Joe "I'm 5 foot 8 inches tall" Rogan

  1. I met him during his comedy tour this past August, and there’s no way in hell he’s 5’8 lmao

  2. I'm 5'9" barefoot and I cannot picture Joe only being 1 inch shorter than me. I feel like I'd tower over him lol

  3. That time he was on Kill Tony and everyone just fucking shredded him for wearing that hat 😂 He legit hasn't worn it again on the show

  4. Or the episode where Elaine finds out Jerry's waist is a 32, and he buys 30-inch waisted jeans just to swap the labels so people believe he has a 30 inch waist.

  5. I remember him saying he was 5-10 on Fear Factor, and I thought to myself "man those girls must be tall standing next to him!"

  6. I am 5’6.5” without shoes on exactly and it is (not) surprising the amount of guys who are at my height who say they are 5’8” or even 5’9”.

  7. I think This is the exact reason people think 5’8 is short. I know a few people around my height (5’5) who claim 5’8…

  8. I saw him at the meet and greet after a show 10 years ago. I remember him being short but not "holy shit" short. I'm 6'7 so I think everybody's sort of short.

  9. Same, last time I met him I think was in 2013, but he was equal my height. He'd post pictures of him with his fans on his websites. Yes I still have the picture, no I'm not going to post it.

  10. I talked to him after one of his cawlmedy shows. He’s definitely at least 6 foot. Great guy, never met ‘em though.

  11. Yeah I legit have a coworker who always jokes about me being short. I’m a 5’3” tall woman, he’s the exact same height as me. Swears he’s 5’7” though and cannot stand to be told he’s short.

  12. I saw him in real life one time like 10 years ago. He was talking to some fans in front of a coffee shop in my town and I happened to be walking to work. I can confirm there is no way he's 5'8. 5'6 at most.

  13. It's entirely possible that He's shrinking, which is totally real and happens to people as they age. Maybe the last time he checked he was 5'8" but with age you eventually shrink. My father was always taller than me and he's 65 now and I'm noticing I'm slowly creeping up to him, but I'm 39 so there's no chance I'm growing. He's just getting shorter.

  14. Not really. He just kind of laughed while saying “thats not true its a little longer than that” while aslo saying heyyyy thats not nice your so mean Ari. Then changed the subject to new zealand .

  15. This girl is self conscious of her height and tells everyone she’s shorter than she really is. Definitely the girl.

  16. Rose is a fighter for a living. He's got 50lbs min on her but he's also even money to cry when she lands the first punch. I'm genuinely conflicted.

  17. Says the guy who "brought his own dick up to his lips just to see if he could but then stopped there". This dude lying.

  18. I have this bro-science hypothesis that because Joe is 5'3" he wishes he had had a doctor willing to put him on growth hormone as a kid so he could've been taller and he rages at the medical establishment in part because they said dwarfism starts at 4'10" in males so no HGH for you!

  19. Never understood why he’s so insecure about his height, everyone knows he ain’t 5’8. You think a comedian could use his own height as a joke like how Kevin hart does but rogan tries to hide it.

  20. I think moving forward we should ask all fighters to stand tall when around Joe Rogan so that if it so happens there’s a camera that catches a glimpse, we could accurately measure him.

  21. There have been threads about his height for like over 15 years on the MMA forums. A number of people claim they met him, shook his hand etc, consensus seems to be he could be like 5'6".

  22. On a different note about 15 years ago I worked at an airport and had to hand out a few things to Cristiano Ronaldo. He was with his mom who was and this isn't an exaggeration.. comically tiny. He looked almost double her height. I have no idea how this dude became one of the best athletes in history.

  23. Joe doesn’t hate all short guys, just the ones who aren’t excessively manly. Hell, Cam Haynes is also a manlet and Joe loves that guy.

  24. We get it, Joe is negative 4 meters tall and warps the fabric of spacetime. This meme is so worn out that it's more dead than the horse CNN says Joe stole his Ivermectin from.

  25. You have 24 usable disks in your spine. At age 54, you'll have lost about about 3 mm per disk due to age and compression. That's 72 mm which is about slightly less than 3 inches.

  26. Who gives af?! I swear you guys will latch on the anything and everything and all band together to be mad about anything joe Rogan.

  27. Well he’s said he lost a few inches from exercising and wrestling just grinding down his spine cartilage. The real questionable thing here is what this dude is wearing

  28. Why does anybody give a fuck how tall he is? I've seen these posts time and again. Like is this supposed to be funny? Bobby Lee is like 5'3 and nobody ever mentions it.

  29. He looked taller than Brandon Moreno when standing next to him and Moreno is 5'7. Does this motherfucker change heights every few months or what?

  30. It was fun when it was more ball busting. The sort of shit you’d joke around with your friends. Now it’s weird Reddit people trying to “take Joe down”

  31. Jesus Christ i think I’m leaving this sub. It’s literally just a bunch of people who hate Rogan. Every single post is just talking shit about him. I just wanted a place to talk about the episodes not a I hate Joe Rogan sub.

  32. Well yeah. Most people here are listeners from years ago and he's different person now so it makes sense that a large percentage of people here are no longer on the same wavelength as Joe

  33. Look.. weeee giiit ok, weeeeeee giiitttt it. Lil Joe is your Adonis.. but does he really have the Bess brains for the dee alrts. Also, how many chiggs ya fugg bapa?

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