The guy who harassed two girls on the beach for wearing a Bikini has been identified and fired from his job!

  1. They should have just put a burka on, that’s what will be required in the US within the next 20 years anyway. Get ready for the new world order folks. That what you voted for

  2. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when your neckbeard is so overgrown that it defies gravity and gets in your eyes. Amazing.

  3. Of all the critiques I've heard of biden, I can officially say I've never heard "he wants to enforce laws about what women can and can't wear" until, where did you even get that idea from, legitimately, where, what did he say or not that made you think that?

  4. This guy have kids? I'm willing to bet the money in my pocket that while bikinis and speedos are the devil...

  5. Came just to say FUCK this guy and just mind your own business, whether it's girls in bikinis or guys in speedos, you didn't buy their clothes, chances are there's 1000 more actual things that could "use" a Kevin or Karen's attention.... away from people

  6. To make it even worse, he has a child out of wedlock. His girlfriend is in the video and you can see she’s also wearing a bikini under she shirt. I just can’t with this hypocrite

  7. I don't believe he should have got fired. He was out of line to bother the girls as long as he did but he was not yelling or Sexually harassing them I mean no laws were broken

  8. Rapist harass the same way just because they say things on camera doesn't mean they won't act differently without cameras

  9. Just as he should have minded his own business concerning those girls, you should mind your own business about people beliefs.

  10. People who use religious justification for their bizarre, disrespectful, or harmful actions are the worst kind of people.

  11. My wife worked with a guy who, on his very first day, slut-shamed her and our very young daughters with this kind of bullshit. Then he tried to join our union local. It didn’t go well for him. Multiple other women came forward during the vote and told similar stories. Sorry, dude. That shit won’t fly.

  12. He should go to a nude beach sometime and see that there are families there with their children, who are completely unfazed by it. The human body in and of itself is only pornographic if you’re a pervert.

  13. No of course not. He was a complete ass and his arguments were stupid. Its just that the punishment didnt fit the crime.

  14. He harassed young women and tried to force his religion on other people. If I was his employer I would’ve removed him on the same day. That goes for any person trying to push any religion on anyone else while in my employ.

  15. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences, and people often overlook the insane amounts of control that our employers have over us. This is the free market in action, as it was his employers choice to let go of an employee that could have cost them contracts and therefore money.

  16. Looks like free speech costs a whole lot when you live in a country where employers are free to tell you they think you're a piece of shit by terminating you. Poor little guy just found out that there are two equal sides to freedom.

  17. Normally I'm ok with giving people a second chance but this guy was harassing young woman and couldn't take the hint that they didn't want to talk to him.

  18. Im okay with everyone bullying him online but going after his job is a step too far. As far as you know he might be the only one working in his house hold and you just took the only income this family may have. This is how freedom of speach begins to die. You are not alowed to have a different view then everyone else because the consequences might be your well-being.

  19. You can have a different view all you want but be literally went out of his way to harass them. They were paying him no mind when he walked over and spouted all that crap. He most likely has done this before since he seemed so comfortable doing it.

  20. That’s not a different view. It’s harassment. They weren’t having a conversation or in a meeting , he went out of his way to harass them using religion as a excuse to do so. This wasn’t them disagreeing on what kind of food they liked.

  21. I mean the has nothing hing to do with freedom of speech, his employer is not forced to employ him, they can fire him for whatever reason at whatever time

  22. He doesn't have kids. He was using the presence of other people's kids as an excuse to harass a group of young women who were doing nothing wrong.

  23. What? Do not confuse harassment with free speech. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and may voice them, but if you're gonna be a dick, expect to be treated as one and that people don't want anything to do with you. This includes your job.

  24. Lol bro, if you harass people you’re gonna have consequences. This isn’t someone talking about the government it’s a grown ass man harassing teenagers.

  25. Using your religion to shame women deserves everything thrown at you. We're a secular country and a majority, businesses don't want to lose any red cent they could possibly lay their hands on. This is what Republicans have been fighting for their whole lives, now that the pendulum has swung in favor of left wing ideology ( aka reality), they're more upset than ever that they could lose their jobs over an opinion. Let's not forget these fucking losers started cancel culture with getting professors fired from their colleges because some whiney right winger didn't like curriculum.

  26. We didn't fire him, his employer did. The onus is on him and them. They don't have to fire him but they decided to. That's their choice and he made his choice when he harrased innocent people

  27. It’s not tearing him up inside he doubled down on tik tok and blatantly said he wasn’t going to apologize. The rest of your rant is kinda ridiculous though

  28. Luckily for him she was smart and stayed out of it. Unfortunately this is how the world works now and if he would have just humbled himself and apologized instead of doubling down he probably would still have a job

  29. This self-proclaimed man of God will probably just internalize it as being persecuted as a Christian. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with being an asshole.

  30. Nope, just another example of Christians oppressing women. Open your eyes. Your god would be ashamed of you.

  31. If they call this oppressed idk what they'd say about suicide bombers in churches in an already christian-minority country, yelling "ALLAHU AKBAR" before making their own innards splatter everywhere all the while taking down tens of woshippers.

  32. Christians in the US (and the West) who think they are oppressed really make me angry. Because there actually are Christians who are oppressed in this world. But those are probably too brown for the Christian right.

  33. A bully is a bully. If you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Now he has paid the price for being a bully. Monetary consequences are harsh, and this was the first time he faced consequences for his poor behavior. A lesson learned for him.

  34. If he had learned a lesson, he would have at bare minimum apologized for his awful behavior. Instead, he doubled down on it.

  35. I hate fake Christians. Sorry. I meant I hate Christians. I don’t mind followers of Christ’s messages... Christians just aren’t that. They’re hypocrites.

  36. Came here to post this, or agree with someone who has. Jesus was a Jew from the Middle East, talking about loving your neighbor and taking care of the poor. Most American Christians would call him a libtard, and try to get him deported….. if they let him in the country at all. As a POC, Jesus would be systematically be picked apart by every system we had.

  37. I'm not trying to side with the people that do things like this, but I'm really starting to hate this "owned the (insert whatever moniker here)" mentality where we now have to go out of our way to find these people on social media, dox them, harass them, get them fired from their jobs, probably cause drama within their friend and/or family groups. This guy definitely seems like a total idiot and prick, but he has a kid too and they don't really deserve to be affected by their dads bullshit. It's just like the antimasker covid deaths that get posted on here daily. "Justice served", meanwhile the family that just lost a loved one, which they may not have even agreed with politically, now has to deal with this onslaught of harassment on social media. Yeah, it's their fault for doing xyz or having public social media profiles is a dumb fucking argument. It's literally the same harassing behavior these people did. Wish we could be more empathetic and think of the other people in their lives too.

  38. Cancel culture at it’s finest! The US is full of keyboard warriors! Eventually, they will run out of people to cancel. Bc it will come for them to one day!

  39. I'm glad you voiced this, I was beginning to think I'd gone soft as I was thinking the same. It's just sad all around. Idiots are going to idiot, they won't learn from being punished, they will just find those who don't punish them & grow as a mass idiot.

  40. The guy was being an asshole but I mean jeez. I don’t think this was worth him getting fired. I’ve definitely seen videos of people doing dumb shit that definitely warranted being fired. I’m not so sure this one was of them.

  41. I believe the mentality behind it involves facing the consequences of their actions. Personal beliefs, have no room in the public sphere when unsolicited. The need to express this kind of thing and continue even after someone is clearly recording attests to their firm belief that they're justified in continuing to feel this way because either they have not faced consequences for their actions or because they are part of an echo chamber that reinforces their narratives. The only way that people will understand that freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences is to actually face the consequences and this is one of them. You can have sympathy for those that are affected by no fault of their own but one way or another folks gotta understand to live and let live (if it does not harm innocents). He started it when he began to chastise them... think about it... an adult that has children felt compelled to tell teenagers something about their clothing. You can argue his reasons but it doesn't remove the sexualization factor involved on his part. Pretty damning on its own.

  42. Guy, have you ever had someone close to you harassed. Guessing that you're thoughts about being righteous doesn't fit. If you think you're siding with ideology then "throw the first stone" will speak loud to you. No question in your comment yet " fis neck tie he was a kid too...".

  43. A company can fire someone for whatever they want in America. Why are you against business rights and capitalism?

  44. Same reason a company can fire you for getting a DWI or getting bad press. You represent that company. They can terminate you for bad public behavior

  45. Did you also see his insane justification video that he put out in reaction to the first backlash? He didn't apologise at all so......

  46. Because people associate the person with the company, the company get negative press, constant hassle from internet trolls and others, it reflects poorly on them having someone making those kind of decisions while associated with their company, they see it easier to just fire the person rather than take the Pr

  47. What does he think people wear at the beach? This isn’t the 1800s. Shit, if I had the bod to rock a bikini I would wear one too!

  48. One of the women he was with was also in a bikini. Except her bottoms were highwasted, so only a strip of skin was visible between her bottom and top piece. So I guess a few inches of fabric, and not being someone he's attracted to makes it ok.

  49. Bikinis, and even 2 pieces that were hardly revealing, were outlawed until the 20th century. Women in the 1920s and 30s were still being arrested for indecent exposure. It's closer than you'd think.

  50. People were annoyed by how he was acting. That annoyance grew to a huge number of people. His company can't afford bad PR, so they only had one choice. I don't think anyone is to blame here except the guy. You can't blame people for being outraged and you can't blame the company for protecting their image. I agree with you though I wish it wasn't like that.

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