What do you call a Magician that looses his magic?

  1. It never did. We just have a large number of people who never learned to spell. You see it all the time. We have Loose vs Lose, breath vs breathe, lightning vs lightening, etc.

  2. My theory is this: lose rhymes with choose, and they should be spelled the same. How do you think lose is pronounced? "Lohs"? And people still can't differentiate between to, two, and too; or you're and your. As the years tick by, people are lacking intelligence and increasing in ignorance.

  3. Evolution or devolution of predictive text and autocorrect algorithms. Machine learning excels at the majority of cases but often does worse with edge cases. I bet you could pin the rise of loose to a new version of Android 2 years ago, given there are far more android than Apple users.

  4. It's been a thing since the cradle of the internet, probably even earlier. It's a basic thing people screw up, like their and there

  5. yeah, that and "aks" rather than "ask," and, I know this is a real word (surprisingly), but "conversated" rather than "conversed" or "had a conversation."

  6. I first saw "loose" incorrectly written for "lose" published in a book by David Ahl in 1980. It makes perfect sense, because "loose" looks like "choose", but "lose" looks like "nose", "hose", "rose", etc. "Lose" does match "whose", which is another word people often get wrong. The inconsistency of a single letter O making the sound of two Os has been tripping people up for a long time.

  7. I ask myself this question about woah. Why the fuck would the h come at the end. It’s whoa. I also see opps instead of oops and the obvious ones like your and you’re and there/their/they’re. To and too are also very easy to remember. People adding apostrophe s to stuff that is just plural and not possessive. This shit isn’t that hard, people.

  8. Drives me nuts. Especially when I see it on my weight loss app, Lose It!. How can you be on a site called Lose It! and write, "I want to loose weight"?

  9. My boss' daughter made the same mistake. When I pointed it out it hurt her super fragile ego and she started to say both the words are correct. Bitch was so determined, despite seeing proof that it is her mistake she remained in Denial.

  10. One that I have noticed an unbelievable amount of times since I've moved to Florida is the word AND! Everyone here spells it an. The first time I saw it I thought it was an accident, but then I saw it again and again and again so I guess that's how they spell and here in Florida!

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