The World Is Not Enough (song) versus No Time to Die (song)

  1. TWINE for sure. NTTD does nothing for me. Also being the 3rd straight minor key Bond theme didn’t help. IMO the last 3 Bond themes sound like each artist covering the song before it but getting worse and worse.

  2. I know you're a troll. I've seen your comments on my previous posts. Unless you have actual input, then don't comment.

  3. Is this a joke lol TWINE !! NTTD is okay and works for the movie, but kinda boring and puts me to sleep In my opinion.

  4. I'd say no time to die... However... There is a cover version by (I think) khd and Janelle Garcia that is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, I would actually say better than Eilish's version. I highly recommend.

  5. I’d also like to add Ben Woodward’s cover of NTTD is amazing. Really hits the darker undertone of the lyrics and plot of the movie too.

  6. The World Is Not Enough wins hands down. I like No TIme To Die but so it comes down to a song I'd listen to on it's own outside of the film and enjoy and I'd pick TWINE any day. Garbage does a wonderful job with that song. I feel like Billy does a good job with No Time To Die but I feel like it was a bit over produced with the music.

  7. Although it's by no means the "best", I personally think No Time to Die is miles better than say The Man with the Golden Gun, Moonraker, All Time High, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day, Another Way to Die and Writings on the Wall.

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