Cyclist runs red light, in interview claims “had right of way”

  1. Dude is a moron.. not only is he crossing against the red, he’s looking the wrong way for oncoming traffic ~ specifically at that intersection, Forrest St is a one way…

  2. and here I was wondering why the car driver was so far on the left side of the street. If it only has one lane, that explains it.

  3. I bike almost everywhere, and mass x velocity = right of way. I don't care what the lights are doing, I'm watching out for the moving metal boxes that outweigh me by 10x.

  4. Always hated the right of waynlogic of some cyclists and motorcyclists. You're right, you have the right of way. He gets a ticket, you get a funeral.

  5. Took a defensive driving course a few years ago and one of the things discussed that stuck with me: There's actually NO law recognizing "right of way," and people basically have it all backwards (or kinda inside out): The law recognizes only people's obligation to yield. So in this instance the cyclist didn't have a "right of way," but the driver DID have an "obligation" to try their best not to hit him. (AND in a way the cyclist had an obligation to "yield" to the stop light i guess.) Had never looked at it that way before, but realized it summed up the whole idea of defensive driving, that the onus is on oneself to be as safe as possible, and one can never predict what other people on the road are going to do.

  6. Like when they pass you while the light is red to wait in front of the 5 cars that just passed them. Obviously if there’s a bike lane that’s fine, but on narrow lanes it’s so frustrating.

  7. Why I can’t get onboard with cyclists on main roads. It drives me bonkers. Either follow the traffic laws, or don’t ride on the road. Just like with cars… we have to know what to expect from you.

  8. No actual cyclist wants to be treated like a car. We want specifically to be treated like the slower, lighter, less protected vehicles that we are.

  9. Why is it whenever there is a car accident we blame the driver for being an idiot but when it’s a biker being an idiot someone always has to come out with the “all cyclists are entitled pricks” attitude

  10. Had a cyclist do the same crap this morning. Almost hit him and I wouldn’t have felt bad at all

  11. No cyclist has ever asked to be treated as a car. It was forced upon us as a way for the auto industry to make cycling dangerous and thus making more people buy cars. No reasonable person thinks automobiles and bikes should be in the same category but please keep pushing the same bullshit anti-cyclist narrative that has been pushed for decades.

  12. Cyclists are not vehicles, they're just faster moving pedestrians and must have different rules and infrastructure than those for cars.

  13. Yeah idk about y'all but cyclists in my city don't follow a single fucking rule of the road and get angry at drivers when we can't interpret what the fuck they're doing.

  14. In the UK there was a law change stating that there is a hierarchy of vulnerability and protection. Pedestrians are most vulnerable and everyone should protect them, cyclists next, motorcyclists, all the way up to tank drivers I suppose. Cyclists see this as they will be protected at all costs and can do what they want. When I was riding motorbikes I only considered one person protecting me, myself. I don’t give a shit what law is on my side. Laws of physics say it will hurt when heavy things hit me.

  15. Cyclist here. I don't follow all the rules at all. The rules were not designed for me, they were made for cars. Cars also don't want me to follow all the rules, people in cars would be furious if I took a whole lane most the time, there are a lot of examples for this. Roads as they exist today (in the US) were meant for one thing and one thing only, cars. Asking a cyclist to behave as a car is silly. We need better bike infrastructure. We need to separate cars and bikes. Every time something like this is posted it becomes incredibly clear that cars and cyclist shouldn't share the same space or rules. We all just end up mad at each other.

  16. I go with the "that's pretty bold for someone that is NOT inside a big métal box designed for safety"

  17. It was created by them. The auto industry attempted and mostly succeeded in killing cycling culture in North America. As well as trams, trains, buses and any form of transportation that isn't their gas-guzzling, kid-killing monstrosities that have consumed the vast majority of space in cities that should be dedicated to people

  18. Basically yes. And I have the proof. My bf was going somewhere on his motorbike, light was green, my dad (I shit you not. I have no idea how that coincidence exists but yea) crosses the 4 way diagonally and my bf had swerve to not hit him. Could gave easily injured both of them because “it’s just a bicycle”

  19. Almost got hit by a cyclist crossing the street with my mom, I hate cyclists they are idiots they think there some higher power because they wipe there ass with leaves and shit in the backyard fucking troglodytes

  20. Homie has a go fund me. It is ridiculous that people are donating. What kind of message does it send that we can ignore the law and get rewarded.

  21. Cyclists always bitch about people walking in the bikelane while they never follow traffic rules on the road. Biggest hypocrites on the road.

  22. Where I live cyclists will bitch at people walking on the sidewalk when there's a whole bike lane 6 inches away

  23. In some big cities, cops like to give cyclists a hard time by ticketing them for speeding on mixed-use trails, which gets cycling groups in a tizzy… but they can’t even be bothered to stop at stop signs near public parks and on residential roads. A really infuriating bunch.

  24. I'm not related to every other cyclist on the road and it's not my responsibility to police them. Just because they're acting like assholes doesn't mean you can treat me like shit. Get your head on straight & out of the bike lane.

  25. Cyclist at fault 100%. THAT BEING SAID. I'm having trouble understanding how the car could not brake if the driver was paying attention. It didn't slow down a bit. I mean just because you respect the driving code doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful for other human beings potentially on your way.

  26. Yes, true, the driver didn't drive safely through that intersection. Full speed through the green light, and doesn't appear to be stopping.

  27. Cyclists run red lights here daily. They drive on the wrong side of the road against traffic. What happened to parents teaching their kids to ride with traffic and walk against it. Pedestrians here do the same stuff. Darting between cars when there is a crosswalk 50 feet down.

  28. I stop at every single red light where I live, and I feel I'm the only mf that does it, most cyclists don't give a fuck and often risk their integrity... I've seen a couple of close calls here and there. I can't believe that cyclists aren't aware that in the road food chain, they are almost at the bottom

  29. Happened to me where two bikers failed to yield to me as a car driver in the same moment. I was leaving a roundabout:

  30. Too many shit cyclists. Run red don't look or stop at stop signs. Lately seems they are all little princesses for whom the entire world must stop and wait.

  31. While this is obviously 100% the cyclists fault it should be stated that the driver fled the scene and was only arrested due to the camera footage. Which is also clearly a crime which i think makes them both idiots.

  32. This happens everywhere i live. Im fine with people riding there bike, but for the love of god if you insist your a vehical then follow the law

  33. Yeah right he's the victim here. What about the guy who was driving minding his own business, to them have some idiot who apparently don't care about himself ride out Infront of him.

  34. In the US alone (2019) there were 6.76 million police reported traffic accidents involving cars and less than 1% of those involved cyclists and the US has some absolutely atrocious bike paths that cause many cyclists to ride on the shoulder of the road. Maybe it’s not an “all cyclists are entitled pricks” and there are entitled pricks in cars and entitled pricks on bikes

  35. The overwhelming majority of cyclists I see are always in the wrong. They ride against the flow of traffic, on the wrong side of the street, they ride on the Interstate, run stop signs and red lights. But when one of them gets killed everyone else is supposed to feel sorry for them. What did you think was going to happen when you violate every possible rule of the road?

  36. Not that he was in the right but how did that car not see the bright yellow blob in front of them? He was probably 75% across the intersection when he got hit.

  37. The driver was probably aware and stoked to finally have a free chance to lay one of these cyclists out. You gotta keep an eye out for any opportunity you can get.

  38. I live in Chicago. Bike people are so fuckin entitled it’s sickening. They follow zero traffic laws and throw huge fits everytime they get cut off. They want all the benefits of being a car and all the benefits of being a pedestrian. I don’t even drive and it pisses me off.

  39. I ride a bike everywhere. The 2 ton killing machine always has the right of way. It's a useless argument coming from a corpse

  40. A while back in San Francisco, one of these jagoffs did the same thing, unfortunately it was an old woman who was crossing the street that got hit. Died on the spot

  41. Even if he did have the "Right of way", please remember, the cemetery is filled with people that really did have the right of way. Having the right of way is not a good shield against a 4,000 lb vehicle!

  42. Don't get mad when you get hit if you don't want to follow the rules of the road. If you want to be treated like a car, than follow the same RULES as cars do

  43. Depending on the state, there are laws that allow a cyclist to stop at a red light & then go through the red light if it’s safe. That’s the only situation that I can see him thinking he had the right of way. See

  44. Even with the Idaho stop there is no way in hell this is a legal Idaho maneuver. You actually have to make a full stop at a stop light. you can't yield it at all.

  45. Cyclists in the US are the Bain against my existence. Not because I hate cyclists, but because they, for some reason, don't feel that they have to follow traffic laws, despite using road vehicles

  46. I mean he could very well be misremembering a few details...his butthole DID check his sinuses when he connected with that car by the looks of it.

  47. Guys like him make cyclists look like idiots, if you don't understand how to drive on the road safely and know when to go and when not to. Follow the damn signs. Once you have that understanding and only go when you know you're safe then you can ride like a bike messenger in the city and skip reds.

  48. Here in Richland Washington the city decided bicyclists dont need to follow any rules of the road or have to wear helmets

  49. I almost got T-boned by a bicycle today because he decided that stop signs aren't for him while my slow as snails truck and trailer went through the intersection. I had to stop and wait for him to go back so the trailer wouldn't smush him.

  50. As much as this guy is in the wrong, the driver is a councilwoman at large from my city in NJ. There’s no way in hell that a councilwoman should just do a hit and run like that. Fuck that lady. Hope her political career goes to shreds.

  51. Right of way for a cyclist means that there were no obstacles. Lights don’t pertain to them. That’s what they believe. That car proved him wrong and showed him the error of his ways.

  52. Better then my state (MN) our fault laws make it so none car owning peds are fucked when the insurance company says "We only talk to layers" as my friend found out. He had to pay a lawyer up front to get any bills paid.

  53. Cyclists complain that they get no respect on the road but they get exactly the respect they deserve at times like this

  54. As a dutchy, im like why is this guy in the middle of the road? Where are the bikelanes? Why is he wearing a helmet? Oh wait that last question is not really necesary

  55. That flip was comical. It's a shame he's so delusional (or just dumb?) and probably didn't learn from this.

  56. This happened here in jersey city. The car that hit and ran the dude is a council woman. Dude was delivering food. Ran a red light.

  57. It is a good idea when approaching controlled intersections to treat them as uncontrolled, and ensure the path is clear before proceeding. Especially so if one is going to go through a red light on a bicycle. It is also good practice to do this if one has a green light also.

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