Anybody also waiting for the Go3?

  1. I’m waiting, I’m so convinced it must be imminent that I’ve taken the 2 out of my basket 3 times at this point

  2. Really? :O When I travel I hang it on and when something interesting happens I press it. Must have recorded like 100gb with it so far. But I haven’t even looked at it still lol

  3. I agree with some of your recommendations but I did just buy the it’s just 360 X.3 and I’m charging it up at the moment. I actually own two of the Go2’s. Amazing little cameras, will be first , or second to you, in line for the Go3. I have a YouTube channel for Electric Unicycle riding, so I put out a lot of videos. I also have the One R, really got me into the whole 360° videos.

  4. I own the One RS myself since it was only $50 more than the X3 and got 2 cameras (4K mod + 360* mod) instead of one. I love it.

  5. In case you were wondering why I have two of the go2’s, I thought I lost the first one and I was so upset I waited like two months looked everywhere,and then I said what the hell and I bought another one and then like a month later I found the first one. It’s so small it must’ve hit off of my foot and went under the bed under a dresser in the corner, the no man’s land of the Bedroom. I use both now regularly.

  6. Hahaha it happens. I lost the Go(1) in the desert but I went back and somehow was able to find it in the sand. That was incredible hahaha

  7. Main issue for me to hold myself from buying one is battery life, since from what I have seen/read, it last less than 30 mins for filming then it needs to be chargedLooking to do time lapse and longer shots and I would like at least 1 hour or even 2 =3 I can dreamother than that all seems to be great for what I want, being a little bigger will probably not turn people away given how little it already is but the limited battery/storage may

  8. It’s meant to record the ‘in between’ shots Like for the part of your video where it’s hard to record for example to confront someone or to walk into a store. They’re not happy to see you’re filming and will ask you why. However, the GO goed unnoticed 90% of the time. It’s super stable. It shoots up to 10 minutes. Then it gets hot. It’s not meant to shoot any longer. The original Go was frustrating because it would overheat after like 4 video’s of 30 seconds. You would have to very well time the shot which is horrible. But with the Go2 there’s no such problem anymore.

  9. Oh :/ I really like wearing it as a pendant. I wear it and get to record exactly what I want when I want it. Those moments last up to a few minutes usually. So 15 minutes would be perfect tbh. Right now it’s like 8 until it overheats

  10. The first time i got the go2 was last year for xmas and i was drinking red wine and didn’t realise i put my drink next to my feet and as opening it it slipped out and u guessed it. In the wine. So the screen stoped working i had to dismantle it and let it to dry. Didn’t work for 2weeks they I proper cleaned all the parts inside with ear cleaner pads and then it worked. Now i painted it black lol still works well. Cant wait to see what they will do with the go3 cant wait. Was thinking of getting the x3 but scared to break them lenses or scratch it. Seem like a good camera but them lenses.

  11. Most of that will never happen. The entire point of the camera is to be as small as possible, yet most of your asks require making it significantly bigger.

  12. Well, not significantly. Improved battery life and sensor + microphone do require a bigger Go camera. The 2 was a nice improvement over the 1. And it was bigger as well. So I bet the 3 might be a bit bigger as well.

  13. Should be black. With removal sd card for faster image or video export. Longer recordings like 1hour. The case should only be a charging case. The rest should be on the camera. Definitely 4k 60 frames. Just to put it out there I painted my go2 black with permanent marker. Still functional. But im not the best painter. Lool. Im waiting to see what they will do to with the go3. I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit bigger and also they need to sort out the overheating as it gets very hot in the hand for a 10minds recording. But lets see what they say. 👍🏽

  14. I think 4K 60 isn’t realistic. It will only overheat much faster meaning recording times would be even shorter. I think the resolution is good. But they could improve the quality by increasing the lens size a bit and go from h264 to h265 + software enhancements for lowlight. 4K 60k is really unlikely for such device. Then it would need a minimum of 128gb as well.

  15. Well, they don’t ever actually even release new modules… They should make better use of it. Like making a low light mod for night shooting.

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