Who else actually liked No Time to Die?

  1. I was actually pleasantly surprised. So many franchises have been woke and ultimately ruined. When I saw NTTD I honestly went to the theatre thinking “here we go” but, it wasn’t! I thought the movie was pretty good. I agree with many of you that it isn’t very rewatch able but I was entertained. I was caught off guard at the end and didn’t know how to process it. Still don’t really, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  2. i thought it was a good movie. the main theme is my favorite billie ellish song, it had good action, and it has 3 of my favorite lines in any bond movie. those being...

  3. This is the sub that routinely argues that Quantum of Solace is actually a good movie, I've stopped putting any stock into what the popular consensus is here.

  4. First half good, second half poorly constructed (underused villain, terribly defended bad guy base to match Blofeld's bad guy base in Spectre, unconvincing relationship).

  5. It's a decent film but a poor Bond film, if that makes sense, don't see myself sitting down to rewatch it any time soon.

  6. I absolutely loved it, I think it helped that Daniel Craig has been ‘my bond’. I’m 23 so my first bond film I saw in the cinema was casino royals with my dad and have loved them since. So it was amazing to have a proper final goodbye film to ‘my bond’. Having said that I do also believe it has many reasons to be considered a genuinely good film and my girlfriend who isn’t a bond fan spent the month after watching it recommending it to everyone and anyone so it must have been alright at least haha. But yeah, one of my favourites overall

  7. I MOSTLY loved it but the ending in terms of plot and characters was a bit eh for me but I was able to enjoy TND despite its mediocre to just good ending because of the amazing action and the great bond performance Brosnan gave and the same is true here

  8. Hadn’t actually really seen all these negative style of comments but man you brought them out of the woodwork to respond to you OP! Thanks for opening my eyes haha. Kinda glad I’m not deep into Bond discourse looking at these responses to you.

  9. Me, I thought it was phenomenal. Not quite Skyfall level but in the annals of Bond and especially the Craig films this was top tier imo.

  10. It's the only movie I've ever watched twice in a theater. And the only Bond that made me watercooling my eyes.

  11. Frankly I enjoyed it a lot. It's a bullet train that's out of control, but the acting really holds it together. Craig, Wright, the MI6 crew, and even Seydoux all do brilliant jobs and really keep the film going. I imagine the diminishing returns will be real, but it's a Bond movie like no other. I loved the ending and it still hit hard when I watched it the second time in theaters. It's not so much a great movie as it is a movie of great scenes. The action scenes are excellent and the moments of Craig getting to express a more human range of emotions really helps too. I'll always have a soft spot for it, even if the objective flaws show more on repeat viewings.

  12. I really liked it at first but know after reading peoples opinions on this sub and rethinking about it I’m realizing the excitement of finally watching NTTD made me like it more

  13. For me it is one of my favorite movies of all time. Second only to The Dark Knight. First off, the movie was beautiful. The cinematography and lighting was superb. I love every single second of this movie, the action and the emotional. For me, I see Craig Bond as slowly becoming more human. He falls in love, and his heart gets broken in CR. He is hardened and tough in QOS and softens during the end of Skyfall. Spectre isn't great but that's where we meet Madeleine Swann. Bond falls in love again only after a few movies where we see some development in him. In NTTD he wants to let go of Vesper and love Madeleine. Once he discovers his daughter, thats when he becomes human. He cares for them dearly and is no longer a cold blooded killing machine but rather, a father. The climax and his death really hits home and is what IMO makes NTTD one of the best movies, because it took a risk, and I think it turned out great. Yes Safin and the writing weren't great but that shouldn't take away the beauty and emotions from this wonderful movie. AND THE SCORE, MY GOD THE SCORE. I am super into movie soundtracks and Hans Zimmer hit it out of the park for this one. There isn't a single track I dislike. From the beauty of Matera to the epic rhythm of Opening the Doors. He nailed the score. And Final Ascent. Oh my god, when I heard that piano part in the theatre, I almost cried. He did a fantastic job at making you feel through the music. Of course Craigs acting was imo perfect and that really helped the finale but Final Ascent was the icing on the cake. Oh and also the DB5 was epic and I liked the outfits everyone wears. I could honestly write an essay about how great this movie is.

  14. I absolutely adore no time to die..from start to finish, I was at the edge of my seat just wishing it wouldn’t end…the action, Has Zimmer’s excellent score, the emotional beats, the satisfying callbacks to past films, even bonds death,I could go on and on.

  15. I have it in my top 6/7. Best action sequences of really any movie. The chemistry between Bond and Madeleine actually exists in this film. The villain is a little meh. That’s why it’s not top 5 for me.

  16. It was very disappointing for me. I think there is way too much hype on it, too much caving into the Hollywood big shots, and forcing the direction to be subject to the wishes of Craig and outsiders who wanted Bond to die. It betrayed everything that was Bond. Casino Royale is what I grew up with, and NTTD shattered that.

  17. Agree with this. Being delayed twice due to the pandemic also increased the hype and suspense and it was a slap in the face to get the movie that we did. Was not worth the wait.

  18. I just hate the ending. I was convinced Malek was Dr No and I assumed the title would have been what Bond said to him before killing him.

  19. I liked it quite a bit. It's certainly not perfect, as you laid out, but I agree with your points and concur that there's no such things as a truly "bad" Bond movie. I thought it was a good Craig Bond film and a fitting way to end that version of Bond's storyline. I look forward to where Eon goes from here!

  20. There are elements of it i loved. The action scenes, locations, cinematography, production quality, etc, are all top notch but the script i have many problems with. The second half of the film really ruins it for me.

  21. I liked it. Loved parts of it, sizeable portions even, but thought that some specific scenes and creative decisions very pointedly negatively affected the franchise overall as well as the legacy of Craig’s tenure as Bond.

  22. Honestly it would probably be my favourite bond if not for the ending, like 95% of it I really enjoyed, as you say all the call backs were great and I enjoyed the car chase in the woods felt like an old school bond movie, and throw in the villain having a lair as well.

  23. I enjoyed it. It was good cinema spectacle. It’s hard to ignore the flaws once they’ve been pointed out though, and I can’t say I’m particularly compelled to give it a rewatch.

  24. It’s a legitimately good film. It’s filled with action and the hero is prepared to fight something greater than himself the entire time, knowing each time could be his last. Daniel Craig’s 007 saw more bruises and scars than any other, and it made him a vulnerable James Bond. This Bond could die.

  25. Aye what i found quite ridiculous was the backlash at Nomi being 007. It was quite clear what the situation was going to be. I loved her saying "i dont care about numbers".

  26. I liked it for sure but when the next Bond comes along, we just need to treat him like James Bond. It was fun doing a reboot and an entire story arc over 5 films, but we don't need that style of film for every new actor that comes on board. Just go back to the way things were in the old days, new Bond and new action, but no need to kill him or explain his origin.

  27. I haven't browsed in a while but this sub seemed very positive about the movie when it came out. Did a lot of you guys change your minds?

  28. I did. My only complaint is that Safin is a weak villain and shouldn't have been in it at all. Blofeld should have been the only villain.

  29. I liked it. Until the end. I’m still mad. I know, I know. It completed a story arc. But I can’t believe they killed him off at the end.

  30. I enjoyed it. Yes, I recognized it had its faults, but I was quite happy with how it turned out. It ranks firmly in the middle of Craig's movies, imo.

  31. Ive only seen it once but I certainly enjoyed it. The acting, action sexquences, cinematography, music and locations were all too notch. I feel like they took way too many liberties however and this comes across as really arrogant and disrespectful to the rich history of the franchise. The fact that Bond truly loved a woman again I could kind of live with, although it cheapens the first time it happened in OHMSS, but Bond having a child and dying on screen just go way too far for me.

  32. It's like any other kind of fandom. I loved Revenge of the Sith so much I saw it four times when it was out. As I got older, I started picking it apart until I hated it in theory, along with the entire prequel trilogy. I rewatched it a couple of years ago, then the father of young children who were just starting to get interested in Star Wars, and JFC did they love it--so much that they wanted to watch it again right away. When they talked to me about it I told them I liked it so much I saw it again in the theaters and then segued straight into rewatching the original trilogy at home. My movie-watching experience is far different because of this.

  33. I liked it. I was initially shocked at the ending, but looking at Craig's arc as whole, it makes sense for his portrayal. I really liked some of the camerawork and action of this film. It was a beautiful film to look at.

  34. I’m ambivalent on NTTD. I feel like it gets too personal with Bond (but that’s a hallmark of the Craig era) and forgets to be a spy film.

  35. I liked it. I thought Safin could have used more work but it's one of the better Craig era Bond films. I also have no problems with THAT ending either. ALL Bonds are a different universe.

  36. My first impression was it was close to Skyfall, but just under, and might be around top ten for me overall. Since then, it's dropped a bit. It's roughly even with Spectre (ahead of QoS) and maybe 15ish overall.

  37. It's my 5th favorite in the entire series. I was really pleased tbh and am satisfied with how it concluded the Craig era.

  38. It has some of the better action scenes in the series, but the overall story and the decision to kill bond sucked hard. It's a 5/10 bond movie for me, looking at just the story it's a 3/10.

  39. After over ten years my parents visited a theater again just for NTTD. We all enjoyed the movie. That is worth it for me.

  40. I've seen all the Craig films with my mom as it's an unofficial tradition of ours but she's very much a casual fan. She liked it a lot after Spectre disappointed both of us so it was nice for us to see a good one before he retired.

  41. I am a big fan of the Daniel Craig films. Due to the flimsy writing and poor overall presentation, I personally find No Time to Die simply unwatchable. It has so many missed opportunities and swings and misses that I just despise it.

  42. It’s solid. It sits right in the middle of my Craig ranking and probably a similar spot in my overalls, I’d imagine. Gorgeous to look at, really fun, though too long and a bit slow in the middle.

  43. He relied a lot on recycling OHMSS. The modern movies generally over rely on call backs as a whole and the references to OHMSS were a little too much on the ball for me.

  44. i think part of the problem with no time to die is that bond movies can be a little schizoid. some of them want to be about this super-spy that gets all the babes and saves the world against almost insurmountable odds without so much as a hair getting out of place (most of moore's movies fall into this camp). and some of them want to be super-serious spy movies about a very human character. it's often hard to reconcile those two concepts.

  45. People have expectations and like to moan when those aren't met. Others were just never fans of Craig's Bond since Casino Royale and will find any excuse to trash his films. Then there's the third group of haters who just have too much spare time on their hands and not enough good ideas for discussions.

  46. I loved it the first time I watched it, but I liked it less the second time and less again the third time. I still like it better than Spectre though.

  47. I liked it. Not as much as Casino Royale or Skyfall, but it was a decent Bond flick. A little more over the top. It would have been better if it was more grounded like the previous movies.

  48. The story felt a bit rushed. Craig should've been given a 2-part 4 hour film to really bring it to a proper end. Still a good film, not his best.

  49. I loved it. Beautifully crafted film. Really don’t understand the hate it gets, seems like people were mostly upset that they dared to do something different with the bond formula.

  50. Not me. The movie was by far the worst Bond film in the franchise. It was so bad that it further soured my perception of Craig’s era to a new level and has me genuinely concerned for the future of the franchise.

  51. Beloved franchises are turning to shit for the same reason. Nomi is the same as Rey. OP doesn’t need to like it but woke shit is ruining cinema. Especially feminism in male centric franchises.

  52. The first act for me is Bond at his finest, as rewatchable as it gets. It’s not until he arrives back at M’s office after the Cuba mission that it starts to come apart for me. I still don’t think it’s bad, I just see so much wasted potential.

  53. Anytime I see someone use the word woke, I pretty much disregard their take on anything. It is a political buzzword that has no meaning when it is used to attack everything someone does not like.

  54. Woke is pretty specific and a valid reason to not like something. No one uses woke as a generic statement lol

  55. I liked , but for me when watching a movie, i just want a sweet distraction for an hour or two, not a 3 hours emocional/Sad boy drama

  56. It was my first Craig film and made me a fan of his era. Thought it was griping and it was beautifully shot. Hated the end but can pive with it. Made me go back and watch all his films and am now a fully fledged Craig fan as a result.

  57. I really liked it when I saw it in theaters but a huge flaw for me is that it's not very rewatchable, which is an important quality to me for a Bond film.

  58. Yeah I picked up the Blu ray when it came out but haven't yet rewatched because I kinda figure it will have diminishing returns due to Safin & the ending. I really enjoyed it in theaters and I'm hoping I'll be able to do so again but am a bit apprehensive.

  59. I liked it; I think it was fun to see them try something they’d never done in Bond movies before: character arcs

  60. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t happy with the ending but all in all it’s was decent. I was happy too see the final words on screen though!! “James Bond will return”

  61. Pretty bad fell asleep in the middle of it, poor send off for Craig I can see why he doesn’t want to do any more films if they are going in this direction.

  62. Yeah, I guess? I've seen it twice, and I'm still not sure where it sits with me. I'm doing my yearly Bond marathon of one a week. I'm up to LALD this week. Maybe, when I get to NTTD after having recently seen all the other Bond movies, I'll have a better feeling on where to place it (or if I even like it). I've never been so wishy-washy about a Bond film after seeing it.

  63. Good movie, and great sendoff for the Craig Bond. It's certainly not a top 10 Bond film and I'd put it third in the Craig era, but that doesn't mean it was bad. I bought the Blu-Ray and I plan to rewatch it on occasion.

  64. I liked it! I liked that it called back to Bond being burned by Vesper, putting his guard right back up before concluding that it actually is possible to trust someone in the end.

  65. I loved it. Good story, best action scenes of the franchise, great acting from Craig, great cinematography, great score, good villain, bold ending.

  66. Honestly,I liked it and I had a fun evening watching it with my buds at the cinema.It wasn't like Casino Royale or Skyfall,but it was nice to me.Also,my friends thought it was awesome.

  67. I think the movie had some great moments, especially in the first half. The second half is definitely where things do go a bit downhill and I absolutely get the criticism people give the film. However, overall I don't see it being ranked as one of the worst films in the franchise, but I also don't see it being ranked with the best either. For me it's just somewhere in the middle.

  68. I’ve been a Bond fan since 1987 and love NTTD. It’s flaws like a lame nanobot plot and not using Malik to his full potential are overshadowed by beautiful cinematography (get a 4K TV and watch it) and strong performances from the cast, especially Armas and Magnussen (everytime that guy was on screen, I wanted somebody to punch him in the face, which means he was doing a damn good job at being a villain). Hell, the reason Malik is considered wasted is because the few scenes he’s given he kills it.

  69. I agree with everything in this comment. Also, I feel like if you’re just a “Bond fan” then you hated this movie because it didn’t follow the normal structure or scratch various itches you wanted to get from a Bond film (like less of an emphasis on the villain’s plot, less sex, more emotional Bond, Bond’s death, etc). But if you’re a film fan, you’ve gotta appreciate how well put together this movie was. A hero with an arc that builds on everything we’ve seen, actual personal stakes, an emotional storyline, more story for the female characters without taking away from Bond’s story, the cinematography is gorgeous, the action is great and gives us something we haven’t seen before in Bond (although you can make connections to MGS and other action franchises, but Bond has always worn its influences on its sleeves).

  70. I liked it and thought it was beautifully shot. I don’t think it’s one of the best Bond films by any stretch but I’m surprised at how many people really don’t like it.

  71. It never got as bad because I don't think the Bond Fandom is anywhere near as toxic, but I think it is similar to The Last Jedi. Some fans just don't like or want to see their heroes be vulnerable, falter, or even fail. Seeing Bond be genuinly human is a put off for some of the fanbase.

  72. No, it was way too heavy with the poorly written melodrama, Madeline was worse in this film than she was in Spectre, Safin seems more like a pervert than a villain, the action is lacking, and the amount of wasted talent in this film is insane. Like Nomi could've actually been a decent character if they didn't try to do the whole "I'm your replacement and I'm rubbing it in your face" deal, and Ana De Armas was so freaking amazing, but so terribly misused. She should've got so much more screentime, because she's one of the few enjoyable things about that film.

  73. I find it interesting that I never knew anyone who liked OHMSS until I discovered this sub. There’s no implication here, I just find it interesting.

  74. Cody, you can submit the lengthiest, most passionate posts and comments about why you dislike Daniel Craig. That is fair game. But you have zero right on this sub to tell members which movies they can and cannot like, or which actors they must or must not like to be considered a fan. That’s not how this community operates.

  75. It was cynical as hell even by Fleming's standards. A gutless ending to try and fit in with the Hollywood elites. A movie made for the critics and not for the audience.

  76. Calling No Time to Die "gutless" is objectively wrong that movie makes so many decisions which take guts to do, killing off Bond, giving him a child.

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