Sir Terry Pratchett's Starmetal Sword, +15 damage, +30 charisma

  1. The recession had kicked off just a year prior, poor guy had to make the sword or not be knighted at all due to budget cuts

  2. This might still be out there. If this isn’t the origin story to any good legendary fetch-quest then idk what is. Can’t believe such exists in our time

  3. I'm thinking more of a TF2 eyelander moment. Obviously his soul is trapped inside and he demands heads for sustenance

  4. You can own a sword in the uk dont even need a license but if you want to carry it in public you need a valid reason like going to a convention

  5. That’s pretty wild. Even in famously restrictive California I can walk around with a sword as long as it’s both visible and sheathed.

  6. Rumour has it, he was buried with it... rumour also has it that it was embedded in a stone (somehow) and hidden away after his death. (because that's how he was.)

  7. It's a legendary sword, it should do cosmic damage as well, radom effect on every hit, weaker than the effects would be on their own, so that it's not too op

  8. These is an overly pedantic technicality. Technically everything also comes from the big bang. But I think when someone says "Star metal" they are referring specifically to something that came from a meteorite. They saw them as shooting stars, thus is star metal.

  9. It’s legal to own a sword like that here - he could have legally kept it in his bedroom if he wanted. Very cool story nonetheless.

  10. I'll make my character build around this to make it fantastic at max levels when the weapon is phased out by other legendaries.

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