1. Jesus Christ. If you’re American and don’t get the joke(which I’d be surprised about because it’s not too complicated) then just ignore it and move on. There’s no need to leave a comment saying how its an awful joke or something. If a joke contained American references then you don’t see non-Americans commenting and complaining. It’s just that the majority of Americans seem to be completely arrogant and stupid expecting the rest of the world to know everything about them but hate it whenever there’s reference to another country.

  2. It's funny because the reporter's shift to a negative description of the lad implies an inherent and severe bias against Liverpool fans. This may have added humorous effect for readers familiar with football fandom. Bravo!

  3. I'm not American, i don't watch any sports, i don't know any of the teams, but i still got the joke, that the reporter wants to make him look bad because he supports a team they don't like.

  4. The tensions between Manchester and Liverpool actually started outside of football, so it's as much a joke about British society as it is football.

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