This one is going to hurt a lot of feelings

  1. Gee golly, it’s almost as if the polarization and politicization of Covid affects the judgement of every dumbfuck in this country, regardless of political affiliation.

  2. Corporate media spreads fear and anger because it gets them higher ratings. Higher ratings mean more advertiser money. They just use the news as a Trojan horse.

  3. Sounds like my situation. My in-laws think I’m some woke liberal socialist and my family thinks I’m some right wing trump lover. Gotta love the narratives.

  4. Damn sounds like you read the news from both sides and make a rational opinion that doesn’t demonize half the nation.

  5. Well yea, look at the state of the world right now. Who printed all that money? Who is taking it on the chin? Republican leadership has been fully unhinged to let something like this develop.

  6. Facts bro. I’m just about to beat Covid, I am double Moderna Vaxed. My mom who religiously watches MSNBC was trying to convince me last night that the first thing I need to do after I am cleared is get my booster shot 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. Ronald Reagan, who was good friends with Rupert Merdock and Roger Ailes, destroyed journalistic media when he axed the Fairness Doctrine which was basically Federal rules on how News operates on American Citizen owned airways. THis is what opened the doors for the Rush Limbaughs/Joe Rogans of the world.

  8. Are they successful, wealthy, healthy and happy people? Or did they have a hard life? I tend to find that ppl who care so much about news that it becomes their identity and watch it religiously don’t have much going on in their lives. The news becomes part of their conscious and it’s a sad form of cope. These are lost people looking for a escape. It’s just that their form of drugs or alcohol is hate media.

  9. The real grift lies in that people like Rogan and Maher are also sucking off the teet of tribalism. They get clicks and views from "the other side". Everyone sits in smug satisfaction that they're somehow above this bullshit and they play right into it.

  10. Looks like this is from April(?) of last year. Cant find the actual poll he referencing, but just looking at the graph he put up, 51% of R and 50% of independants also believe its over 20%.

  11. “Democrats provide much higher and more accurate vaccine efficacy estimates than Republicans (88% vs. 50%), and unvaccinated Republicans have a median vaccine efficacy of 0%, compared with 73% for vaccinated Republicans. The results suggest that the low vaccine uptake among Republicans may be driven, at least in part, by an inaccurate understanding of the published data on vaccine effectiveness”

  12. Generally the public sucks ass at guessing percentages. This isn't unique to covid, you'll find similar detachment of data and guesses across the board.

  13. I don’t put a lot of stock in these kinds of polls. I’ve done too many UX studies to believe there aren’t 20% of people who just didn’t understand the question, much less have an opinion or are at all confident about that opinion.

  14. Plenty of democrats are hippies and morons who think vaccines cause autism. I remember when all my republican family members made fun of hippies for ignoring doctors advise for “spiritual” shit.

  15. Why are you looking at the vaccinated risk numbers instead of the unvaccinated numbers? The data says 41% of dems think there is a 50% chance of ending up in the hospital while unvaccinated.

  16. calling someone an antivaxxer because they don’t want to get one vaccine is a divisive political tactic used by the left to group people who refuse the covid vaccine in with people who refuse ALL vaccines. it’s pedantic bullshit

  17. First off 1-5% is a massive range for a statistic. Secondly with 800k new cases is the US alone in the last 30 days that is up to 40k people hospitalized. Our system isn’t designed to deal with that kind of patient load. So this is a huge problem smh.

  18. Just because 40,000 people tested positive in hospitals in New York doesn’t mean they were there because of omicron. You people are such disingenuous liars and you wonder why people don’t trust “the science”.

  19. You’ll notice while the at number is slightly higher in dems than independent, the trends are generally the same between the three groups for all percentages. All 3 groups have the largest percentage thinking 50% go to the hospital. If anything this just shows no group is super well informed

  20. Liberals couldn’t give a sheet about facts that counter their narrative. I have liberal friends who still spout off about Trump’s Russian collusion. It’s absolutely remarkable

  21. That’s because liberals are like that character who thinks the sky is falling all the time. That and they’re pussies. Lol

  22. I’ve never had a Democrat tell me that wearing a mask kills us by forcing us to breathe our own carbon monoxide.

  23. I miss the good ol’ days of this being a Joe hate sub. Goddamn boomers ruin the economy and now they’re posting Bill Maher on this sub. Let us have something guys. Y’all got cheap houses, cheap/free education, wages that could support a family…just let us have a subreddit.

  24. They are still gonna sit here and say how bad It is and we are all wrong. no matter what. There is.No changing sheep's minds. God for fucking bid they listen to a different opinion..

  25. you dont see the irony in this at all do you. Youre taking a narative, from a media talking head, who cherry picked data from a poll to prove a point he wanted to make. If you can find the poll hes referencing, i guarentee you could find data from that poll that shows R are off about a different fact about covid. Even in this graph he shows 51% of R believe the same thing, hes bashing D's for believing

  26. Mate, your entire comment history looks like it came straight out of a modern American Conservative Free Thinker™ production line. There's absolutely nothing of nuance there. I'm not exaggerating when I say that seemingly half of it entirely consists of single-sentence comments calling people dumb, "Brainwashed sheeps", "Braindead idiots", comparing COVID to the Flu, repeating false rhetoric about COVID/Vaccines, and generally an odd obsession with CNN and taking any chance to shit on liberals.

  27. pretty clear considering most rich democrats you talk to will act like Covid is on the same level as Black death

  28. This should surprise no one, as most people get their information from the mainstream media who by current profit-incentivization, promote extremes on both sides as people are presented an unrealistic portrayal of factual reality. With that being said, our medicial infrastructure system is still at risk from this pandemic and nearly all data shows vaccines are the best tool we have to help lessen this burden and they help save far more lives than any risk they offer - and hey, by all means if you want to ignore the advice of the consensus of global medical professionals and promote "personal medical freedom", just remember to keep that philosophy if you get ill and stay home and treat yourself, as everyone else should not have to shoulder the burden of "medical freedom" for you.

  29. Sorry but although this is surprising, it kinda makes sense when you think about it, Democrats are much much more likely to be vaccinated. You know when you are vaccinated your hospitalisation rate is drastically reduced to the point where you do not need to ever worry about it, you just get vaccinated and get on with your life. Why would they bother checking that stat? The more important stats are the death rate and how contagious it is, thats the critical factor on why there is an entire pandemic for this virus and not others. And those are the stats that the republicans get completely wrong and democrats get more right.

  30. This is my favorite sub, a week ago it was all memes bashing on JRE we’ve flipped the script and average redditors are loosing

  31. It's about time everyone wakes up to the fact that the "news" shows you whatever it is they think will get people to watch, regardless whether or not it's factual.

  32. As soon as someone says... "it's going to hurt a lot of feelings " I imagine that same person burning carhartt items because of feelings.

  33. Thank you Bill "Vietnam was a necessary war" Mayor for another shit take. You stupid ass numb nuts who cares about who believes what. 1-5% hospitalizations is still too much for the healthcare system, stop fixating on the politics and the psychos that profit off misinforming you.

  34. Um maybe because 5 and a half million people worldwide died in under 2 years. Forgive us for overreacting.

  35. Thats why all of reddit swears the vaccines are necessary because theu prevent hospitalization. We werent going to get hospitalized in the first place. Ffs.

  36. He spoke in a bookstore beneath my condo in SF awhile back, he’s nice. He’s very pale and shorter than I expected, I wanted him to drink some water and go for a bike ride. Smart fella too, treated everybody very well.

  37. Bill Mahr is an utter douche but undeniably he has had his moments, I love his New Rules segment, if his whole show was just that I'd watch it

  38. Nah, then people will try seek out docs who agree with them, or they just wouldn’t see a doctor at all. I could be way off on this opinion, but that’s the sense I get hearing people speak here in suburban Ohio

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