Careful, Dan "eye-patch" Crenshaw might get litigious. Saager and Krystal no longer welcome on the podcast

  1. Crenshaw is the biggest hypocrite in Congress. I remember him on JRE droning on about how we're "too divided" blah blah blah. True! But then head over the Dan's twitter. It's a shit-show of name-calling, "Biden is a secret socialist communist russia puppet", conspiracies, and insanity.

  2. That’s how all republicans are. They claim to be for something in public while knowing that their braindead voters wouldn’t actually look into it. Republicans don’t read crenshaws tweets or look at any legislation he passes…they just catch the sound bites he puts out there and Tucker Carlson picks up to echo

  3. Ummm welcome to politics, its about staying in power not representation anymore. Rally up your base, get them angry about something and hope they think your solution to that problem is the best. Both sides do it.

  4. What a piece of shit. They should take a look at his (and all of congress) stock trading before they got in office. If they show wildly different investment strategies they should be investigated for insider trading.

  5. The reason why this doesn't happen is because republicans only have a problem with Pelosi doing it, but dont care enough about pressuring the people they vote for to do something about it when republicans get caught red handed like Kelly Loffler was.

  6. Problem is - regulating entities of the stock market are in on it, I.E. SEC and chairman Gary Gensler. They go after small fish and pat themselves on the back but turn a blind eye when there is fam in and empirical evidence of insider trading from powerful people like in Congress. It’s also good to mention, Gary Gensler is Wall St, he was a big wig at Goldmansachs before his gig at the SEC. It’s all one big party and we’re not invited.

  7. It’s funny to me Joe rightly loves making jokes about the corruption of Pelosi’s insane portfolio returns but he can’t even manage to muster a peep for Crenshaw who performed even better than Pelosi in 2021. Just wish Joe could get back to actually shitting on both sides and not just make the same generic ‘Democrats suck’ memes while still refusing to criticize the right. I mean, in this case it’s pretty damn easy to do.

  8. Joe needs to go back to "All politicians need to do mushrooms", which was his take for a long time. "If you haven't done mushrooms, you need to shut the fuck up" was his mantra for years.

  9. Most people invest in the stock market, not to become rich, but to be able to retire. As a congress person they get their pay for life after a certain amount of time. They literally don't need it, so what's left over is literally personal enrichment. Which of course they can do. They can also retire from congress and do it. So yeah....let's ban it for people in power. Makes sense to me. If they want to seek personal enrichment they can just stop being in congress.

  10. Guys a clown. Still cannot for the life of me figure out why so many people freaked out when Pete Davidson did some light ribbing against him

  11. Dude isn't real popular in his home district anymore, especially after his last appearance talking to his constituents lol. No clue what happens...but he is definitely gonna get a challenge from someone down here.

  12. Dan Crenshaw meets with Rogan weekly/monthly and discuss what republican talking points rogan needs to be saying on his podcast . Rogan thinks he is doing a good thing , Crenshaw use rogan . They know what information to feed him , what to tell him to make him upset , Rogan said the tell him his is a scout on the frontlines getting info of what people want .

  13. What pisses me off the most about him are the seemingly smart people like Brett Weinstein and Rogan suggesting this clown represents the middle.

  14. As if it wasn't obvious... Democrats and Republicans do not give a fuck about any of you. They want one thing money at any cost.

  15. are these two dumb? i agree with them that politicians shouldn't be able to trade individual stocks but 174k for a congressmen is not a lot of money. And then they go and talk about the staff being from affluent families which is exactly what Crenshaw said would happen to them as well.

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