I love her, but jeez why…

  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen captions where she made self-referential jokes about the background being warped. She knows, I just think she doesn't care

  2. Oh yeah, she’s open about it and has posted a few side-by-sides. Tbh I’m so impressed by her every day. Even the edited posts are pretty transparent and her thinking seems level and while she’s had a recent tragedy her healing looks to be on the right track. She’s also open about why she edits- that feeling of inadequacy and the exact ways it strikes. It’s not present in every post but I think it’s present in enough to convey the message. I love her tbh

  3. She will always and forever get a pass for this type of low stakes silliness. She's been through enough, we should let her have fun and be an older lady on the internet

  4. I just have to say, it’s interesting how the majority of the comments here are defending and praising her because we know of her traumatic past. While I’m right there with you, I wonder why so many of us don’t provide that same forgiveness to others on this sub. Who’s to say those ppl don’t have the same amount or more trauma than her? Why don’t we defend them?

  5. True. That’s definitely interesting to think about. I’m sure some people posted on here have body dysmorphia. It’s not easy to live with something like that. It just really messes with you mentally and it’s not something to make fun of people for.

  6. I think its because a lot of influencer edit themselves and then try to sell products, while lying that they get their appearence from those products. Make up ads, work out plans, weight loss teas and many more "beauty products" are sold with false advertisements. I dislike influencers editing because they use it to lie and fool their audiences. Britney isn't selling anything and isn't hiding the edits.

  7. You’re so right to consider this. I’m also going to take the time to reflect on my own reactions to a lot of the posts here. It uncomfortable to challenge your own thought patterns and behaviors but it’s important work!

  8. literally this. i think it would behoove a lot of ppl in this thread to take a second to reflect on how quickly they jump to defend this celebrity vs all the other people posted on this sub. she’s obviously been through a lot - nobody would argue that. I feel for her so much. but the “she gets a pass” comments rub me the wrong way. why do we not allow the same empathy and benefit of the doubt to everyone else who edits and has been posted to this sub for ridicule? body dysmorphia isn’t a competition for who has it worse / who “deserves” compassion.

  9. You make some really great points. I tend to avoid these subs because of the negativity. If you wanna edit your photos, have at it. Who am I to judge.

  10. This is an excellent point and thank you for making it. I know for myself at least, it can be easy to cross the line between good-natured snarking to just plain mean without meaning to or even realizing it. And for some people even good natured snarking is too much and feels mean. It’s a difficult line to tread, but it’s never a bad thing to err on the side of niceness rather than meanness, or to take a moment to remind ourselves and others that kindness is important, even when we’re all just anonymous strangers on the internet ♥️

  11. Reddit is a hivemind, careless for how other people feel, hiding behind anonymity, and only really ever going to defend a celebrity if it means they're going to be agreed with. The only thing saving her from relentless bullying is the fact that Reddit has identified that people are emotionally invested in her story, so it's better to play sympathy than to act ignorant of it and bully her regardless.

  12. Because she had no control over herself. She was in a conservatorrship that controlled everything. I think by posting and editing she is reclaiming some control over her image

  13. I've definitely wondered this before but Humans have biases. For example, if you didn't like someone and they made a knock-knock joke, you probably wouldn't laugh. But if your best friend made the same joke, you'd laugh and think it was funny.

  14. Same. She completely, well almost completely, missed those years and bless her heart...give her time to catch up.

  15. She literally just had a miscarriage like a week ago and she's just left an abusive situation... She can edit whatever the hell she wants

  16. I love how everyone was calling her father a controlling psycho and now she's acting fucking crazy and everyones just silent...

  17. Why are people here saying that "She's allowed to photoshop, she's in control of her own body image..."? No she's not. Her illnesses are in control of her, she's still trying to match a societal image that is not, never could be real.

  18. I feel bad for her. She seems to be stuck in a previous decade and very stunted in her development as an adult….and with good reason. I’m glad that for the most part, people seem to the same thing and are treating her with gentleness and not judging. I definitely made mistakes in my early social media life and want to give her the same grace to do that and to learn and catch up in her own time.

  19. She’s been brainwashed and sexualized since a young age. She was the body goals of an entire generation. Her mind is fucked from that I’m sure

  20. From the perspective of a boy who came of age during her peak, she definitely was and so were we in some ways. This pic looks like she's trying to recreate that desirability. She has the same look into the camera and everything. It's sad.

  21. Just guessing it’s an effort to reclaim control of her body image after a lifetime of others styling, dressing and editing her

  22. And it’s way less shopped than a lot of other pics I’ve seen on this sub, there’s a little bit of face blur but she’s still easily recognizable

  23. Yeah I don't understand why people are praising her for posting this. This is just straight up porn. I really don't understand the purpose of this at all. Is there some kind of artistic intent behind this, or does she just really want people to see her naked? I don't get it.

  24. My partner often shows me some of her IG posts, and they can read like textbook mania. We've both got experience with psychiatric patients, and it is a bit of an armchair diagnosis but I really wouldn't be surprised if she has active bipolar or something similar.

  25. Idk. I think she’s immature for her age. Her posts read like she’s still a teenager to me. While it might be true that she’s still dealing with mental health issues, we don’t know that she isn’t getting help for them. A lot of times there’s tons of trial and error to find a med/ therapy combo that works. As long as she isn’t a danger to herself or others, let her be. If she wants to post like a teen and take naked pics of herself who are we to stop her? Give her some time to settle into her new found freedoms and responsibilities before condemning her.

  26. I have no idea what her situation is at this point, but could her father have been right, that she has serious issues and can’t handle herself?

  27. She was forced to undergo therapy daily for years. At this point therapy itself is traumatic. This concern trolling is weird to me. People are allowed to be different, to be practically naked on their IG, to write a few paragraphs about how they feel. Doesn’t look dangerous to me. We don’t need to smash everyone into the same mold so we can feel comfortable. Try some acceptance

  28. How can any of us know the psychological health of someone we have never met or spoken to. Even real psychiatrists don’t diagnose people like that.

  29. She’s like one of the few people I allow because of the stuff she’s went through. If she’s happy now honestly I’m happy for her

  30. Hmm but that still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call out when people are displaying a completely altered unreal body image. I’m sure most girls who edit their photos have been through stuff - they’re just not famous celebs

  31. Honestly this one doesn’t bother me, but that’s because her and her image have been controlled from the moment she was 15 yrs old. This is the first time she’s ever had freedom of choice and what to do with her body and social media so I say maybe she deserves a pass cause she’s still figuring it all out!

  32. She literally had a miscarriage a week ago, was gas lighted from her entire family. Kept locked away for decades. She can edit whatever the hell she wants in my opinion. She's one of the only one's that get a pass. She literally couldn't do anything for years. This is probably her way of gaining freedom again over her own body.

  33. Have you heard that some people still think she’s actually not free yet? She hasn’t done anything live on Instagram or addressed much and I’m starting to think something is fishy.

  34. people have absolutely no empathy at all cause "others have it equally as bad!!!" as if the average insta model was held hostage by their family for over a decade

  35. Unfortunately I feel like this is what all older women go through wanting to “feel sexy” like younger generation and going about it the wronggggggg way

  36. She is damaged emotionally from years of abuse, first through her parents and then through being treated as a piece of meat by the industry. She was taught that only her body is important, not who she really is. She needs so much more therapy.

  37. My fave was still the series where she claimed the bathtub was wavy. Somehow not in the same spot from pic to pic but she swears the tub had a curve. 😂

  38. This sometimes happen to people who have somehow lost control, like being abused. As part of an effort to reclaim autonomy they might be extremely out there with their body. Like posting nudes, getting piercings or tattoos, being 'slutty'.

  39. I’m conflicted with these because if she’s posting this as a reaction to finally being free and being able to live her life then that is so great for her. But I also hope she’s not posting these thinking people expect her to be like this when she was young. Just want her to be happy. It’s a shame about her miscarriage

  40. she was held hostage for 13 years, not allowed to leave the house without supervision or online at all and people are hating her and spitting pure vitriol at her for what? because she's doing what all young girls do when they learn their body is theirs and theirs only? leave her alone. who gives a fuck if a woman who got to use a smart phone for the first time in her life edits pics. at least it's obvious and she's open about the editing.

  41. I'd like to think it's intentionally a bad Photoshop edit so that little girls and elderly ladies and everyone woman in-between knows that even she, an amazingly beautiful singer/dancer, feels that her photos need tweaking for the internet.

  42. On one of the first images she posted that was also clearly photoshopped, she said something in the caption along the lines of “ignore the wavy lines in the background ;)” so I’m inclined to agree with you.

  43. I love this discussion! I've had trouble understanding why she would feel the need to post these pictures and you guys are making a whole lot of good arguments!

  44. I give her a pass. She’s been controlled down to the last hair for like 2 decades. Ma’am is just trying to catch up and regain control of her body and image again.

  45. Nope she can do whatever she wants. If this makes her happy so be it. She's been through enough and technically she is still diagnosed as bipolar so I'm not going to be hard on her. She's finally free. Let her live.

  46. Have you ever known a really pretty girl that grew up in a extremely religious family that wasn’t allowed to date, wear makeup, or participate in any social activities? And then they go full party animal/ start stripping for a living when they get away from their families control? This is what happens when you are granted freedom. You revel in doing whatever the hell you want with your body and your life.

  47. Sadly, it's called "celebrity-ism" because she's a product of her environment. A successful story turn dark and she turned into what any celebrity turned into; a what-the-fuck-happened-to-them story. It's sad.

  48. She’s transparent with edited posts and also posts mostly unedited content so I don’t really see the problem imo

  49. Hear me out on this: she's basically IRL Kimmy Schmidt. So a lot of her life experiences had been on pause for many years, while most people would be like "lol obvious editing is obvious", she's over here like "This looks great! I bet no one will notice!" In short, it's silly and laugh worthy, but let's keep in mind she's got a whole lot less photoshop skills than...well...everyone

  50. This one is a bit different because she’s not trying to pass as a different person or body type. She also posts unedited videos where you can see she’s not athletic as she used to be and yet is not that different from reality and she even jokes about the warped background photos. She’s just being free and silly.

  51. Because at the time people usually do this stuff she was controlled by her father. She has to catch up with many things I would imagine.

  52. Whatever you do, as long as it makes you happy...and your not hurting yourself or anyone else...then go with it and be happy.

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