Chaddha 🩳 fat gaya re baba 🤣

  1. Yeah, IMDB deliberately skewed the user submitted ratings for TKF, as IMDB itself admitted so. They don't like Indian nationalist movies being better rated than Hollywood crap.

  2. Yes please rate it 2 or 3 stars if you want to bring overall rating down and also 9 stars if you want to bring it up

  3. " KF should be around 8-8.5 " - In ' your ' opinion In ' my ' opinion it should be around 9.5 and i will rate accordingly.

  4. Agree. Don't watch the movie if you don't want to. Bina movie dekhe rating daalne ka kya point. Rating is for the movie, not our personal beliefs or political ideologies.

  5. Well, I get sad seeing how we are treating them just because their opinion isn't align to ours, then I realize how they treat Kangana because her opinions aren't align to theirs.

  6. I don't think 10 should be an issue for any movie. People liked it hence they rated, common people don't quite frankly look at things in detail, it's either 0 or 10 or 5 for them. People who specialize in movies, critics, passionate movie reviewers do rate as per their standards, which again is subjective.

  7. Rate the movie on its merits, ye baccho wali harkatein karke kuchh nahi hona. Aamir's movie however bad it may be would never be that bad that I'll rate it below 5-6/10. Art ko artist se separate karna seekho, khush rahoge.

  8. FYI this boycotting films isn't just an indian/bollywood thing. People in the west are boycotting/attacking/trolling the f*ck out of woke adaptations such as the Lord of the rings show by amazon

  9. Bullywood mafia pulled the strings on its paid chmacha ("professional reviewers") to give bad ratings to TKF, but all these cheap tricks couldn't prevent the movie from becoming superhit due to audience word of mouth publicity becoming very strongly positive for this movie.

  10. you have done great service to our country by sharing/giving low stand tall next to bhagat singh and other martyrs.

  11. Lmao fuck no. Would rather donate $17 to some charity. And, I’ve seen Forrest Gump way back and don’t to watch this cheap copy anyway.

  12. No matter the rating or Boycott campaign, k∆t🅱️ullas will go mad watch the movie in order to support the k∆um

  13. To those who are complaining that it is unfair to artists and talking about fair critics. The remark is valid. However, it is also valid that artists should stay away from politics because politics account for much stronger reactions which is exactly what is happening now. Art ke pujari ho to art ke hi pujari raho. This boycott will send this message pretty neatly.

  14. We are gonna become a nation of touchy little snowflakes. Triggered either genuinely by someone saying something or doing it in a 'tit-for-tat' fashion.

  15. Right wing extremists probably review bombing the movie as they have nothing better to do as are probably unemployed.

  16. This coming from Lib*andus who built an entire sub and their whole identity dedicated solely to jerking off to comments made by nameless faceless randos on the internet.

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