "5.67b networth" on skycrypt. More on some calculators, less on others. Pretty sure I hit mining 60 before any other skill hit 30, so that helps NW a lot. Also, slimes probably generated nearly half my NW (counting profits from cookie afk'ing under "slimes" as well).

  7. 200m Nw Lvl 130 (Coop has most of our networth and some of my stuff is on chest so not accurate probably )

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