Joe says that Sanjay Gupta had a poor showing on his podcast because Gupta had wrongly assumed that Joe would defer to him as a medical expert and that Gupta hadn't realized that Joe is "informed"

  1. I don't mind them having similar opinions but the circle jerking and pating each other on the back, while being so overconfidently sure to be 100% right, feels just icky and smugish.

  2. Imagine if one said I read 50 articles on military shit bro. Navy seal cant tell me shit about special ops.

  3. For Joe to unironically say he'd defer to Jocko on military shit but that a medical doctor should defer to Joe on COVID shit is absolutely mind blowing.

  4. Paraphrasing but Joe said “I would defer to you as the professional…but not him lol”. Directly referenced his double standard and still retained a totally smug self assured sense of credibility.

  5. But that's what Joe doesnt get. He literally said he'd refer to Jocko about military stuff and in the same breath not refer to a respected neurosurgeon about medicine.

  6. Wow! You spent a whole year reading! And even have a file on your phone! That must be worth way more than years of education and experience

  7. Does Joe talk about anything other than COVID anymore ? I’ve stopped listening because he always just seems to talk about the same stuff now 😴

  8. I think since he has a big enough audience that actually believes his every word like he is an expert, it makes him feel special, so he'll indulge as much as he can and go deeper into the rabbit hole........much like Eddie Bravo does.

  9. Listen to the Philip Goff episode. It's really good. Joe actually gives him a lot of time to lead the conversation rather than interrupt him with interjections about Covid, Biden, etc.

  10. Until he’s satisfied that everyone critical of him has issued a “you’re right, Joe. You’ve ALWAYS BEEN RIGHT!” memo, he won’t shut the fuck up. His entire model is based on contrarianism and evaluating how “upset” everyone is by the bullshit he spews. He’s patently unconcerned with the validity or substance of what he says - just the response to his lack of intelligence, discernment, authority, or sense making ability. It’s circuitous and makes him money so he keeps doing it.

  11. No you just watch these clips. Funny how Joe starts questioning the mainstream stuff and everyone gets mad at him. That is literally what he has always done.

  12. Did he just say he keeps a file on his phone as an explanation as to why he's more informed than a literal medical professional?

  13. If hes reading peer reviewed reports on covid I promise you he doesnt understand 80% of it. They're incredibly dry and technical to the highest level. Joe's reading the headline or taking away a single line from the findings, probably out of context.

  14. He’s trying to act like his arguments are all based on “research”. His whole objection to the vaccine has been anecdotal evidence. “ I know two people” or “I know 3 people”. It is so intellectually dishonest.

  15. It's hilarious that, ignoring the fact it has no merit regardless of size, he made it out to be this endless trove of information then he scrolls 1 and a half pages and it's done. Unreal.

  16. No no no no no. That's not what he said. It's a folder, called cooties, and it's full of dozens(!) Of links, or PDFs, or whatever, of Joe's super science studies. I think you'll agree that's pretty damn impressive. Med school is for beta soy boys.

  17. "Many people don't know this, but if you look up a research article, you're automatically as informed as the scientists who conducted three years of research worth nearly a billion dollars. I save them all on my phone, so I'm always more informed than whatever idiot scientist I'm talking to."

  18. Gupta just didn't want to call Joe an idiot on his own podcast. He's too stupid and insulated to realize this.

  19. Your 2 weeks of googling "Medicine" and saving whatever PDF you come across into a file folder does not equate to 7-9 years of medical school...

  20. But he's been talking to scientists and doctors for months and months and months... how does that not make him as qualified as someone who went to medical school???

  21. Lol and expected there to be a really long list. That list is shorter than sources cited in an undergrad essay

  22. This is pathetic and weird. The man is getting boomerier and pettier as he ages. I would say less funny too but he never really had that to begin with

  23. I love that we live in a timeline when no one needs to go to school to be an expert on medicine and virology anymore. That'll save so much money

  24. I think Gupta had a poor showing because he wasn’t expecting Joe to push back so hard against him. I think that’s catching a lot of people off guard nowadays, at least people who’s politics are now opposite of Joe’s. And like everyone else, Gupta was too timid to push Joe right back. Gupta could’ve easily burned Joe right back over the whole kitchen sink treatment, but I don’t think Gupta is the kind of person to do that. I’m waiting for someone to stop walking on those eggshells and really dig into Joe. Give me Bill Burr!

  25. Joe’s been spiraling down this path for a while now, but his position has become extra solidified even in the last couple months or so. I think a lot of them (like Dr. Rhonda Patrick) came on ready to give Joe the benefit of the doubt that he’s not some close-minded anti-vax person, then they realize while they’re on the podcast, “Oh shit, he’s far down this rabbit hole” and proceed to walk on eggshells. Cat’s out of the bag now, but I’m sure many will still tiptoe around the subject because they don’t want to be so argumentative or they still want that sweet Rogan support.

  26. I must say I thought Gupta had very weak or no real arguments arguing his points. Could be he wasn’t prepared to push back as you say but sounds a bit unlikely to me that he wouldn’t mention his strongest arguments.

  27. I think Bill would be more likely to poke fun at Joe and steer the conversation to something like sports these days. Joe's audience is useful to him, so he'd be dumb to risk losing it.

  28. Joe actually had a good response to everything Gupta said. Not sure what else he could have done, Joe had logically sound arguments.

  29. Kinda doubt it tbh. Joe has the correct take - Gupta misunderstood the nature of the interview. It wasn’t timidity that held him back, he just didn’t know what to say.

  30. It’s wild that he would defer to Jocko on military shit but not to a doctor on medical shit. WILD. “Look I have at least 20 articles I saved in my phone!” Vs 10 years of medical school and decades of practice.

  31. That has to be a meme and in the future we can all look back on this moment and what characterized this Covid era and culture of this era.

  32. Joe didn’t come up with the drugs he took, he asked doctors himself, so its more like which doctor do you choose? The one who is personal and here to hep or the one who is run bu CNN which is basically liberal Fox news.

  33. The problem is guptas claims didn't stand up to criticism. All the other experts he has one, their arguments stand up to criticism

  34. That's the difference between someone who went to college and someone who hasn't. If, you've done a modicum of research in your life, this will make you roll your eyes.

  35. The arrogance of these two meatheads.. lol! whats that meme about hard times create good men.. These two morons are the great times create dumbfucks version!

  36. Dumb fucks create dumb times. Dumb times create even dumber fucking people. And dumber fucking people creat dumb and fucking dumber and that just turns into idiocracy

  37. Holy fuck. Just watched the entire clip. Joe literally thinks he's a doctor now lmfao. What a fucking dumb idiot.

  38. Post primary education was a bridge too far for Joe. It would be a miracle if he actually enrolled in any kind of college class to expand his understanding of the world. Hell I'd give him points if he just bought a bio textbook.

  39. Why would a neuro surgeon who is deferring to his own credentials as a doctor be more informed than Joe who has been talking to actual virologists, evolutionary biologists etc. Gupta is no expert on covid

  40. Is this an actual fucking question? You realise there are viruses that effect the brain right? That you have to have a thorough extensive knowledge around virology to get through Medical school and advanced training in neurosurgery that is leagues beyond talking to someone for a couple of hours.

  41. How does he talk with so many different biologists and scientists and virologist and etc. and end up with the conclusion that he's not going to take the vaccine.

  42. Joe is intolerable at this point. Just another douche saying dumb shit surrounded by sycophants hoping a few crumbs fall off his plate.

  43. I nearly died listening Jaco saying his stuff is made for real Americans who are against communist regime of China! It was such a shit and populist way of advertising his company. And yes I’m not changing my opinion that people lean to far right once they become rich and powerful

  44. Makes sense, everyone should be directing their hate towards most of the ultra rich in the US.

  45. I also hate that argument that age is meant to make you drift right. I will never be right wing, the values are morally bereft.

  46. Lmfao I guess peer reviewed means nothing when it's not in your favor now. And most disputes in the peer review process are more statistical in nature than they are medical in nature. Not that this matters anyway since according to you peer review is "just like whatever man lol"

  47. Does he realize how stupid he looks to the majority of the population? Is he just saying stupid shit now to be controversial or is this really him now? WTF happened?

  48. Had to skip the method section. And introduction. Ok and the discussion. But I read the part of the conclusion that I agreed with and could almost understand.

  49. I actually think he's right. Gupta didn't do a great job, and a large amount of skeptics felt the side of vaccines lost again. Gupta did wrongly assume he would go on without issue. He seemed like he didn't ever listen to the show and he wanted to just sell his book, which I don't think did well anyway

  50. I don't have contention with that point. I think Dr. Gupta came on thinking it would be a slam dunk, and had no idea that Joe is a numbskull that is often irrational when he's challenged. There were multiple instances where Joe clearly misunderstood Gupta's point and inferred the wrong thing, and didn't stop to let Gupta correct the points. A lot of it was gish gallop.

  51. It’s hilarious seeing all the butt hurt Joe fans in this thread playing defense and sucking joes cock more than us apparent CNN shills 🤣🤣

  52. When Joe says “I’havebeen paying attention” he sounds very effeminate and insecure yet confident at the same time.

  53. Yeah mate, no one that's appeared on CNN has ever been correct! Meanwhile Joe is batting 1000 on picking up only the correct heterodox takes.

  54. the problem with highly educated & well thought of professionals is they have been bred to be polite - they don’t stand a chance against savage murdererers

  55. Everyone is going to get covid be prepared for it or don't that is your choice we've never behaved this way before as a society and its deeply disturbing

  56. Gupta got burned because there are still real valid questions about the vaccine and the media thinks they can just push a vaccine onto someone.

  57. So many covid Karen’s so salty in the comments. Go get your booster shots and post it on fb for mummy to like.

  58. Jeez you guys are a bunch of turds. CNN (and others) blatantly lied and spread disinformation about Joes treatment. I get that this sub is an anti-Rogan circle jerk but for God’s sake see outside of your echo chambers for two minutes every once in a while…

  59. I enjoyed the Gupta podcast and honestly I thought they both did a good job. Is Rogan an expert? No, but he's definitely informed enough to challenge covid dogma with facts and the opinions of other experts whom he's talked with directly.

  60. Sure, but I’ve never heard Joe mention even one positive covid study, even to break it down from his perspective. There’s tons out there lol

  61. Reddit wants you to believe that you shouldnt have thoughts on anything unless you are getting paid for it. Until then its just "trust the experts, question nothing"

  62. Haven't listed to JRE since Spotify and now this sub is pointless as a Joe Rogan sub. Nothing but edge lords who hate him.

  63. Not listening since Spotify is probably why you don’t understand why everyone thinks Rogan is a jackass now. He’s a completely different person now.

  64. Idk why people follow this sub if all they do is shit on him. Criticism is fine but it’s like all there is on here..

  65. Lol, it’s Reddit. It’s also sad because I’m a fan and everything posted in here is to shit on Rogan.

  66. It’s the weirdest shit ever. I posted on another comment above… Chill out or tune out. It’s not that hard to stop listening to someone you don’t agree with even though their take on Joe’s opinion on vaccines is bullshit. It’s like these people don’t even listen to the whole podcast anymore and just see the clips or snippets posted on this sub.

  67. I don’t understand how people will listen for 9 hours a week and then claim to hate him and his opinions. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  68. I'd probably think I know more than the doctor from the news network that doubled down on Ivermectin being horse dewormer too

  69. What did medical school teach this guy specifically about covid? What did medical school teach him specifically about the new mRNA Vaccines?

  70. Y’all thinking your so smart coming on to joe rogan site and trash talking lol joe doesn’t ever say not to get the vaccine , his parents and friends have it , he literally got over covid In days without the vaccine and y’all just shit on him lol it’s hilarious and sad. He must live rent free in most of your heads, who takes advice from a media outlet whether it’s from fox or cnn , y’all are sad

  71. Fucking facts. This sub is filled with people who don’t even listen to Joe anymore. I don’t know how you can disagree with his opinion on vaccines. He pretty clearly says it is a good option for some people but it’s not the ONLY option. People do not like nuance these days.

  72. Also: not everyone listens to your podcast Joe. It’s not that he’s busy (it probably is), but I’m sure he has no interest.

  73. Is that impossible, To be informed by other doctors that disagree with Gupta? Yes, yes it is. Doctors are not another kind of human, capable of comprehending ideas that us regular humans can’t understand.

  74. This is the worst Bro down I have ever seen. They admit the guy is a legit neurosurgeon but because Joe has talked to people so he knows as much or more? This is next level arrogance.

  75. It makes me smile knowing people hate joe so much they'll take time out of their day to write posts about someone they hate.

  76. I like to think Joe is intentionally bombing his own show bc it’s stayed so far from what it once was; but that’s sadly probably not the case

  77. I'm about to fight a champion kickboxer. But he hasn't been paying attention to me. He doesn't know I have a Planet Fitness membership. He doesn't know that I've watched instructional videos on self defense and read books by Bruce Lee. This motherfucker has no idea what's about to go down.

  78. Joe said to Gupta that CNN lied but Gupta won't outright say it, because they did. Joe clearly felt he had the higher ground to push it (despite he himself would says something dumb about natural immunity wins vs vaccines) but he was confronting Gupta for the lie.

  79. I couldn't believe the difficulty Joe had with understanding Sanjay's point about the risk of myocarditis being higher if you get the actual virus versus the vaccine.

  80. I don't understand why Rogan talks about the vax so much. Like it's been out for over a year get over it.

  81. Love how this subreddit has just turned into an echo chamber of Joe haters who pretend like people actually give a shit haha.

  82. Joe is simply stating that he is informed, as in, he has taken in lots of information on the subject. This is the basis of what constitutes having an “informed opinion”. Never once did he claim that he was an “expert”, although, that is what this subreddit will make it out to be.

  83. Look at all these articles that I’ve collected that I agree with, don’t worry about all the other articles that state the opposite of what I agree with

  84. Rogan has dug a hole for himself and is realizing the limits of how much people will buy into his pseudoscience. It’s kind of sad to watch unfold actually.

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