By Refusing to Be Vaccinated, Several Thousand Trump Voters Are Dying Every Day

  1. If trump was actually a smart businessman he would've branded trump caskets and cemeteries. He might have actually had a profitable company for once.

  2. I’ve always said if Trump wasn’t such a dumbass he could have made killing selling Trump masks, hand sanitizer, etc while not having your constituency die

  3. And a little shredded cheese while you are at it. It will fry right up and give you a nice crispy texture and cheesy flavor on the outer layer of bread.

  4. The secret to really good grilled cheese sandwich?… use mayo instead of butter with garlic powder…. You’re welcome😊

  5. You know, I’ve tried this on a bagel with cream cheese and some turkey. It’s really good, but easy to overdo it.

  6. A Trumper relative sent me an article saying that drinking bleach could "detox" you from the covid vaccine. These people just really love the idea of drinking bleach, but aLL MiLLeNniALs eAt TiDe PoDs!!1!

  7. Is there a 1-800 number where someone could contribute urine? Speaking of, has anyone bothered to visit Rush Limbaugh's grave?

  8. I've been thinking about this just as much as how important Canadian geese see themselves. Honking and flying and shittin.

  9. The best are those people who publicly denounced the virus and vaccine and then died from the virus. Those stories help me sleep soundly at night.

  10. That’s fine. I’m just worried about the people who have actual medical conditions that might be killed by their stupidity.

  11. I appreciate the sacrifices and the pointless suffering they're enduring on this journey as they take this brave stand.

  12. No. Please. Make them stop. I do admire the antiva dedication to a wonderfully creative way of owning all the libs. It's a coordinated effort I didn't think possible.

  13. There is no way the main statement is true. There are way too many black folks dying and I imagine non-voters are in general a really dicey group.

  14. I think we have to consider the fact that he ENJOYS watching them die. He loves the attention and the crowds, but that's just about impressing other important people. As to his idiots? He hates them and despises them, not the least because they fall for his con.

  15. Trump actually advised his followers to get the vaccine, multiple times at his rallies. He was booed by his supporters every time.

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