My all white setup

  1. Just make sure there is enough space for ventillation below the laptop. Cushions are usually not a good option. I once damaged my cooling system like that.

  2. I mean, considering the percentage of white population in India, I don't think you would've been in trouble even if you didn't add the /s lol.

  3. Please get some ventilation to that laptop, laptop intake fans are under it. Don't put it on cushion/bed while gaming. For normal use it's fine.

  4. Hey can you help me , my laptop gets hot even when I'm doing some casual chore like browsing or watching stuff, I usually keep it on my lap. I got it thermal pasted and cleaned 6 months back.

  5. yes you can, just use USB to HDMI Video Capture Dongle. Very Cheap, You can get it around Rs.500 at Amazon

  6. I had console for around 2 years, bought 3 years gamepass ultimate and they extended it to 4 years. Currenty I use console to play RDR as its not on pc.

  7. Pls don't put the laptop on the pillow it will overheat and reach TJ max soon. Also i like how u matched the wallpaper with your bed sheet.

  8. My xbox is almost 2 years old and I bought 4 year gamepass ultimate with it. I was considering selling it but new one cost like 19k rs now (5k for controller) so keeping it. I got Msi Monitor with audio port for xbox.

  9. It's a keyboard protector and I prefer using an external keyboard mostly. Laptop got vents over sides, back and below.

  10. I had the sameprotector on my Acer laptop and it used to heat like hell when I played heavy games on it, it ran fot 5 years without any issues except the battery

  11. Looks dope just one suggestion as everyone giving for lappy ventilation but a 300-500rs stand from amazon or Flipkart for good experience and for better airflow

  12. Looks sweet! If I may ask, how much did you get the Legion for ? I settled for a Strix G17 with 3050 because I couldn't find a decently priced 3060 laptop at the time

  13. I've never understood ppl buy white chasis laptops and manage to keep it clean like it's brand new man, even my frnds got a zephyrus g15 all white and it still looks new even after he's being using it for almost 2 yrs now

  14. Hi how your xbox series S I am planning to get into console form pc games is it good how is the FPS can it run at 4k I heard people saying the picture Is kinda blurry

  15. It's good for 1080p gaming. In fact it's as good as my 1 lac + laptop. You can find one in sale right now. Lowest price ever.

  16. In a field of rainbows and black supremacists, be a proud white enjoyer (sounds like a confederate american line)

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