Why insta360 one X2 quick reader cannot be used on X3????

  1. Insta666 are possibly worse than apple....you need a reader because they have deliberately crippled cable transfer just so it's either slow af by wifi/bluetooth or you drop more money on their bs reader.....which is more crap to lose, forget, get in the way etc etc. Disgusting and wasteful policy.

  2. At least just a normal cable is available for transfer to an Android. So silly you can't just plug USB-C to Lightning cable into any of these cameras and transfer to an iPhone but instead need the quick reader.

  3. China is the world’s largest producer of e-waste, followed by the US (30% less) and India (about 50% less than the US). This is based on data from 2019 found online.

  4. Just buy a generic $10 card reader on Amazon and be done with it. A lot more versatility. I’ll never understand why people like paying more for these companies over priced accessories.

  5. I understand I can't plug the x2 quick reader into the x3, but can I still use the x2 reader by taking the SD card out of the x3 and putting it into the x2 reader, then plugging it into my phone for editing with the app

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