The last time you'll ever use google

  1. Not to mention Amazon is probably searched a lot, so it's suggesting what is typed in. Also corporate interest, but everyone knows this I feel. Normal people keep typing in ardvark or advertisement ..

  2. Yes, if you have any of the apps (Facebook, gmail, instagram, chrome, etc) on background refresh or have the process running in the background it will pickup sounds, phone calls, and messages. We have all agreed and allowed them to do this.

  3. No shit right? We've all known this about google forever. The real deep shit is what google is doing with image search and politically incorrect sites.

  4. I just read this comment my head like the kid on billy Madison. I really hope that’s what you were going for

  5. This is fukn dumb. Of course they’re gonna promote sites they do business with. And no shit they’re gonna put their own products and services up there as well. Homie was acting like he was revealing a cure for cancer.

  6. Lmao, this is the guy that those mockery conspiracy videos are made after. There are 6 letters in the word Google. 6 ÷2 is 3. There are 3 sides to a triangle. Therefore Illuminati

  7. Best part of the podcast is when he said “you are distracting me from my work and studies today by the way joe “

  8. This has got to be one of the worst JRE podcasts of all time right?? This guy can’t explain anything, he’s super condescending, and when Joe presses him on any of his claims it doesn’t seem to be based on anything substantial. The crazy part is this guy has some incredible credentials. Mind boggling.

  9. This right here. Everybody in here clowning on this obvious doofus not realizing this is also your neighbor, your friends from church, your friends at work, your cousin, probably several people you encounter on your day today endeavors. The focus is on the feeling of discovering the thing behind the curtain, regardless of if that narrative is consistent or if the facts even support the case. That is inconsequential to revealing an underlying hidden thing that only you and few select others are able to see.

  10. This episode was so painful to get through. I knew from the beginning when Joe said "What's the operating system you use?", and the guest had no clue what the operating system was. From that point, I knew I wasn't going to care for this guy.

  11. I've watched probably 2,000 hours of JRE and this is the first one where I had to come to Reddit to talk shit. I hate this fucking retard so much

  12. "So your first and third suggestions...." OK DUDE what a cold reading mother fucker. You can spot these charlatans a mile away if you can avoid being mesmerized by bullshit for maybe 20 seconds.

  13. He literally says Amazon is the largest source of traffic for Google while also trying to point out that it’s strange that it’s the top search result for the letter A… I can’t even

  14. This guy is an idiot and has no clue what seo is. Google is giving you suggestions based off location and search history of yourself and others around you BECAUSE THATS THE POINT. It’s in their best interest to give you what you’re looking for so you’ll reuse their product.

  15. This is really disturbing. I googled dumbfuck and this guy was the first 10 results. But that's not all. Google also had a "did you mean?" section that gave "dickless dumbfuck shits in his own cereal on JRE". Conspiracy? You decide.

  16. I typed in gay porn in Google and a bunch of naked men with penises came up! WTF GOOGLE. Never using Google again. Thanks Joe exotic.

  17. Over 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back... can Joe just keep Bryan Callen in the other room at all times to wave him in at times like this

  18. Reminds me of when a kid would come in school to the rest of us pulling a serious and dramatic face and tone only to tell us an obvious thing we all knew. We’d then laugh at and take the piss out of him for the next week or so, so that they’d never come back to us with retarded shit like this.

  19. My dad is in his seventies and not very tech savy, this is the conversation we would have if I somehow hired him to find proof that Google is manipulating me.

  20. For some reason if we criticize this boring ass dude we are liberal cucks. Jesus Christ can you call someone fucking boring without it being about left or right?

  21. While this dweeb is teaching Joe how to Google, perhaps he can access the settings tab and turn off predictive results as well as spellcheck.

  22. Did this guy really just imply that Google suggesting “Amazon” is a conspiracy when he himself admits that Amazon is Google’s number one source of traffic? So basically, if someone is on Google, there’s already a pretty good chance that they’re there to use Amazon, and those odds go WAY up if you type in an A. How is that mind blowing?

  23. What's interesting is that both Amazon and Google are controlled by Umbrella Corp (black Rock and vanguard have circular ownership and are the top shareholder in both companies.

  24. They have about 10% between them. Means a lot of money for them but not diddly squat on the decisions compared to Larry Page and Sergey Brin alone, let alone all the other shareholders.

  25. It says AD before the first three results. Google sucks compared to duck duck go for sure... but this isn't news to anyone. Except this guy? I .... guess?

  26. Stopped using Google 2 years ago. Slowly weaning myself from everything Google. Already Apple and Amazon free. The phone is the hardest part.

  27. I put this episode on the other day and had to turn it off after 5 minutes, it really didn't take very long to tell this guy was a quack.

  28. I'd say I'd never use Google again, except my phone is an Android. Doesn't seem to matter since the shits always watching.

  29. These guests that speak with a elementary teacher talking to a 3rd grader of explanations and setting up questions is so difficult to listen to even if he has found some good insights. “Guess what” “HA.. slow drink of water I’ve done studies..” what an ear assault..

  30. this convo felt like when u are on a lot of weed and u just want it to end but u did too much and everyone is talking slow as shit but even so you cant understand a goddam thing they're saying until u remember everybody is high as fuck and then u panik

  31. Guys, Google is unfairly loading search autocompletes! I just typed in the letter B and the top five results were all for Bailey Jay!

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