Pullups leaked on me

  1. this is why i don’t trust pull-ups. plastic diapers or bust for me. that sucks that happened. leaks are a common occurrence but it never seems to feel any less..frustrating. i know the feels.

  2. Sorry, you had to deal with this! leaks sometimes happen even with the best of protection and no way around it SUCKS, But I can tell you from experience that while at the moment it is utterly devasting.. in time it becomes just a bad moment in life, if you were with people that care for you they will understand (EVERY person on this planet is dealing with SOMETHING!) and move on its always worse than we fear! if it is with strangers who cares! they don't know you! and you don't need their respect! and anyway they will forget about it quickly as they deal with their own issues! so trust me it is not as bad as you think and in time won't be anything but a singular bad moment! you can have thousands of good moments for any bad ones! hang in there and use this as a learning moment!

  3. Just a thought, but it might help to have a dedicated pair of pants to wear over a pull up in such situations.

  4. The days that are smooth and seemingly carefree can last forever but the day of a leak is the sheer terror we focus on . Flip the scrip celebrate the easy days and on days it doesn’t go as planned “mourn the moment , not the month” . If you measure the days of success instead of failure , you lift everyone up .

  5. So sorry that happened. Every pullup I've ever tried has failed on me at least once, but I've had a lot more success with the GoSupreme Lites since I started using them. Perhaps it's the brand? Or maybe it's just a one off? I mean, it's no consolation since you still had to suffer, but maybe there is something better for you?

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