Kerala govt seeks Supreme Court's permission to mass kill stray dogs in the state as they are rising at 20% each year.

  1. Rabies is a terrifying way a die. You would not wish it on your worst enemies. Once you catch the disease and symptoms begin appearing, there is no cure. You will die within two weeks after extreme suffering.

  2. The vaccine itself is the cure. You need to be administered with a rabies vaccine with least possible delay after potential exposure.

  3. Bro listen I am a medical student rabies is a disease that is 100 percent fatal but is 100 percent preventable the population needs to educated and awareness needs to be there for what to do in case of animal bites rather than sitting at home and waiting that's where the problem starts.Mass killing for what are they competing with us in any government exam or anything mass killing of asshole politicians and corrupted people are needed not of animals and remember 4 legs are more trustworthy than 2 legs.

  4. One of most terrifying effects of rabies is hydrophobia. The person fears water and therefore would not even drink it. The person most likely dies from dehydration.

  5. I agree with you. But wouldn’t euthanasia be a better option? Mass killings have already started in kerala with dogs being shot, beaten and hanged to death. Couldn’t we be more humane?

  6. Mass killing of animals should be a desperate measure. There are other options without killing so many dogs. If you think killing dogs is okay, you should do it. At least watch. Then you can have your say.

  7. I feel this is no Ironical. No people feel sad after eating a chicken/goat/fish but they feel disgusted when they see someone chomping a cat/dog. why selective empathy

  8. Humans don't bite others and give them rabies. Also, populations in most states are stabilising and many states have below replacement level TFR.

  9. Unpopular opinion, call me inhuman. But atleast they are thinking in taking steps to curb this issue. Though I don't think they should be killed, instead they should be sterilised and released. But this is a very very big issue across India. People just don't realise how big of a threat rabies is, it is fatal.

  10. Especially in more rural areas, with little access to healthcare. When fatality depends on how early treatment is administered, areas further from medical care are a lot more vulnerable.

  11. The main issue here in Kerala is not the rabies, It's mostly the inhumane ways the dog assault the people of the area. They behave like wolves, And hungry and not sympathetic ones. I want them to be taken away in another place where they will be properly treated but that doesn't seem feasible for us

  12. I’ve been chased by dogs multiple times while cycling back from the office in Bangalore. If the numbers are small, I get down and scare them away but sometimes there are 5-6 dogs and it is scary.

  13. This thread is 99% of Americans who haven’t traveled to a country where there’s a significant “stray” dog problem. These strays aren’t the strays Americans see in shelters. Most of them were nobodies pet and more akin to a wild dog that scavenges from humans vs hunts.

  14. Yep. The issue is serious. There is no solution but to sterilization. But Even then existing stray dog population won't decrease for at least 5-10 years.

  15. Rabies is not the only issue - packs of dogs will also attack people. So it's not so simple as neuter/spay inoculate and release. If they don't have a dog ownership culture (which doesn't happen overnight and is not responsible to force this as the solution) and infrastructure to house and care for strays, the only options will be to euthanize.

  16. If they’re a threat to people (especially children) when they can’t find a meal it might be reckless to release them. Euthanasia may be the lesser evil.

  17. instead of killing all those dogs the govt could have easily started a campaign to get them spayed if they wanted to decrease the population and for rabies and disease like these I thing there are medicines that are given to dogs so they do not get infected by those diseases

  18. yeah even i thought the same better than killing vaccinate all of them aise bhi ye log to paise khate hi hai itna to atleast thoda isme dalde

  19. You think the government is competent? They were so bad with covid that people were having a hard time keeping up with burning corpses there. Might be a mix of both incompetent governed and the stupid public though and dogs might be easier to manage.

  20. Bhai mere India me rehta hai tu, yaha logo k ilaj k paise nahi hai aur tu kutto ko sarkar ki taraf se dawaiya batwane ki baat kar ra hai.

  21. The govt. Should spay the people who feed stray dogs and don't take any responsibility for them or adopt them as pets.

  22. I was almost bitten by a group of strays last week , my cat was killed by strays yesterday leaving her 1 week old kitten with us. You ask me something have to be done or people will take matter in thr own hand

  23. Actually the killing order they're seeking from SC is only for dogs already infected with rabies. For the others they're planning a month-long vaccination drive.

  24. 100%, sterilising is the way to go. It should also be mandatory for dog owners to sterilise their own pets. A huge reason for the increase in stray population is because of the abandoned non-sterilised pets. I have a paralysed stray cat which I rescued, I neutered him the moment he turned 6 months old. That’s the way to go.

  25. In the backdrop of growing incidents of deadly stray dog behaviour and rising rabies deaths, the state government said it would seek the permission of the Supreme Court to cull aggressive and rabies-infected stray dogs.

  26. This is justified. Dogs do not contribute to the ecosystem in any way but instead spread diseases due to their uncontrolled rising numbers.

  27. yes, but reddit is full of dognutters who put dog lives above human lives. Nutters gonna nut. They are just dogs, get rid of them.

  28. Humans do not contribute to the ecosystem in any way but instead spread diseases due to their uncontrolled rising numbers.

  29. A lot of countries have controlled huntings to stabilise healthy population of case of kerala according to gov 95000 dog bites have been reported in last 4 months...many peoples have died coz of rabies including many children and remember rabies has no medicine(wheather its dogs or humans) and its a painful way to die like suffering for a week...

  30. I wouldn't expect Tatva to provide the entire picture with anything related to Kerala. The killing order sought from SC is only for dogs already infected with rabies.

  31. There is, each & every states Municipal corporation recieves crores each year to run ABC programs ie basically they need to nueter these dogs ! But Paisa Khao bc bss aur phir kutto ki galti btao.

  32. It’s more expensive, first of all. And there’s no evidence that it works. TNR programs for feral cats have shown little to no effect on populations.

  33. Euthanise means killing in a humane manner. I think you are talking about sterilization. Sterilization doesn't work in this situation because the aggression and rabies problem already exists, sterilization isn't going to take that away. Dogs when they start having Pack behaviour become really dangerous and need to be put down.

  34. What an idiotic temp solution to a permanent problem. Dog population cannot be eradicated. They breed faster and reproduce quickly. The only way to find a permanent solution to ensure to control dog population is neutering them regularly. Every state needs to have such a program done year on year. CUPA used to work with BBMP in Bangalore till they BBMP stopped paying them.

  35. Naa bro strays are 'nasty' and don't fit their 'class' people don't want a dog normally, they just want to flaunt, so they'll buy the dog according to their 'Status' just to show off. That's it. I've had to rehab so many fancy breed dogs because people abandon then when they are old or suffer from any ailments. Indians are one of most disgusting people when it comes to this. They just want eye candy, they don't love dogs for shit, they just want breed.

  36. 0 rps adopted indian dog vs 10000rps exotic labrador. which one will get the care they need. ppl wnat to boost their status and make some somemoney out of the dogs too. From what i remember my grandfather dropped 5/6 puppies at the market born to the old family indian dog cuz no one wanted them. And here at my home we have a labrador all becoz my sister thought it was cuter than a street dog or rajapalayam.

  37. I think sick or rabid dogs can be killed and some of the remaining can be sterilized. This will surely control the rising population. Also , people should be encouraged to adopt these dogs instead of foreign breeds.

  38. Why is government seeking permission from Supreme Court. I sometimes appreciate SCOI’s positions but their fucking job is to clarify laws. Not making up shit. Either Kerala government has a law that allows it to mass kill or not. If yes, then they do it. If they don’t, make a fucking law and then do it. If the law violates constitution, then SCOI intervene and shut it down. Otherwise, SCOI STFU.

  39. I hope supreme court grants the permission , a stray bit me in my colony...i used to feed that dog and he bit me ...after biting me rhat stray bit a kid and a man in a row but nagarpalika won't put that aggressive dog because of supreme court ruling.

  40. Mai kya kehta hu thoda sa zameen waqf walo se lelo aur stray dogs ke liye shelter bana ke relocate kar do..bht saare NGO hai jo manage karne ko tyar hai aise shelter bas jagah ni unke pas.. Suna mein aa rha waqf ke pas bht zameen pada hai.. True hai kya?

  41. I don't get why most people don't realize the seriousness of this. Rabies is extremely deadly, in most cases it is fatal. It is probably the worst way to die.

  42. Good step. Stray dogs are a menace. Go read about rabbies. They claim more than 50k people in India a year. Those who are crying Lil snowflakes, why don't you vaccinate the start dog, get it registered and adopt it instead?

  43. In Georgia (the country) there are LOTS of stray dogs. More than India too. And guess how they manage them? They r all spayed and get a special ear tag signifying the same. And the citizens love these animals and they r of no trouble to anyone. Wonder why indians think getting rid of a problem means just killing them off when the problem was the government's lack of inaction on this matter from the beginning, the animals still have to pay?? What kinda logic is that...just ridiculously lazy decision making

  44. Dogs were hot topic since last few weeks so government decided to take some serious steps ☠️ they can do something else to reduce population ✂️✂️

  45. A dog recently gave birth to 5 puppies out of which two died under garbage truck and one got crushed his leg under a car just yesterday. I was so depressing for me to watch becuase this just happened in front of me. I don't have anything to say about this issue just wanted to write what I had in my mind.

  46. Wow can't believe it took them this long to even bring up euthanizing strays to protect human life wow this country literally sees no value in human life

  47. Why kill them ??? float international tenders for exporting them, there’a a Lot of countries that’s be happy to take them in.. and since they’re gonna die either ways, better make some profit outta it .. it’s not the best way but it’s certainly the best it can get given the circumstances

  48. So it feels like some of you guys are misinterpreting our actions.That can clearly be seen by what’s written on the post itself as it doesn’t interpret how severe the situation in kerala is. The Rabies virus as you know is a deadly virus for which currently there is no cure(FYI:Vaccines are not cures!).Rabies has been rapidly spreading among domestic and stray animals which includes Cows and Dogs. While an animal is infected with rabies,it will loose its sense of reason and just follow its instincts to further spread the virus kind of like how a Zombie is (search on YouTube about Rabid fox video).Unfortunately,we have tried our best but the shelters are filled to the brim and we cannot take in rabid dogs(obviously).The hospitals report a surge of cases in the past week and most have been from dog bites(on the neck,leg,arm,eye,shoulders,thigh areas mostly). The sudden surge of cases have left us baffled and knowing that most of them are just children is just sad. The dogs attack either in a pack or alone. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with anyone. It’s like the dogs have gone completely crazy! Please don’t make light of this situation.

  49. Stuff like this makes me hate libs even though I use to be one. But the headline will be India wants to kill thousnads of dogs when in reality this happens all over the world. Its the only way to contain the population. These libs wont go adopt 3lakh strays but will complain while being compeltely silent when they attack a human

  50. In Navi Mumbai they made dogs infertile by some methods and number of dogs has decreased significantly but amount of cats has increased exponentially (not a big problem though)

  51. 21 cases of rabies out of a lakh cases of people bitten. that’s 0.021%. you can’t justify taking away innocent lives for that statistic when very reasonable and long term alternatives exist.

  52. People being bitten is a big issue as well when it's mostly children that are being harmed. The state requested permission to kill rabies infected dogs, not to decimate the canine population.

  53. 21 cases dead bro. Rabies symptoms are not immediate it can take 1 day to 3 years for virus to reach brain. till then no symptoms as it travels via nervous system itself. when symptoms show up death is guaranteed. You have to take vaccine before virus raches CNS or brian.

  54. Fucking barbarians. But what else can you expect in a state that's overrun by X, M and communists. Completely devolved from a civilized society to this level of barbarity. Pathetic scum

  55. This is the problem of Indians.... Government rarely takes action for people's benefit, but when it does - the citizens start crying

  56. If the government spayed them in time they wouldnt have the overpopulation problem. But of course they never act in time.

  57. Typical humans, first they don't take care of their dogs and let a stray population establish itself, instead of setting up a neutering/shelter/adoption structure, just to then mercilessly murder the dogs when they get too many

  58. India could mass distribute rabies vaccines. The US distributes millions every year by hiding them in food and then air dropping them into the wild and other areas. It's safe for consumption by dozens of species and has contributed to a mass reduction in rabies.

  59. Wow! Just wow! Everytime I forget how shitty India can be, they do something to remind me -_-

  60. Communists don't understand logic and reason. The first instinct of Communists is to kill. Kerala is a hotbed of animal cruelty weather dogs, cows or elephants. The only and best way to treat unwanted animal population is to sterilize them nothing else.

  61. i love how in india, the let shit get way out of hand before they do anything about it. how bout, round up the strays, take care of them humanely and then ban dog breeding. Or ban people from having dogs off leash. you let this problem get out of hand, now take some god damn responsibility and deal with it.

  62. How about govt issue mass euthenization orders for all the corrupt people caught in the act who are on the rise in 100s of % what about then bad apples. Why doesn't supreme court issue orders for them. Rabies eh corruption is also a pandemic prevalent since dogs can't generate income you wanna off then. Kerala is supposed to be the most educated state instead of finding a solution these supposed geniuses are up to no good. #highlyeducatedbutreallysubjugated.

  63. It’s so wrong! Can’t the dogs get the snippy snip procedure done, so they can’t reproduce instead of mass killing?

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