Rogan asking Nugent "but why? why why why?" about the agenda of the Left, because he refuses to have on guests who can answer him.

  1. A big part of right wing media is republicans telling republicans what democrats think. No wonder there is such a divide in this country.

  2. Well that's because Bernie is now part of his grift. Every other political talking point he's made in the past 2 years conflicts with Bernie but Joe is pretending he hasn't done a complete 180. He gets tweets by Glenn Greenwald saying Joe Rogan can't be far right because he endorsed Bernie.

  3. That Bernie speech (2015) is evidence of just how much Trump's victory in 2016 triggered a massive shift from liberalism to Leftwing Marxism. Bernie is just another dog following his masters, one example of many.

  4. I wouldn't call Tim Pool or Dave Rubin left wing. But the rest of them their main schtick is calling out the democratic establishment, which is great and important to do, but he doesn't have full on lefties that are on just to talk about leftwing issues.

  5. He has conservatives like Shaprio and Nugent and Dan Crenshaw, but they're always conservatives who refuse to answer "why". They never explain how immigration is being used to replace the host population, or how critical race theory is ant-White propaganda.

  6. The real question…Is there ANYONE else who could POSSIBLY love Ted Nugent more than Ted Nugent 🤔Dude’s ego is insane. Kinda funny how Joe doesn’t acknowledge or comment when Ted refers to himself in third person, despite the fact that it seems to be a pet peeve of his when others do it 🤔

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