That BMW driver

  1. At first I was like there is no way this is real. I didn’t know a car could flip like that at that low of speed with such minimal contact.

  2. I once saw a motorcycle get creamed by a pick up truck. I had to do CPR. A guy actually asked me how long it would take... I just yelled at him to fucking leave. I used my car to block off traffic until EMS showed up.

  3. That’s pretty impressive as most people whose heart stops due to traumatic injury die despite intervention. Most ems will not even attempt resuscitation on a trauma code.

  4. I witnessed an accident that involved a delivery box truck rear ending a small hatchback when the freeway slowed down under an overpass. I actually saw the hatchback flying towards me in my rearview from the impact and managed to evade it. Once I had stopped I saw the hatchback was half the size it should be and there was slightly crushed baby seat in the back. The couple in the front were too delirious to answer whether or not there was a baby in the vehicle during the impact but they started to panic and try to look in the crumpled car as if there had been a baby.

  5. It’s stupid. Not the whole traffic have to save this live. You will help the ambulance more if the traffic stays fluid as possible.

  6. People panic and sometimes don't think perfectly. She's probably freaking out and has no idea what to do, most people lock up when crazy shit happens. Maybe she was calling 911?

  7. Ummmm…..I see there is some serious stuff going on here, but my latte is getting cold and I have a tee time in 20 minutes that I don’t want to be late to…

  8. So the black bmw is a total tool. But what about the jerk in the convertible (Bmw) at the end that is like. Excuse me move your car I need to go to very important places while people try to help someone trapped in an overturned car. Get the jaws of life and remove this guys head from his own ass.

  9. Ok Imma be the guy. How the fuck can someone have such slow reaction time? The suv pulled into the lane and the white didn't even touch the steering wheel...are people really having tunnel vision while driving? And yes, that suv is an idiot and the douche in the 6 series is even more of an idiot

  10. White car doesn’t have to slow down to let the bmw change lanes…. Suv driver should have used her mirrors…

  11. No, SUV made an unsafe lane change. You can see her lane almost come to a complete stop and she didn't want to be there. The white car was just very far on the left, but still in his own lane.

  12. How the fuck did that car just flip the other car like that? It should have just bumped it but instead of completely flipped it over

  13. THAT BMW DRIVER .... = for those that don’t understand.... BMW drivers ( myself ) don’t signal and switch lanes as the wind blows ....

  14. I can’t see the right lane, but if the BMW tried to pass on the left, then someone possibly blocked the right lane. If that’s the case, the BMW is the least of their worries. They just stopped traffic dead cold. It’s going to take Emergency vehicles much longer to reach them.

  15. Although the black car caused the accident, you can see that the white car wasn’t paying attention either. They were riding the white line before the accident, and didn’t apply brakes at all before they hit the black car.

  16. I hate how 2 separate uninvolved strangers came to a stop and got out to help before the idiot who caused it even opened their door.

  17. A cop almost hit me like this yesterday. I had to drive on the other side of the street to not get hit.. luckily the other side was empty but I missed my chance to sue the city lol

  18. wtf was that colision, the car just tipped itself over like a kid closing his phone and laying on the bed when his mom comes to the room

  19. These fake insurance scams are getting out of hand....they actually have cars flipping over in a dramatically fake fashion?!

  20. What the . . . ? That car popped over like it was a bad Hollywood stunt. Are we sure this wasn’t some kind of A-Team spinoff?

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