Comedian Raju Srivastava passes away in Delhi at AIIMS at the age of 58.

  1. Raju Srivastav, veteran comedian who was admitted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has died at the age of 58. Raju Srivastava had a heart attack on August 10 and was hospitalized after he complained of chest pain while running on a treadmill at the gym. He also underwent an angioplasty the same day.

  2. RIP, king of stand comedy , i still remember seeing his performance in laughter challenge with dad, we used to watch it together, lost dad in 2012 and now one more common thing lost , life keeps going on with sweet memories of all

  3. he never failed to make anyone laugh. My father a was a big fan of him. I remember he used to come from office and while oyr family was having dinner we used to great laughter comedy series and my father used to wait for standup and he used to kill every time. His comedy reminds me of a simpler family time. RIP.

  4. Same! I met him traveling from IGI to Chennai with Ahsan Qureshi. Us time pe mere paas camera phone nahi tha. (This was in 2011 or 2013 I think)

  5. Have met the man in person for some work related project right after 2020 fiasco, trust me when I say this, he is as funny as he appears to be on screen. And humble, in greater proportion.

  6. he was my grandfather's favorite comedian and i loved watching his show with him, hes too sad with the news. i also miss his positivity

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