Wood kitchen and a breakfast nook opening up to the porch in a renovated 1930s vacation house, Marin County, Northern California. By Commune Design.

  1. I think the Craftsman style home is currently my favorite architecture and design style. So eminently livable and memorable. Warm tones, detailed woodworking and deep grains everywhere.

  2. My absolute favorite architecture style! I haven't made the time yet but I really want to visit the Gamble House (half of Proctor and Gamble) in Pasadena, CA. It's beautiful!

  3. Such a timeless design. I appreciate that it's not just an ultra-modern trendy cabin. This will be gorgeous for decades to come.

  4. Wow -- what do you call that type of jute-looking ceiling (with the scrotum light)? It's amazing. Love this whole place.

  5. This it right here. I absolutely love the styling of the house too. Funky without being over the top. Perfect for a California cabin.

  6. Really beautiful but way too much open shelving imo, will quickly become a visual mess if people are not extra tidy

  7. I love that sitting area with the two couches. Maybe if I knock out every wall in my house, I could pull that off.

  8. This looks nice but what kind of maintenance does the wood need? Does it need to be oiled periodically or re sealed? Would areas that get direct sunlight or more moisture need attention more often? I know there is an amount shrinking and stretching that happens in wood with the change of seasons. Perhaps this is such high quality wood dense wood that has been kiln dried that it doesn’t need regular maintenance… I am a noob. If anyone knows, please enlighten me!

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