Joe and Jocko discuss monoclonal antibodies and why they're hard to get

  1. Well this was the last straw to leave this subreddit. How can you be so delusion to prefer this instead of just getting a well researched and tested vaccine? Pathetic.

  2. Pretty sure he’s referring to Christian eriksen, and he had an undiagnosed heart condition. Nothing to do with the vaccine.. but who needs facts when you wildly speculate?

  3. I literally know of more young football players who have died on the football field in my community than people who have died or almost died from the vaccine.

  4. Did he really just refer to Christian Eriksen? I saw the match live and one of the first things i thoght was: “oooooh fuck these antivaxers are going to make a point out of this”.

  5. Guys.. guys... did you know Joe Rogan is not actually a comedian? He is actually an extremely well known virologist with 30 years of experience. In all seriousness this is some whack job ass shit does he think Virologists don't know what works against covid at this point?

  6. The best part is when they find out that it's significantly more expensive than the vaccine and can't be produced at mass scale for everyone, then Jocko says to give them to people who are at most risk, and Joe says to give it to people who catch the virus...

  7. The thing I never understand is that they trust the research from the same print journals that say monoclonal antibodies are effective but then they don't trust the vaccine research. Then they talk about pharmaceutical companies making billions, but then they want something that's far more expensive to produce at mass scale to be given to people. I don't know if they are too stupid to understand how this makes them look or not.

  8. The worst part about new Joe is that when he is faced with the fact that monoclonal antibodies cost 100-200 times as much as the vaccines depending on the vaccine and that they cant be as mass produced, he doesn't take a back step to rethink his idea that he might be wrong and that it makes more sense money wise for big pharma to only produce the antibody treatment, he doesn't do that but does the classic conspiracy theorist line of thought ''Okay, I might not understand it but there is something there surely!!!''

  9. "It costs more and there's less of it," is such obvious reasoning, he's suspect it's true because the alternative would be he's an idiot.

  10. As a scientist who has both developed mABs and vaccines in my career, it was both hilarious and frustrating to argue with idiots here and abroad about this topic. People really thought mABs were just easily available for anyone for free. They are also very powerful drugs that really shouldn't be used willy nilly for a number of reasons but are very safe and effective regardless. Vaccines just are a way better prophylactic option.

  11. I wonder if Joe is more potent in spreading misinformation than mainstream media. Disguising yourself as unbiased and spitting propaganda along with some nuanced opinions seems quite effective.

  12. i think at this point it would just be a few hours of burr going “ah i don’t know i’m not a fucking doctor, you’re not a doctor” again or just being bewildered by the conspiracy brain rot. would be a hilarious roasting again though.

  13. I have this assumption and feeling that burr is really over Rogan, you can see it in his face each time they are together. I think after that election night shit, Burr is just done with his bullshit.

  14. There is no defense to this kind of BS. Almost everything he says in this clip is flat out wrong. Scientifically and empirically proven to be wrong. It's not just opinions, or asking questions anymore. He's actively pushing misinformation and tripling down. He could have actual experts on, to learn the truth, but he has people who also have no idea, and just rants at them.

  15. Holy sh*t so true. Just every sentence he says is a lie and jet he seems to be believe that its the truth. Seems like his antibodies did not prevent him from becoming dumb.

  16. The last time I watched his podcast was with Dr Rhonda Patrick, once she started talking about covid and vaccines Joe just crossed his arms before even talking. I knew that he's not even gonna listen to what she has to say, he chooses to believe his anecdotal evidence rather than believing a doc.

  17. A large percentage of people with Covid have no symptoms at all. Why did Joe get sick at all if he’s so healthy? How does he know that ivermectin and the kitchen sink did anything at all to help him?

  18. I loved when Joe mentioned that he sent Ari and Aaron Rogers nurses, because we can all afford to send nurses and meds to our friends.

  19. This is the thing that gets me. I don't really care that he doesn't want to take the vaccine. He's not too old and fairly healthy. But the dissonance in logic between thinking it's not a big deal, and throwing kitchen sinks and sending your friends a team of nurses to shoot them up with any proven or unproven treatment available..

  20. I don't think he's ever even met Rodgers. I can't imagine sending a nurse and meds to our friends let alone some guy I've never met

  21. I can't imagine how they could possibly give everyone the antibody treatment. When I got my vaccine I went to a drive through clinic and there were over a 100 cars ahead of me and It only took 15 minutes to get through it. I can't imagine how long that would have taken for everyone to get hooked up to an IV drip to receive the antibodies I would have been there all day. My state does have the antibody treatment info available on their Covid website and have encouraged people to seek out the treatment if they get sick. So I would not say they are trying to hide it so people get vaccinated. Also I don't get what this whole narrative about them wanting everyone to get vaccinated is questionable. It's called herd immunity and it is also not new thing to encourage vaccination. It's why vaccines have always been encouraged and required for school attendance. So maybe all this Covid talk in social media is causing a hysteria around vaccines and making people hesitant to get them.

  22. Lmao at Jocko calling covid a click bate story and speculating it might not have made this news big if it happened in the 50s. The reason it made the news was cos hospitals were overflowing with ppl, they were only able to deal with covid patients by delaying non emergency appointments and adding restrictions.

  23. It's like every shmuck forgot what happened in Italy and Spain. Two major European countries that effectively got kicked in the nuts and weren't able to handle it. Jocko, for all his hardcore leadership skills, still manages to demonstrate how he's kind of a dumbass.

  24. The smirking grins through this whole thing is just fucking cringe.. He really really believes he is right and he is literally buffoonishly wrong about pretty much everything.

  25. Rogans an idiot. I work at a doctors office and all the people that didn't get the vaccine call crying that the need the therapy which is 4 injections (which ironically they are okay with.) All the people I've given it to call back a few days later complaining that they still have symptoms because they thought it would be "raid to roach."

  26. It may be one of the most galling aspects of this, that the economics of what they’re talking about is so obviously against their narrative, and this is just glossed over.

  27. I stopped listening to JRE because it was going down a path of not trying to balance views but to promote Joe’s views. He created his own echo chamber that he hates so much.

  28. I think this is what pisses me off the most. Public health science is well understood and has been studied extensively. We as a society learned a lot from smallpox and polio at the expense of a lot of human pain and suffering.

  29. Also, it’s worth remembering that the highest profile of the football incidents was Christian Eriksen, who collapsed during the World Cup. He was unvaccinated.

  30. Joe Rogan wants to believe we live in a world where people start fires because it gives something to keep the firefighters busy.

  31. These mf really would rather inject antibodies from infected hamster ovaries than a mRNA instruction set to make it themselves lol

  32. Joe, not everyone is as rich as you. It’s like he doesn’t realize the privilege he has because of who he is.

  33. The sad part is that MABs are hard to get and there's a lot of people who need it but guys like Joe, who apparently said he felt only a little sick, are buying up the supply for themselves.

  34. He’s so close yet so far. Corporations and the oligarchs are the ones tearing this country apart. We already know it takes money to win elections. The liberal and conservative elite use the media to tear the working class apart(including now Joe rogan) and blame the government lmaoooo do people not realize the oligarchs bought off all your favorite politicians the rich are the one doing all the shit you hate and imposing their will on the working class

  35. Why are so many people okay with corruption? It seems like people put corruption and policy positions so far down their list of what candidates they vote for, and #1 on their list is cultural issues. Bernie was one of the few candidates that isn’t corrupt and actually wants to help people, and he doesn’t get votes and he’s called a “commie”.

  36. You're from Melbourne? I've never been there, nor do I understand the laws, culture, seperation of powers in government, or really anything relating to the city/state/country, but here's why you're in a facist police state that needs liberating:

  37. Hey im from NSW (Western sydney) & were nearly 95% DD vaxxed. I don't know anyone, who knows anyone, who knows ANYONE who's even been hospitalised from the vaccine. Not even a friend of a friend of a friend. & neither has anyone I know. Wonder why that is

  38. I'm a physician (IN AUSTIN, JOE....) and haven't seen any negative reactions to the vaccine other than the short term immune response that lasts a day or so at worst. And that includes thousands of people. But what I have seen is a lot of deaths and long term morbidity from COVID. I don't have a podcast though so what would I know?

  39. Yeah I think Joe sees feeling like shit the day after as a “bad reaction” like actually getting covid isn’t as bad or worse.

  40. I'm in Ontario, we are at around 75% fully vaccinated, so approx 10 million people, I don't know of anyone either. I know we had one death from an Astra Zeneca shot and then Canada said no more of that one of the J&J, but no deaths from mRNA as far as i know.

  41. I don't know anyone in my personal circle or my wider Social media circle that has had any severe issues with the vaccine beyond the normal kinda sick while the immune response happens like every vaccine.. the idea that everyone knows someone that has actually died..not just a bad reaction but he said actually died from the vaccine is pants on fucking head.. antifa is starting the forest fires with jewish space lasers.. crazy shit.

  42. I work at a hospital and it’s mandatory vaccination. At work and in my outside life I know tons of people vaccinated and not one bad reaction to it. But yet every anti vaxer happens to know someone that had negative side affects to it. Lol

  43. Isn't it great to see an ex-actor, stand-up and host talk about virology as if he actually knows what he's talking about?

  44. Oh shit he has fallen even further. Gonna be interesting to see how crazy he gets in the coming months.

  45. To be fair, he said, “someone who has had a bad reaction to the vaccine, or….” But that is light years different from death.

  46. I just hope, that in the near future, Joe can shut the fuck up about Covid. I'm so tired of hearing about Covid, the drugs he took to get better, how fat people suck, etc for 70% of the podcast.

  47. That's amazing. You can literally see the 2 cogs in his mind stop spinning for a second when Jamie says that vaccines are cheaper and easier to mass produce. Then he switches from "this shit kills covid it's better than the vaccine, people are dying!" to then "well I'm not saying don't get vaccinated."

  48. I watch a ton of soccer from around the world, who are all these players that have had heart attacks? Other than the Euro moment or a couple of months ago a fan in the stands in the premier league had a heart attack, who else? Have I missed something?

  49. Joe talks about a study showing more athletes having gotten heart attacks in the last 4 months than in the last 4 years, and says “what could that be from?” Implying it’s from the vaccines

  50. Sergio Aguero is probably the most major player to leave soccer from heart trouble, and he had Covid at the beginning of the year.

  51. Especially since I'm pretty sure that Dr Rhonda Patrick said that you were more likely to have myocarditis from covid than from the vaccine. Like 3x higher chance.

  52. Also he’s completely and utterly wrong about what he’s talking about — FIFA has been recoding player deaths for quite some time and there is no abnormal deviation from the year to year statistical norms — toe as always, is actively spreading lies because he’s so god damn easy to manipulate. He thinks Dim tool is a credible news source for crying out loud. God I fucking hate Toe now lol, can’t believe I told ppl I was a fan previously 🤦‍♂️

  53. Lmfao, and people still have the gall to say Joe isn't an anti vaxxer. He's saying most people must know people who've either had severe reactions or who've died from the vaccine. This is a aggressively stupid statement.

  54. I live in a region with over 95% 16+ vaccinated and I don’t know anyone who has had a bad reaction from the vaccine. Joe is full of shit.

  55. Wait is this new? I haven’t watched his podcast since he became antivax but it seems like he’s doubling down….rip

  56. 2 meat heads talking about whats good for the country like they have medical degrees lol. I’m glad I gave up on joe when he moved to Spotify. Seems like the money got to his head

  57. It's funny because right from the jump Joe is so wrong. There were shortages of the monoclonal antibodies. I swear that they already touched on it many podcasts ago too because Joe was complaining that they restricted access to them. Yeah, because they are trying to save them for high risk patients who can die, not every dip shit that won't get vaxxed and feels sick

  58. This guy seriously just needs to shut the fuck up, every time he opens his mouth, bullshit flows out, and every time, he's shown to be dead wrong

  59. Ever since covid Joe has lost his mind. I stopped listening to him when this shit went down. He’s clueless on so many levels in this clip. Does he not understand supply and demand?

  60. Don't get the vaccine, because it's from the greedy pharmaceutical companies. Instead get sick, then get the monoclonal antibodies for thousands of dollars more from....Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Smart?

  61. Every time I hear Joe talk about the pandemic I regret 10 years of my life I spent listening to every podcast he ever released. Started at ep36 and left off around 1565. He is so fucking wrong about everything he says on this subject.

  62. Holy fuck I’m starting to side with the Trans Spotify employees who think giving this guy a platform is irresponsible, never thought I would say that in a billion years

  63. I don't get Joe sometimes. I haven't heard of monoclonal antibodies and it took only a couple of search results to understand roughly how they work (some of the information goes a bit over my head), how they are used and how costly they are and all kinds of useful information.

  64. Can you just imagine just letting everyone get Covid and get sick so they can take monoclonal antibodies? Or you can keep up on the Covid vaccine and probably not get sick at all.


  66. He’s wrong in so many ways. Just google monoclonal antibodies and you’ll find they are just man-made proteins that act like antibodies and also have similar side-effects as getting any vaccine.

  67. I have never heard someone say that they weren't taking the vaccine while Trump was president but would once Biden was. He mentions people tweeting that but it's always been people who are for it would get it and the people who are against it won't take it no matter who else has it or says to take it

  68. People take the context out of a clip of Kamala Harris at the debates, where she was asked if she would take the vaccine and basically said "I'm not going to take it because Donald Trump tells me to, I don't believe anything he says, but if the doctors and health professionals, if Dr. Fauci etc. tells me to take it, I'll take it."

  69. The current vice president said she wouldn't take trumps word for it and would need the medical community to endorse the vaccines.

  70. Who is this “they” he keeps talking about? They apparently really have their evil shit together

  71. Rogan has no clue what he's talking about. He bases this off his experience. I work in the medical field and have given quite a few patients the monoclonal treatment. It's ironic that they won't get the vaccine then cry that they need the monoclonal therapy which is 4 injections. Everyone he's speaking about are younger. Every patient I've given it to calls back saying that they still have symptoms because they expect it to "raid to roach" their COVID when all it does it prevent death from it.

  72. This is literally 2 goons who fought for a living (at one time or another in their careers) and have questionable educations talking about some of the most complex parts of human biology and how to work with it.

  73. One thing this whole thread made me realize... does the "comedian" defense really even work anymore AT ALL? Joe has practically given up on making this podcast a place for fans of comedy.

  74. I used to think Joe Rogan was a Neanderthal knuckledragging moron. I mean, I still do think he is, but I used to too. Seriously though, he used to be kind of a mixed bag, IMO anyway. But at this point, the guy is just a detriment to humankind.

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