this game is criminally underrated here in India | 10/10 would recommend playing.

  1. Exactly, people (specially in India) don’t have the luxury to play a game 5 times just to see its beauty. People who have that kind of time usually don’t enjoy games with good stories (I.e kids).

  2. I also highly recommend another underrated gem - The Talos Principle, I love games that make you think.

  3. I loved it but the game makes you feel like you’re having an existential crisis after you get all the major endings. OST is some of the best in a video game.

  4. Only did first ending, having to replay the game for different ending, just don't have that kind of time anymore.

  5. You can just start from automata without having any knowledge about its previous title NieR:Replicant, even the director himself said that playing every title in the timeline would just confuse you.

  6. it's good but genre of music is mostly the same for a lot of tracks. not even top 15 in all video games if we're talking GOATED music. Shadow of colossus, Final Fantasy X/8, Devil may cry, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, GTA san andreas, Doom, Soulsborne, Persona 4, RDR 2, Older zelda games like wind waker, Super mario galaxy, Undertale have way more variety of music than Nier ( i even compiled a playlist. will post someday)

  7. Nier automata is a masterpiece.. still my fav game of all time. I also highly recommend nier replicant, I didn't particularly enjoy the combat but the story and characters were better than automata in my opinion.

  8. If you have completed it once, you have just played 40% of base game, true story starts with the third playthrough

  9. Can you tell me what is this game all about? I've been seeing this game for years, but haven't bothered to try it out.

  10. "Set in the year 11945 AD, the story revolves around a proxy war between the human-made androids and the machine army of invaders from another world." It may sound pretty basic for a video game storyline at first but story evolves gradually from time and it has extreme wild twists and sad moments where the players themselves cried. The game has three protagonists which are 2B, 9S and A2 and it's also the reason why the game has multiple endings. Your playing as Android Just like as Detroit become human (sorry if there's any typo...)

  11. This game , by far has the best lore and story in any videogame , no cap , they could have written a story , but witnessing the story as a videogame medium just brings out the emotions .

  12. Ok, I started it and completed till ending B and i was burned out cause ending B was just replaying the whole game and i hated it, i didnt touch the game for months, does it get better or no? Cause i see a lot of good things about it

  13. Same. I don't want to play the same game multiple times for different endings. And it's not like you can load a earlier save, choose different options for different ending. You have to play the whole damn thing again

  14. This game is not for everyone. I bought it when it was hyped as masterpiece. I tried to play it 3 times (upto30-40%), never could finish it. I didn't enjoy it. Music and some fights are great though. For me it was very repetitive and bland, and thought of doing it over again? Nah had to leave it.

  15. Completed all route. LOVE IT also played it's predecessor Nier Replicant and also it's predecessor Drakengard 3 (or Drag-On Dragoon in japanese market)

  16. I was thinking of buying this in summer sale but at the end it didn't got much discount and I went with dragon ball Kakarot since that was cheap and within my steam wallet limits.😅

  17. My only issue is, it doesn’t have a checkpoint/doesn’t allow you to save the game unless you progress defeating the first big boss.

  18. Nier Automata and Nier Replicant have one of the most beautiful soundtracks. The amusement park and Devola-Popola themes are so memorable.

  19. Well, try Nier Replicant next. It's not as good imo but still fun. I played Nier Automata when my Engineering entrance exams were around the corner and it had just released. Didn't give a fuck just played it like crazy lol.

  20. Just when I was wondering on whether to write a post here about this game and about the whole Drakengard - NieR series and lol someone beat me to it. Not that I am complaining but glad to see this game liked by some of the people in this sub reddit.

  21. I was soo hyped to play this game but from me personally i felt the ending to be a bit drag but apart from that it was a quality game.

  22. Not a fan of games of hack-slash nor the games which demand multiple playthroughs to understand the whole story so I dropped it after the first ending but I still have the whole album in my Spotify playlist and especially love the credit song and the one which plays at humans stronghold,

  23. Everything is kinda criminally underrated in india except battle royale games, minecraft and GTA 5 :-\

  24. Game is good. Also play nier replicant remastered. Songs are very good. The games are like a piece of art if you ask me.

  25. Aah.. the first game I played after assembling my PC! This with Witcher 2 and Talos Principle takes me back in time

  26. Yes I've played it on game pass. That's one of the great things about game pass, you get to play games you wouldn't have otherwise.

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