How careless can you be?

  1. The car hit the truck at a perfect possible scenario: 2 tires getting together. The upward rotating of the truck rear tire and downward motion of the car front tire acts as an instant jack lifting the car up and over, there's no chance for an shock absorption.

  2. Front wheel cars, while underpower, can climb up the side of the other car. That same accident with a rear wheel car would have ended differently.

  3. Tire-to-tire contact. The trucks' tire has a lot of upward momentum if your tire hits it from the back. Then your front tire starts trying to climb the back tire, which is already rotating up, and you've got lots of vertical momentum going.

  4. Mass plus velocity equals you end up on your dumb head. If that's a front wheel drive it literally climbed his truck

  5. Found one on its roof outside my house. All he’d done was run his two inside wheels over the 18 inch high grass bank beside the road.

  6. I'm surprised at how few people seem to give a shit. Such a strange, just drive around it, this isn't my problem mentality.

  7. I drove past a rollover accident several years ago. I have no clue how it happened, the car didn't even have a scratch on it. It just looked like someone picked it up and put it back upside down.

  8. It's a trick. As soon as you reach for the belly it'll grab you with its claws and kick and bite you.

  9. Same thing happened in my Tacoma- guy on my passenger side clipped my back left wheel and ended up losing his whole front bumper to one of my wheels. My truck didn’t have a scratch on it when I got out to check.

  10. That’s why I drive one lmaooo sitting parked in Tacony, Philly one night and this dumb woman slammsssss into me. Just surface damage to my truck that could be buffed. Her car was totaled lol

  11. I am sorry, I really hope no one got hurt but this was freaking funny! Like an armadillo rolling up when it gets scared.

  12. I have to say that the driver was an idiot, but holy hell looked like only the truck hit stopped. Not even dash recorder car stopped to check if okay

  13. Driver of the cam car… “oh sweet a new space just opened up!” Better floor it for 10 feet and close that gap before some asshole takes it!

  14. So I’m not the only one that giggled a bit…. It’s the way it looked like the tiniest bump and a dramatic reaction from the car.

  15. Ya, it's unfortunate that we have made cars so safe now that idiots like this usually never learn a lesson from their stupidity like this.

  16. Solid advice. Always heard this from my dad. Had a little 50/50 liability whoopsie in a parking lot. I went to pull past and the dude threw himself in front of my car like I was going to flee. So, instead of the rest of this aisle of Publix parking being able to function normally, I got to sit there like a wart while Monsieur Roid Rage shouted at me 'til the cops came and asked me why I didn't pull past. All I did was point to the purple faced man.

  17. The small creature approaches the larger predator, makes contact then plays dead. The predator is unfazed by this animals behavior.

  18. Glad to see the guy with the camera is like "F these fools. I could use this footage to help out but I'm just gonna keep driving."

  19. That’s what always gets me about these videos. Majority of time the cammer never stops. That person might need help. The truck driver might need the video. But no, gotta get del taco, everyone else can go fuck themselves.

  20. I drive on the shoulder while I'm texting so that I don't have to keep hitting the brakes while I'm using my other hand to shave. Doesn't everyone do this?

  21. I can confirm it's a common practice. Some places are creating usage fees for it but the police hardly notice enough to charge you it.

  22. That thing flipped like a movie stunt! I always thought that cars on movies flipping over from front end contact was so fake. I guess I was wrong.

  23. The all-new Dodge has the traffic stopping power you need to protect your loved ones. With a 5 star crash test rating and optional car-flipping wheel wells, we are pleased to introduce this limited time offer of 0%APR for 36 months. Dodge: It's more than a name, it's a suggestion.

  24. I hope you stopped and handed off that footage to the pickup truck driver. I hate people who push to the front of traffic in a turn lane or shoulder. News Flash: you’re not being smart, you’re just an asshole.

  25. According to this sub, I wonder how the VW driver could/would fabricate its own evidence. Like, the truck was in the wrong way or something!!!

  26. Jesus. Is that car made of cardboard? Wasn’t going very fast and just flipped. That’s what you get for buying your car from

  27. Also amazed at how quickly the guy with the dashcam wants to get home? No stopping to share the footage with the guy who got rear ended?

  28. Did you stop and exchange details/dashcam or just "Reddit" it? Looks like you're chilling on the way to taco bell. Just saying because its all one word against the other in this instance and dashcam helps 1000%

  29. Looks like the A4 AWD made that happen as the wheel was spinning and gripping the side of the truck like it was the ground. Crazy as fuck because it’s really hard to flip a modern vehicle like that.

  30. One thing I have learned the hard way, is that if you get in an accident. Stop where you are and get out and take some pictures before you move away from the crash site. You will want the evidence.

  31. Cammer wasted zero time in closing the gap. God forbid someone merges into the now prized spot. SMH

  32. My wife and I had a guy try to plow through our hood to cross our lane so they could turn into a strip mall. There was plenty of room ahead and another entry a little way up 🙃 wish she had a dashcam, would've fit this sub perfectly.

  33. You should at least get in touch with the victim and offer them a recording of the incident so they can send it to their insurance company.

  34. I get the sense that Audi is being driven by a partner or family member of the Lexus driver who is less confident behind the wheel, tried to follow the Lexus as closely as possible, then fucked up when they panicked as the lane started to merge. I just find it odd how the Lexus pulls over when this happens if they have no relation to the Audi driver.

  35. I like how instead of stopping to help out the idiot driver in the overturned car, op very quickly accelerated to take that empty space in front of him so no one else could lol

  36. So thankful he ended up on his roof. These are the sort of people who will bypass you in your driving lane to go in front of you so they can arrive to their miserable job/family 3 seconds faster. But the accident will cause them to arrive several hours later now. Sucks to be that loser!

  37. This makes me realise I was too quick to judge PS2 racing games as having unrealistic physics...

  38. I’m sure they tell the police that they hit the gas by accident not the brake as they were trying to merge from the shoulder of the road.

  39. And you didn't pull over and stop to tell the driver of the pickup that you had the whole thing on video (for him) in case he needs it (should the other person be a liar and claim that he cut in front of him)?!

  40. My initial reaction was the same, but an ambulance driver commented above mentioning that you should not park behind an accident because it gets in the way of responders. (Something I had never known, but makes obvious sense now that I have spent a few seconds thinking about). So it is possible they are planning on pulling over once they get ahead a bit.

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