caitlyn’s wives before kris all said she told her that she was trans. even caitlyn said she told kris

  1. I absolutely agree with this! There's too many signs that point to Kris being aware and it fits with what we know of Kris' personality (disorder)

  2. I don't believe a word Caitlyn says. I DO believe that Kris knew about the cross dressing though, but maybe thought it was just a kink. I think she's even acknowledged there was cross dressing.

  3. Yeah, I think you’re right. The whole “did/didn’t Kris know” thing has always been confusing to me, but Kris being in denial and fudging details makes the most sense. I don’t think Caitlyn outright told Kris that she wanted to be a woman/is a woman either though. The way Caitlyn shared her transition news with the family kinda confirmed that she dances around the truth and doesn’t say what she really feels.

  4. I don’t believe Caitlyn or her wives but I also don’t trust Kris, so the most natural thing to me is that both had this plan in mind to get married and Kris to become Cailtlyn’s manager. So Kris didn’t care about the hormones (or her as a guy being gay), because maybe 1 Caitlyn downplayed her transition 2 Kris she was in denial 3 Kris was not educated enough to know how far a transition can go or how hormones work and 4 their goal was money and social gratification.

  5. I do believe she knew. She lied because this probably sounds better for her. She whats to seam as an open person and admiting she knew about this but kept it hidden, will probably make her seam less honest about their lives

  6. Honestly everytime I come across tiktoks about them it's always about how caitlyn has been cruel to Kris for transitoning and was only focus on her transition and had no respect for kris' feelings of grief for having lost the man she loved or whatever. So basically kim's storyline is a good pr move, everyone think she's the victim in this and only wanted to have a family but caitlyn destroyed their family. People even forgot they had divorced before Caitlin's transition

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