JNMIL insulted my whole family, harassed my mum and sister, and taunted my mum

  1. Stop arguing back and forth with the stupid woman. You, your mother, and sisters need to block her on every media platform. You’re giving her exactly what she wants. She loves the drama and is thriving on it. Block her and ignore her. Stop going to her house. Meet your boyfriend somewhere else or have him come to your house. Not to be mean but you never should have involved your mother or sisters in the nonsense. If you can’t stand up for yourself regarding your future MIL or if your SO can’t stand up to her ir defend you then you should rethink this relationship. It really isn’t fair that your family has been dragged into this mess.

  2. Unless SO can go NC - is this the life you want? It’ll be a lifetime of this. Think really hard and be honest with yourself.

  3. Probably a unpopular opinion here, but your family needs to butt out too. Initiating conversation with someone like your MIL is essentially lighting a Molotov cocktail and throwing it through the window of your own living room.

  4. He has been sticking up for me! Trying to stop his crazy mother, but she doesn't listen to him. Unfortunately, there's not much he can do when she is so unhinged. He's moving away from his family now, as a result.

  5. Can't be too unpopular, I totally agree. Sister especially needs to get over her need to have the last word. They should really just block her number

  6. Advice? Break up. Get as far away from all of that as you can. Unless you and your family are actually enjoying the drama, in that case, keep it up! Family conflict while dating is an awesome way to get to know your potential in laws.

  7. Oh of course he's involved. He's at odds with his family, because of this. He's now moving out of his family home as a result. My sisters only got involved when things got too far, otherwise my family stay out of my business.

  8. Why haven't you and your family all just blocked them on both socials and phone? That would be the quickest resolution.

  9. We have now. I have had her blocked since the first post I've posted. My mum didn't want to be on bad terms with his mother. I have kept all screenshots.

  10. This is exhausting just reading this. My advice would be do not marry until this is all sorted. Otherwise you’ll be having this utter nonsense every time there’s an issue. Birthdays…., having children…., Christmas, Easter…. Etc etc. do you honesty want this in your life?

  11. Do you really want to marry into this family? Why hasn't your fiancé shut his mother down? This is what the rest of your life is going to be like.

  12. Fiancé is moving out, from OP’s back posts there’s a disabled younger sibling he was taking care of that kept him at home.

  13. May I suggest one More FU to these trash people? Don’t take his last name. I don’t see why you or any future children would want to have any kind of affiliation with these absolute turds

  14. No? If you see from my previous post, my fiancé and I agreed that eloping is the best solution. I will not be having any contact with his family

  15. If you and your BF are serious about your relationship, YOU should start an FU binder to protect yourself! It’s on the sidebar.

  16. For now, I think I'm going to leave it there. We have all the screenshot saved and evidence of the constant calling. She has told my fiancé she's now going to stop - I'll take her word for it now. If she does ever start any sort of harassment again, I will get the police involved

  17. Wow that your FMIL is doing everything in her power to run her son off and even more how fast this reads to be escalating.

  18. Yes, and thank god for that. My fiancé will have a relationship with them, with time. I know it. He can do that, I don't mind. However, I will not be having any sort of part in his family. Will not see them, engage with them or go to any of their family events (like his sister's wedding). My fiancé has accepted that

  19. I don't know where you are but I've heard a judge in kansas say "you cant call people 40 times in a night, that's harassment" so maybe letting her get yalls call count up next time will be legally enforcable instead of a headache. Thats all so much. Yeesh. Im sorry any of you are dealing with that

  20. Keep the messages. Show them to your fiance. As your sister is an attorney, I believe you said that, I would work towards getting a restraining order. She is unhinged.

  21. I don't want to take it to that level yet, as she has now told my fiancé she will leave my family and I alone. He's seen the messages and he's kept them. I will escalate it if it happens again

  22. Crikey! That whole ruddy family is barking mad! Also rude, nasty and bullying. Hold your head up - you and your family have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Good luck!

  23. I'm glad your partner and your family have your back, and bravo to your sister because if someone messaged me or spoke to my mother like that, they'd need a new set of teeth and a full body cast. Blocking them was definitely the correct way to go, if they can contact you, they can't abuse you but taking it one step further please keep all your messages/voicemails etc if she pulls anything worse you have all the evidence to show what really happened. Good luck

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