ALL that money……..

  1. Where do I even begin with this… Kylie is posing like she just came out of a tube of toothpaste. Kim’s outfit is just straight ugly - looks like something she fished up off the floor from those shows where designers have to come up with an outfit in three hours. The shoes and that tiny bag… 🫢

  2. The shoes are just really bad, the pointed toe looks awful in that colour that almost matches the dress but still obviously, deliberately, doesn't. A barely-there shoe would have been much better. The bag just tips the whole thing over into comical.

  3. i actually like kim's dress in comparison to the trash she's been wearing for the past several weeks. the color is so cute. kylie's is just horrible ugh she could do so much better.

  4. In the closeup Kim looks like a late 40’s woman desperately trying to look early 40’s, it’s crazy AF. Did she really get a fucking facelift? She is pulled soooo tightly in the neck and jaw it’s so insanely aging.

  5. I'll give them that, the diabetes drug they're taking works well. But it's tripping me up that Kim could easily pass as a 60 yo who had some tasteful work done 😂

  6. Interesting to see a photo of them together where neither of them look even remotely like themselves

  7. For all the people who get confused about her wearing a wig, this is actually her hair. Splotchy, natural root growth (not just a straight stripe) and you can see the actual length by the front piece.

  8. Why do they look so bad?? And the outfits, hair, makeup is awful as well. Hair looks sloppy like it took 2 mins to pull it back in a bun. I’m just not understanding what is going through their heads lately with how they look!!🥴🥴

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